Lord of Small Magics – 21

Sorry it’s a bit short today.


The clink of dishes woke Anders from his dreams of running in his wolf form. In his mind his wolf had wrapped around his little wizard beneath a tall tree sharing cuddles and body heat. There wasn’t anything sexual about the dream only a bone deep satisfaction that carried into his awakened world.

“Good morning,” he greeted Meck as he put down the breakfast tray.

Meck gave him a sheepish grin. “Sorry for waking you but the prince’s messenger came by and asked for an audience with the prince in an hour.”

“Ah. Thank you then.” There was a great deal more he could thank Meck for but the wizard had a skittish cast to his movements. Anders would talk to him later when he calmed down some. Although Anders had no plan to get rid of his wizard any time soon he didn’t wish to have a discussion about his feelings either. His wolf had already claimed Meck as their own. “How are you going to spend your day?”

Meck handed Anders a plate filled with food. “I thought I’d check on Vedder. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him yesterday. Also, I’ll need to refresh the protection spells on your armor. Once it has been used the magic begins to fray.”

“I didn’t know that. Of course there is little I do know about your trade.” Anders tried to think of Meck’s magic as any other skill. Ignoring the whispers that followed magic users throughout the kingdom. Meck could no more prevent having magic than he could have stopped being born. Anders own shifter status had been something he came with at birth, no sense in blaming others for an unpreventable fact.

Meck nodded. “If you had more than a few impacts the spells could begin breaking down. It’s better to check between battles than have something fail in the middle of one.”

“I bow to your superior knowledge.” Anders waved a hand indicating Meck could go ahead and do whatever he saw fit. “The only way I have of checking is to take an injury and I’d prefer you prevent that if you can.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Anders ate his breakfast then left the tent after admonishing Meck to eat something also. He planned to keep an eye on the shy wizard, Meck was too small to be skipping meals. Maybe he could get that Vedder character to help watch over Meck. The idea of the friendly, good looking wizard being overly friendly to Meck had Anders inner wolf growling but he didn’t like the idea of his wizard wandering around camp unsupervised. He made a mental note to talk to the battle mage later.

Prince Farlon’s tent made Anders’s look like a shabby lean to. The shimmering gold silk that formed the outside might as well have an archery target declaring important person here. At least Anders tent was the same color as the others and not as easily picked out.

Four soldiers stood outside the prince’s tent. They all bowed as Anders approached and made no motion to stop him from entering. Anders spared them a nod before entering to find the prince sitting down to breakfast at a large table laden with enough food for four soldiers. Anders tried to hold back a scowl but he hadn’t done a good job if the prince’s expression was anything to go by.

“I know, I know. It’s like they think I can eat three times my weight. Don’t worry, I’ll let my guards finish it up. It won’t go to waste.”

“That’s good to hear. Good morning, your highness.” Some of his animosity faded only to rise back up at the prince’s next words.

“I brought you here to bargain. What do you want for your wizard?”

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  1. I almost wish Meck was there; I suspect he’d be even more angry with the Prince trying to take him away from his shifter. He probably has icily polite down pat.

  2. Oh no he’s done it now….silly prince.

    Happy birthday Amber. Hope you have a fantastic day. All the best xxx

  3. Silly prince going to cause problems when it’s not necessary. I hope vedder helps out with this prince

  4. Happy birthday Amber…I hope Anders doesn’t hurt the Prince too much after he asked that silly question..

  5. Oh heck no! That prince can not have Meck!! He’d better leave them alone. Great story Amber!!

    Ps. Hope you get to feeling better.

  6. Love it and can’t wait for the next installment. Every year I can’t wait to read your birthday story, because it is always the best.

  7. Maybe this will turn out to be Vedder’s prince after all and he can distract the prince until he leaves? Oh, well hopefully there won’t be too much damage and Anders doesn’t get into too much trouble for refusing a prince rather forcefully.

  8. Oh boy…but Anders knew this might happen. Hopefully he won’t cause too much damage in response.

  9. No.NO. not gonna happen… When he gonna tell Meck he’s claimed?? that should be fun.. Amber this is a story that I love I wake every day waiting to read it thank you!!

  10. I think I’m going to a feeling sorry for a certain Prince soon after Anders gets done with him.

  11. Uh oh, now the fun (the non sexy king) starts! Can’t wait to see what the prince tries hehe.


  12. Fiddle faddle! What a way to start the day…NOT! Fingers crossed that like Carissa said, the prince is talking about a different wizard! But since the birthday girl loves to torment her characters, I bet we get to see Meck truly pissed off when he finds out the prince had to audacity to treat him like chattel.

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