Lord of Small Magics – 18

Vedder rushed over to Meck as soon as he took a few steps out of the tent.

“Meck!” Vedder rushed over and hugged him so tight Meck couldn’t breathe. He smacked his friend on the back. “Oh sorry.”

Meck gasped for air.

“Oh, shush.” Vedder waved a hand at him. “It wasn’t that hard.”

“No, I’m sure my ribs will realign soon,” Meck said with an exaggerated gasp.

“Very funny. I’m guessing you came out to see how your man was doing.” Vedder wiggled his eyebrows at Meck.

“Have you seen him?” Meck slid his hands up and down opposite arms, his nerves fraying the longer he waited to hear how Anders did in battle.

Vedder grinned. “Just out of curiosity what kind of spells did you put on his armor?”

Meck searched his memory. “Some shine, anti-dent and the usual protections.”

“Really? Because I think you were in a different class than mine when they passed out spell lists.”

“Why do you say that?” Meck couldn’t think of any exotic spells he might have used.

“Because some guy attacked Anders and his sword cracked against his armor. He might as well have been beating it against the castle.” Vedder laughed.

Meck winced. Had he really used that much magic? “Is Anders upset?”

“No. He seemed more puzzled than upset. I told him it was a temporary spell and wouldn’t last forever.”

“True.” Meck relaxed a bit. He would have to renew the spell after every battle. He would just use less magic next time. “Where is he?”

“I saw him going to the healers’ tent.”

“I thought you said he wasn’t hurt?” Meck pushed back the fluttery sense of panic racing through him.

“I don’t think he went for himself. I’m sure he did it for morale. He is the commanding officer. The prince is only visiting after all.”

Meck grinned, relief consuming him. “Did you learn more about the prince?”

“Nothing useful. I don’t think some of the women rhapsodizing over his gray eyes is going to give me any secret knowledge of the man.”

“You never know.” Meck laughed at Vedder’s distasteful expression. His friend had never chosen a bedmate only on looks. Personality pulled Vedder to his choices much more than a pretty face.

“I’m almost positive this isn’t my prince.”

Meck patted Vedder’s back hoping to soothe his sad friend. “Better luck next time.”

“Yeah, because I have such a selection of royals to choose from.”

“You never know. Maybe you’ll have a foreign royal come visit. Don’t give up hope quite yet.” He might not believe in Vedder’s fated mate but he wouldn’t crush his friend’s dream either. Who was he to say some random prince wouldn’t cross Vedder’s path and fall in love. Stranger things have happened.

After giving Vedder one more hug goodbye, Meck left him to head to the healer’s tent. He didn’t even try to hide his foolish actions. He doubted Anders needed his presence while he checked on his men but Meck didn’t try to hold back his enthusiasm in seeing the general. The battle had ended and if the general hadn’t taken any injuries he might be interested in Meck’s other duties if he wasn’t holding a grudge against him for the over protection of his armor.

Stepping into the healers’ tent it didn’t take long to find Anders. He was standing beside a cot talking to a man who screamed royalty even lying down and bleeding from his leg. No one else would have such rich clothing.

Anders happened to look away from the royal and catch sight of Meck. He waved him over. Damn, Meck didn’t have a good record with people of authority. Shoulder’s bowed he made his way over to Anders.

“Meck, my sneaky little wizard. You are amazing,” Anders said by way of greeting.

“Sneaky?” Meck had never considered himself to be on the sly side before.

“This is the one?” The man on the cot said.

“Yes, Prince Farlon. This my new personal wizard.” Anders wrapped a possessive arm around Meck. “Now that you are healing I’ll leave you to get some rest.”

Before Meck could say anything, Anders was dragging him out of the tent. The general didn’t speak until they were outside. “Stay away from the prince.”

“Why?” Meck hoped he didn’t need to warn Vedder away.

“I don’t like the way he eyed you. He plans to steal you. I refuse to lose you in the first week,” his vicious tone had Meck smiling.

“So if he wants me next week it’s fine?”

Anders squeezed Meck with the arm he still had around him. “Not even a little bit. Now let’s get back to the tent and you can show me what else you excel at.”

Meck blushed. “I don’t think I excel but I’m a willing pupil.”

“Even better,” Anders growled.

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