Today is officially my birthday!!



This year I’ve decided to be lazy…I know you are wondering how this is different than every other year but this year I will have only one birthday post. (I’m not going to post aΒ  blog story today either but I will post extra tomorrow.)

Instead of having a bunch of individual contests I’m going to have only one. I’m turning 46 this year so I will give away 40 $5.00 GC to amazon and 6 $50.00 GC to the ebookstore of your choice. Everyone who doesn’t win one of the above will be able to win one of my ebooks, but it has to be from those I’ve self-pubbed because I don’t want to have to buy copies from my publishers. LOL! However if you already have every book I’ve put out there (you know who you are) you can claim one future book. We’ll have Sheri keep track of those. *looks innocent*

So everyone gets a present on my birthday. Cutoff will be midnight tonight Pacific time because that’s my time zone and it’s my birthday. You can’t enter more than once and if you enter past the deadline FB will let me know because it time stamps everything.

The big question you’re wondering is how do you enter. To enter, post below the one thing you would wish for when blowing out your candles and what movie you would go see on your birthday if you got to pick any movie at all to see. (I’m going to go see Fantastic Beasts tonight). Have a great day. I’m spending it with my youngest then we’re all going out to a dinner and movie tonight so it should be fun.

235 thoughts on “Today is officially my birthday!!

  1. When I blow out the candles, I wish my son will get a job he wants. The movie would be an old one Nottingham Hill. Love the movie and I laugh so hard.

  2. My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow and I will be 46 as well. What I wish for, for myself, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Peace on earth and good will toward all. (Mrs. USA hand wave). The movie is easy, I want to see Rogue One. Have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Happy birthday, Amber! It sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun. And thank you for another great month of stories and presents πŸ™‚

    I’m finishing my PhD this year, so I’d wish for a successful dissertation defense when I blew out my candles! And as to the movie, I would also go see Fantastic Beasts – I am planning on going to see it tomorrow!

  4. Happy Birthday Amber…
    what I wish for is easy: happiness and health..
    The movie is a toss up between Rogue,One and Fantastic Beasts.


    As far as the questions go. I’d go for the new (or any) Avengers movie – because: Hawkeye. Alternatively if there was a Star Trek Reboot movie, I’d go see that. Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are also not bad on the eyes and I love the new movie time-line.

    For my birthday I’d wish for my kids to do well in school, socially and academically, and for the new pres-elect not to do to insane a things the next couple of years.

  6. I’d wish for one more year with my grandmother who’s health is declining… as for which movie lol I’d like to see a old classic white Christmas or Harvey’s Girls with Judy Garland…

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I would wish for health and happiness for everyone.

    I would love to see A Madea Halloween.

  8. Happy Birthday Amber! I would wish for my daughter to receive all of the help she needs with school. And since you didn’t specify that the movie had to be current, I would want to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows again! πŸ™‚

  9. Happy Birthday, Amber!! Fantastic Beasts Looks awesome. I’m going to go this weekend! I would wish to see my baby girl more than every five years. 😦 Cool movies never come out around my birthday, although this year Deadpool came out in February, so I guess I shouldn’t say never.

  10. Hope that son #2 makes it home for Christmas. His leave is messed up.

    Fantastic Beats and Where to find them.

  11. I would wish for a truly inspired capstone topic… because it weighs on the mind! As for the movie, Fantastic Beasts! Eddie Redmayne is such a cutie

  12. Happy Birthday, Amber!!!

    I would wish for health and happiness for everyone.

    I would like to see A Madea Halloween, love to laugh.

    (Had trouble with my computer and hope this doesn’t show up twice)

  13. Happy Birthday!!! I would wish for peace…my son is in the army and I would like to keep him safe and happy. As for a movie, I would like to go back and see Return of the Jedi. My parents took us out of school in order to see the first showing way back when. The theater was rockin’. It was the best time I ever had at a movie.

