Lord of Small Magics – 20

Hello all, here is your not for under 18 warning!



Meck bounced slightly on the bed where he landed. Excitement rushed through him. He scooted to the top of the bed to make room for Anders to join him. Soon there were two naked men entwined on the comfortable bed. Perfect.

“Last chance. If you say you don’t want this I will stop. I don’t want a reluctant lover.” Anders handsome face had a serious mien. “It really isn’t part of your job.”

“It is part of my job,” Meck teased.

Anders dug his fingers into Meck’s sides making him squirm. “You know what I mean.”

Meck laughed. “I do. Trust me I want this as much as you do.” If Anders didn’t start doing more touching Meck would take over and he doubted the alpha wolf shifter would appreciate his efforts.

“Good. I’m better with my hands than my words.” Anders moved them until Meck lay on his back with Anders hovering over him supporting his body with his hands. Once he was certain he had Meck’s complete attention Anders pressed his hips between Meck’s legs.

“That isn’t your hands,” Meck pointed out.

Anders grinned before sliding down to suck the tip of Meck’s erection into his mouth. The low humming noise he made would have Meck shoving his cock down Anders throat if the shifter hadn’t gripped Meck’s hips in a tight hold.

“I can’t,” Meck whimpered.

Anders lifted his head long enough to grin. “I’m sure you can. Let go little wizard then I’ll give you even more pleasure.”

When Anders returned his attention and mouth to Meck’s cock he tried to hold out. After all he rarely had the opportunity to have a man this gorgeous in his bed. A fact that might change in the future or this might be a one off. Meck couldn’t find it in himself to care. Little jolts of desire twisted inside him. He tugged at Anders’ hair letting him know he was about to come but the general didn’t let up. Meck scraped at the bedding, clawing to find something to hold onto and keep his world from spinning away.

A startled scream left him as he poured his seed down Anders throat. His word went a little foggy as he tried to blink it back into submission.

“That was a good beginning,” Anders said after lifting his mouth then licking his lips. His deep voice had a smug tone Meck wished he could deny but he had never been self-delusional. Anders deserved his pride at being a good lover.

“I don’t know if I will survive until the end,” Meck confessed.

“I think you’ll be fine. Maybe a bit sore tomorrow but fine.”

“Hmm, we’ll see.” Luckily his job didn’t entail him sitting much.

“We will indeed.” Anders pulled something out from under the pillow.

“What’s that?” When Anders showed Meck the label he blushed. “I didn’t know you had that under there.”

“I don’t usually. I was feeling optimistic.” Anders unscrewed the cap and dipped his fingers into the jar before spinning the cap closed again while holding the wet fingers up. “You might want to turn over.”

Meck almost objected but then he rolled obediently. It wasn’t like anything could be more beautiful than watching Anders suck on him. He tensed at the first intrusive touch before he began to relax and allow Anders ministrations.

“Easy babe, this will hurt a bit but I’ll make it as painless as possible.”

“I trust you.” The words spilled out before Meck could hold them back. They were true never the less.

“Good. Keep that mind set over everything.”

Meck lost the will to talk when Anders slid his fingers inside of Meck. “Oh fuck.”

“I plan to,” Anders said, placing a kiss on Meck’s right shoulder. “and if you are willing, very often.”

“I don’t have any objections to that,” Meck’s words ended in a gasp as he adjusted to Ander’s fingers.

“Good. Now for something a bit larger.”

After making sure Meck was ready Anders pushed his cock into Meck’s hole.

“I think you underestimated your size,” Meck groaned. He pushed back slowly allowing Anders inside.

“See we fit,” Anders whispered in his ear. “Perfect.”

“Mmhmm.” Meck couldn’t find the brainpower to speak. All his focus went into pure sensation not words or letters. Anders replied with grunts of his own. They merged into one being of flesh and need, instinctively moving to reach the peak together.

“I’m not going to last,” Anders growled.

Before Meck could reply Anders bit him on the shoulder. Overwhelmed, Meck came for the second time that night. Before he bonelessly collapsed onto the pillow he hearc Anders whisper. “Sorry.”

A trickle of dread slid through him but quickly vanished as he succumbed to sleep.

70 thoughts on “Lord of Small Magics – 20

  1. Saying ‘sorry’ right after biting him…looks like Anders’ either mated Meck, changed him to a werewolf, or both. Hopefully, Meck won’t be too upset…

  2. So not just a one off if that bite meant what I’m hoping it did, but what is the sliver of dread about?

  3. I’m glad I have to work tomorrow so I won’t have much time to spend wondering what happened for Anders to say sorry.

  4. Ooopsie, gotta hate those accidental mating bites! Makes for an awkward conversation first thing in the morning hehe.


  5. Mated and bedded within an hour oh no I wonder what Meck gains and if Dav will have a greater ability

  6. Yay, Anders claimed Meck with a mating bite. Looks like Meck doesn’t have to worry about whether this is a one shot deal.

    Hearing ‘sorry’ just before you drift off after the most amazing encounter in your life, throws cold water on the whole warm and fuzzy feelings. Anders got some ‘splaining to do, Lucy! (for those old enough to get the reference)

  7. hmmm, sounds like someone got mated without being asked. Doubt it’s going to be too much of problem though, lol. Can’t wait to see if Anders is going to be in trouble or not.

  8. “Sorry” is as sorry does. Anders better be planning on sticking around. The question is does Meck have the choice to not accept the mating bite.

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