Lord of Small Magics – 17

I swear the sexy action is coming up soon.



They broke apart for Anders to strip him of his shirt before kissing again. Meck took the opportunity to nip the general’s neck with a quick lunge resulting in him being tossed onto the bed.

“Want to play do you?” Anders asked, his sharp teeth gleaming. “If you’re going to pull my tail you’re going to have to handle the wolf.”

“Bring it on.”

Anders feral gleam almost made Meck regretting his moment of bravado. He wasn’t the bravest person and taunting a wolf shifter might be up there in his foolish things to do category.

“Oh I intend to,” Anders said. A low growl rumbled through his chest. He put on knee on the bed to climb on top.

A series of bugle calls jerked him back off. Meck’s mouth dropped open when Anders changed from a sexy lover to a cool-headed soldier before the last note fell.

“Someone is attacking,” Anders snarled as he quickly put on his armor.

Meck jumped off the bed to help but the general had already dressed. “Be careful.”

Telling Anders not to go wasn’t an option but damn if his heart didn’t wish it was something he could say.

With his helmet tucked in the crook of one arm, Anders nodded to Meck. “Stay here. If you plan to sneak out and watch the action, make sure you stay close to your friend Vedder. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” A hard kiss followed that statement then the general left the tent.

“Now I know how women feel when their men go off to war.” Granted he didn’t know very many women who stayed home while their husbands’ fought but it was the same idea.

Groaning Meck sat down at the table and cast a spell to refill his cup with coffee while he waited. Hopefully the battle would be over fast. The crack of thunder made him smile. If Vedder got involved it shouldn’t be long before everyone runs away. Lightning and armor weren’t always the best of friends.

There was little to do since he tidied up earlier so Meck took a book out of his satchel and settled on his bed. He wasn’t about to leave and have another conversation about the safety of the camp with Anders. Over time he would learn who to stay away from and who was safe. Until then he would stay put to keep everyone safe from Anders exploding temper. They were right when they said he had an explosive temper but Meck wasn’t sure yet what was driving it. Restless shifters were dangerous in battle. Maybe Meck could help with some of Anders tenstion.

Humming Meck flipped open his book and examined the passages about shifters. The volume had been a gift from Vedder to help him with his new assignment. Flicking through long paragraphs, Meck read over the interesting parts. Yes, his plan to let Anders fuck him into submission should work out just fine.

He might have had concerns before he came here but now that he’d met, and felt the general, Meck couldn’t wait for that part of their relationship.

A roar outside had him lifting his head, but after no other noises Meck went back to his reading. He didn’t know how long it lasted but eventually the lack of battle sounds pulled Meck out of his reading. Cautiously, Meck peeked his head outside of the tent and found no one guarding it. That made sense. No reason to waste a possible fighter on their side to guard someone low on the hierarchy. He hoped the soldier didn’t get in trouble. Although the guard might not have thought much of leaving, Anders might have a different opinion.

Still, there were no more clanging of swords or booms of cannon fire. Confident he wouldn’t get in trouble for his exploration Meck headed out to see what news he could find.

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  1. Oh man I hope Anders is ok and that nothing happens to Meck as he explores the camp and battle field.

  2. Meck, Meck, Meck, Meck, ya just had to do it didn’t you. You had to leave the tent, after seeing no guard on the door…

  3. Curiosity kills the “wizard”… Hope Meck doesn’t get into too much trouble for leaving the tent.

  4. You have my curiosity back again, hmmm, what is going to happen when Meck steps out of the tent to investigate

  5. Oh Meck! You know that you may not look for trouble but trouble is looking for you *pat pat*

  6. Ooh, bad move Meck! Someone took out the guard and is after Anders’ wizard. If this was a movie, I’d throw popcorn and screech at the TSTL heroine. *shakes head* Anders is gonna go ballistic. Vedder is going to go ape…er, bananas.

  7. Meck is going to have some problems out there and I bet Anders is not going to be pleased with either him or the soldier who was to guard him.

  8. I agree with Judy. I see the blonde girl kissing the hero and then getting killed stupidly because she isn’t Buffy. At least Meck can take care of himself even if he needs rescuing now and again.

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