  14. I would wish to be financially stable, lol. As for the movie, I am with you, I want to see Fantastic Beasts. Happy Birthday:)

  15. I have always wished for love on my birthday. I would so love to see Bambi at the movies. Never went till I was in my 20’s and have always wanted to see.

  16. First of all, here’s wishing you the best of health and happiness on your birthday.
    My every wish is for my family’s health, safety and happiness.
    I would like to watch Fantastic Beasts as well.

  17. I am so excited to go see Fantastic Beasts this weekend. My wish is for my son and grandkids to visit for christmas. Also I wish for a new house.

  18. Happy birthday Amber, I went to see Fantastic Beasts last Friday on my own birthday. It was awesome.!!!! I wished my sons in the Marines would be home for Christmas.

  19. I would wish for my house renovation to start soon soon soon! And I would love to go see Fantastic Beasts! Happy Birthday Amber!πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ·πŸ’

  20. Fast and furious 8 and I would wish for a quiet day with the family and books. Happy birthday Amber. Enjoy your day.

  21. I would wish for a better year next year for all my family( not that this year has been bad, but it could always stand an improvement) As my birthday is in February I’ve no idea what will be in the cinema then, if it was today I’d go to see Fantastic Beasts in 3D or Dr Strange. Haven’t seen either yet. I’ve said this a couple of times now on other posts but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amber.

  22. I would wish for a better year next year for all my family( not that this year has been bad, but it could always stand an improvement) As my birthday is in February I’ve no idea what will be in the cinema then, if it was today I’d go to see Fantastic Beasts in 3D or Dr Strange. Haven’t seen either yet. I’ve said this a couple of times now on other posts but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amber.

  23. Happy Birthday! I do believe you are entitled to a day off on your birthday, but thank you for all the days of the blog story, the various author visits and contests. For how generous you are, enjoy your day off, hopefully some playing will be involved!

    Hmm, considering all that has been going on of late, I think my wish would be for kindness!
    I’ve seen Fantastic Beasts, but I would easily go see it again!

    And yes, poor Sheri, getting to keep track of who has what book and who gets what prize!!! However, she is also awesome so I’ve no doubt she will be able to do this!

  24. I would like my son who is in the Air Force would come for Christmas. I would like to go see Loving at the movies.

  25. Happy birthday! I love sharing my birthday month with you since it feels like I get gifts all month.

    When blowing out candles, I would wish for the health and happiness of my family.

    For the movie, I too want to see the new fantastical beasts, too. I am also waiting on the new star wars film!

  26. My wish would be to live to play with my first grandchild in the near future about 12 year from now. Movie both version of imitation of life

  27. I would wish for a grand piano. It’s not practical, but I’ve always wanted to play one. As for the movie, I would choose all three Lord of the Rings movies….extended editions. Lol there goes my birthday.

  28. Happy Birthday. I just turned 46 in October. I wished for good health for my family. I want to see Trolls but my kids won’t go with me.

  29. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all. Thank you for sharing your talents with us

  30. Happy Birthday, my birthday was in October (many years older than you) and my wish was for health and happiness for my family. I want to see Allied.

    Have a Happy Birthday and I am loving your story this month.

  31. Happy birthday Amber..I just wish for a happy and healthy family as we’ll be expecting our third child 2 weeks before my 38th birthday…as for movie, I also want to see Fantastic Beasts…looks very interesting….

    Enjoy your special day…

  32. I wish for my family’s continued good health. We’ve had a number of health issues, including cancer, the last few years and I wish that we all stay healthy and in remission. The movie I want to see is The Fifth Element. It would be awesome to see on the big screen.

    Happy Birthday, Amber! I hope you have a great day and enjoy the movie too!

  33. Happy Birthday! My wish would be that my Mom would get the house she needs to live in comfort. As to the movie, I would have to say an of the new Marvel movies. Dr Strange was Awesome!

  34. I wish for my family to all be together. We are spread all over so it is very hard to get everyone together, but it would be nice to have a real family christmas with everyone together. The movie I want to see…that’s tough but I’m a syfy nut so I want to see star Trek Beyond.

