Lord of Small Magics – 19

**I cut this one a little short because I have a sinus headache today. Tomorrow will be the full sex scene**

The sounds of the camp bustling around them echoed loudly in Meck’s ears. Maybe the anticipation of going back to their shared tent had the world brighten to his senses. Nerves swirled his stomach even as a smile spread across his lips.

Anders pressed his large right hand at the base of Meck’s spine urging him to walk faster.

“Eager general?” Meck teased.

“Yes.” Ander’s curt reply had Meck smile wider.

“Good.” It boosted his spirits to know the powerful man beside him wanted him back in return. It might not be a ringing endorsement of a forever bond but he wouldn’t dismiss a heated encounter to remember in his declining years either. Meck doubted he would get many chances like this in his life.

The soldier outside their tent had returned. He nodded to them as they approached.

“See that we aren’t disturbed,” Anders ordered.

“Yes general.” The soldier straightened his stance and began to look around as if searching for anything that might disturb them and intent to take them out.

Anders approving nod almost made Meck laugh out loud. Instead he let Anders push him inside. Before he could say anything Anders pulled off his shirt from behind. Meck spun around to scowl at the grinning general. “I didn’t want to give you time to get nervous.”

“Thank you.” Meck tried to look appropriately appreciative.

“You’re very welcome but consider it part of my appreciation of your protection spells. I would’ve been killed if you had given me even a little less power. It was like you put a shield around me.”

Meck rubbed the back of his neck. “You don’t think I overdid them?”

“Maybe but you’re not going to hear me complain. The only rule in battle is to survive. If you can help me do all the better.”

Tension coiled in Meck’s chest eased at Anders words. “Good.” Confident Anders welcomed his touch, Meck stepped closer and helped Anders out of his clothing. “Where did your armor go?”

“One of the prince’s wizards borrowed it to check out the spells. Another reason I didn’t want you too near his highness. If his men can’t match them he’s going to want you to work on his armor. I refuse to lose you to the battle mages.”

“No, I agree. Boosting armor every day isn’t what I came to do.” Meck dropped to his knees and began to unfasten Anders’ pants.

“You can’t go in there.” The soldier’s deep voice snapped Meck’s attention to the tent flap. He raised a hand sending a shimmering blue shield across the entrance.

“What did you do?”

“Blocked anyone from coming inside,” Meck confessed without guilt.

Anders plunged his fingers into Meck’s hair, gently guiding him back to his feet. “Good.”

His lips were perfect, Meck decided as Anders kissed him. Brushing his lips across Anders wrapped his hands around Meck’s hips and pulled him close. His erection pushed against the general’s.

“I have an appointment!” A hard voice interrupted the haze of passion clouding Meck’s world. They broke apart.

“If that’s the archer can I curse him?” Meck asked.

“Definitely.” Anders stroked Meck’s hair. “I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

“Come back tomorrow,” the soldier replied.

“Fine!” the archer replied.

“Remind me to do something good for that guy,” Meck said before stripping off the rest of his clothing.

“Something very good. Can you cast a silencing spell?”

“Yes.” Meck muttered, distracted by Anders kicking off his boots then pulling off his own clothes. “But I was worried you might be needed and we wouldn’t hear.”

“That’s true.” Anders frowned at the tent flap.

“How about this?” Meck concentrated then a light green spell light coated the inside of the tent before fading.

Anders tilted his head. “What did that do?”

“We can hear them but they can’t hear us.” Meck gave Anders a smug smile.

“You are the best wizard ever,” Anders declared before picking up then tossing Meck onto the bed.

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    1. Please, Please, Please say this is going to be a book we can buy. I love the characters and the interactions. I like to re read all my books and this is one I would over and over again.

  1. Headaches suck, especially when you have work to do. I’m with Windy, I hope you do the usual edit and publish when it is done because I read some books over and over and several of them are yours.

  2. I hope you feel better soon sinus headaches are not nice I have them a lot myself
    Love this story is it going to be a book later I hope so

  3. It seems like the academy should have been having Meck teach the classes, instead of taking them…

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Feels like these two are going to be good together, and as others have said whoever was in charge of evaluating Meck and his abilities needs a brain implant

  5. Hope you are better soon, but did you have to tell us about tomorrow? Bad author that’s just mean.

  6. Hope your sinus headache is better today…it’s almost impossible to create when they strike.
    When Anders and Meck get together there’s gonna be howling and moaning and squeaky bed frames! Good thing Meck cast that “no noise out” spell.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. This story keeps getting better every day! I love how Meck and Anders relate to each other and I always wonder what suprisingly thing is going to happen next with them.

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