  35. Happy birthday Amber.
    When I blow out my candles always wish everyone a happy and healthy year.
    The movie is Fantastic Beast. I’m planning to go see in the next few days.

  36. Happy Birthday!!!
    I would wish for good health for all of my family and friends. And I would like to see Evil Dead, the original one. I love Ash! Anyway, Fantastic Beasts was amazing. I saw it with my daughter on Saturday. You’ ll love it!

  37. Every year I wish for good health for my kids. Keeping them safe takes a lot of work and u need all the help I can get.πŸ˜“
    My movie would be Trolls saw it once will see again. And yes I know it’s a kids movie and frankly my dear I don’t give a —.

  38. First off I would like to say Happy Birthday and I hope you have time today! As for my wish I would wish for better health for my friends and family and as for the movie I would love to see the movie Moana

  39. Happy Birthday!!
    I would wish for peace for America. I to would like to see Fantastic Beast or Rogue One.

  40. I would wish for my wife to not be in pain anymore!!!! If I got to pick any movie to see on the big screen, I would want to see Brigadoon!!!

  41. Happy Birthday Amber; I would wish to be one of your beta readers. The movie I would want to see on my birthday would be Colombiana…I like seeing girls kick butt:)

  42. Happi birthday!!!
    I will wish health for my family. And the movie… The nightmare before christmas maybe .

  43. Happy Birthday Amber! I would wish for my family to all be together on Thanksgiving! I’m torn on the movie, currently in the theater I’d like to see Fantastic Beasts, movie I’d love to see again reminds of my childhood Disney tv movie called You Ruined My Life.

  44. A very Happy!!!! Birthday to you, Amber!!!

    My movie this week would be Dr. Strange or Fantastic Beasts or better yet, both! πŸ™‚

    One thing to wish for…Peace and tolerance!

  45. Happy Birthday!
    I wish for “world peace” which yeah, cheesy… but they’re my candles, dangit!
    Movie: I do want to see Fantastic Beasts, but I’d choose Serenity, so I could see it in the theater again πŸ™‚

  46. Happy Birthday Amber!!!

    I would wish for better health, and if I were able to go to the Movies, it would be to see Fantastic Beasts too, it is going on my to buy the dvd list lol

  47. For my birthday wish I would want the perfect job where I work for myself and do something wonderful for other people. I would love to see Dr Strange
    I have a thing for comic book movies. I’m kind of a nerd.

  48. I would wish for there to be no hate in the world. I thought it was getting better with this generation, but now I see it was just hidden. I’m not interested in any movie out right now, so I guess I’d find an obscure Indy movie and see that.

  49. happy b-day to my b-day twin (even if you were just a few years late) πŸ˜‰ I have to work today 😦 so do the b-day lazy for both us today (luckily the rest of the week is mine to enjoy-gotta love holiday weeks) πŸ™‚ honestly never go to the movies so little idea of what is out there right now, but fantastic beasts sounds interesting & has had good review I believe so that would be a good possibilities. wishing us both a good year πŸ™‚

  50. I hope you have a fabulous day!

    I always wish for the health & happiness of my kids & husband.

    I don’t see many movies, but Doctor Strange looks good.

  51. I would say to have 2 days where I don’t have to stress about finances and taking care of my mom. I would see the movie that i found interesting at the time. So nothing right now but that could change.

  52. Happy Birthday to you (and all other of us in November) :-* I always like how we get story for your birthday so it doesn’t matter if you skip a day πŸ˜‰

    This year my formal wishing of wish was skipped as we all jumped to prevent catastrophe of pulled tablecloth with cake on it – we could say my wish was to save cake πŸ˜€ (and it was fulfiled)

    Movie was The Secret Life Of Pets.

  53. When I blow out my candles o wish for more years of happiness with my family. The movie I would like to see Moana as I love cartoons movies even as an adult.

  54. Happy Birthday, Amber. I hope it’s a wonderful day for you and that the years to come are filled with much love and good health.
    What I’d love to wish on my birthday? For every child/adolescent that comes out to their parents to be accepted without any prejudice. What movie I’d love to go see at the theater? I haven’t been to a theater in decades! But if I had a choice, I’d love to go watch Deep Water Horizon. It seems like a good movie.
    Now, go celebrate and Foot Loose! ❀

  55. My movie pick would be Fantastic Beasts, and my wish would be for my three boys to be happy. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

  56. I would wish for all my essays to be finished and I want to see rouge one with my brother we’ve seen all the newer Star Wars together I’m sure it’s gonna be his turn to pay soon πŸ˜‰

  57. I would wish for my family to be well, all together and healthy. As for the movie, I would choose Assassin’s Creed. I’m a big fan of Michael Fassbender.
    Congratulations! ❀

  58. I would wish for my family to be healthy and happy. I want to see Fantastic Beasts with my husband

    Happy Birthday.

  59. I would wish for a house with a gigantic library…. With floor to ceiling shelves….. Remember the titans/ freedom writers live those movies!

  60. Happy Birthday Amber I hope you have a great day. I’ll be 45 on Dec 6th and when I’m blowing out my candles I’m wishing for my family’s health. I would love to go watch Moana with my 3 grandbabies.

  61. i would wish for enough money to pay off all my loans and have enough to live off of and take a vacation with . I would love to see the fantastic beast movie

  62. happy birthday amber, hope you have a great day.

    I would wish for better health, and the movie i would want to see would be Doctor Strange because i haven’t been to see it yet.

  63. Well I’m healthy as I’ll ever be. I wish for my family to stay safe and together.
    As for what movie to go see? I’m not really sure what’s playing right now. I’m on the road till Thanksgiving. But I’d like to see the new Undeworld or the new Resident Evil. Lol.

  64. I would wish for my back to magically fix itself and not be in constant pain any more. As to a movie, I want to see Fantastic Beasts too. Was hoping to do that for my 46th birthday last week, but hubby and daughter are sick. So I have to wait -(

  65. I would wish for my daughter to have more friends than she can count. And I’d love to see Fantastic Beasts, too.

  66. I would wish for a better job which would help my family immensely. As for the movie I’d go see…. the new Beauty and the Beast coming out next year I believe. I love a good girl meets hideous beast love story. Lol!

  67. Happy birthday Amber. It was my birthday on November 9th and we went to see Dr Strange 😊 my big wish was for people to slow down and just enjoy life.

  68. Happy Birthday! I hope you’re having a great one.

    I would wish for better health and would like to see the upcoming animation Sing. It looks like tons of fun.

  69. Happy Birthday!

    My wish is for son #2 to make home. The military is messing up his leave so he doesn’t know if he can make it.

  70. Happy Birthday Amber!!! So my wish would be a little selfish, I would wish for a Job! I am currently getting ready to graduate from college in a few months and I haven’t gotten any offers yet….. If i could see any movie it would be the new Star Wars movie Rogue One, but a currently out movie would be Fantastic Beasts!!

  71. Happy Birthday Amber!
    I would wish for a time machine so I could read more without neglecting my chores.
    I’m not fond of going to the movies, I would prefer to stay home with a Doctor Who marathon.

  72. The movie I would want to see on my birthday would be Finding Dory because I haven’t yet.
    My Wish as I blow out candles would be for more money to buy more books. I figure since it’s my birthday , I can be
    Have a wonderful birthday Amber!!

  73. Happy Birthday Amber! Guess if I’m going to wish, might as well wish big. So my wish would be for an opportunity to go out on a Bigfoot expedition. If I was to go a movie right now it would be Fantastic Beasts too.

  74. When I’m blowing out my birthday candles in a few weeks, I’ll be wishing for lots this year:
    1) Peace on earth, goodwill to all
    2) Financial, mental and physical health to me, my friends and loved ones
    3) My application for the new apartment is approved on a timely basis; dry, clear weather for moving and plenty of strong, willing helpers
    4) A realization that this is the only planet we have, there is no “Planet B”. Mother Nature is pissed.

    As for a movie on the big screen? I’d love to see the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show! Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter still cracks me up!

    I hope you have a fabulous day, Amber. Thanks for all you do. Judy

  75. Happy Birthday Amber!

    Since we can wish for anything on our birthday I am going to be totally selfish and say I would wish to have my 33-year-old body back. Since you’re turning 46 I’m sure you understand. LOL!

    As far as movies go, I don’t know if you mean current or any movie. Current, I also can’t wait to see ‘Fantastic Beast.’ But any movie would be a chick flick like ‘While You Were Sleeping.’

  76. I actually watched Dr. Strange on my birthday (a gift from my two youngest) and really enjoyed it. I would have gone to Fantastic Beasts but it wasn’t available in Cardiff until a few days later. Oh well I’ll con my daughter into going with me for an early Christmas treat πŸ˜€

    As for what I would wish for on blowing out my candles (not in one breath as it makes quite a blaze at 58!!) I think, altruistically World Peace, or, more selfishly, better health than I currently have.

  77. Happy Birthday Amber it sounds like your in for a wonderful day. Now if I was blowing out the Birthday candles I would wish for health and happiness for all my friend and family. I would love to go see Fantastic Beasts myself. Maybe I can do that in about 13 days when I turn a year older. Have an awesomely live and laughter filled day HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  78. I would wish for all my children to make it home for the holidays and get along when they are together. I would go to see Warcraft with my grandson.

  79. Happy Birthday, Amber. I would like to see Fantastic Beasts (I think we are going Friday) or maybe Moana or Trolls (but I am willing to wait for DVD for those). I wish for as much time with my parents as possible, their health permitting. (I might wish for a time machine, but I am sure I would abuse it.)

  80. I would wish for my children to always find happiness and to see my grandson grow up to find his own happiness (he was just born in June) I would go see Fantastic Beast with my Daughter, we saw all the Harry Potter together and now live in different states so kinda hard. Happy Birthday Amber!!

  81. If I could make one birthday wish it would be for just one day of solitude. Raising 2 autistic children takes a toll. As far as the movie I am not sure because it’s been a long time since I was able to go to the movies so maybe Finding Dorie would hold the girls attention for a few minutes.

  82. Happy happy Bithday! I hope the day is wonderful and easy. Something I always wish for on my birthday is that my husband will be safe. He is a police officer and hasn’t been home ok my birthday in years. πŸ™‚ If I could see any movie in theaters on my birthday it would be the new Wolverine Movie coming out next year, Logan. πŸ™‚

  83. My birthday wish would be to go see Le Mis in the theater like i did when i was 18. It was brilliant so emotional. Movie wise, i am now in the mood to see… Le Mis but my choice would be Walli. i just love the film.

  84. Hi Amber HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you have a wonderful day and a very good year to come. I always wish to be happy in the year to come. and for the most part it always comes true. I would go see Fantastic Beasts as I am a total Potter Head. HAve a great time at dinner aand a movie with your family. you are the best Amber

  85. happy birthday, my birthday is next Tuesday and I wish for continuing good health and movie I want to see and haven’t yet is Finding Dori. wishing you a great year. enjoy your day

  86. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Woo Hoo!!!
    I’m going to have to say I’d wish for tolerance. With so much hate around the election and the uncertainty following the new regime, I’d hope as a nation we could move beyond color/creed/religion/sexual identity.
    And I’d soooooooo want to see Fantastic Beasts!!!

  87. I would wish to be able to have all the books I want for the rest of my life. As to a movie, I can’t just pick just one, lol.

  88. Happy Birthday Amber! My birthday is coming up in January and I’m getting my wish. My family will be visiting me in Argentina. I would love to see Dr Strange.

  89. First Happy Birthday!!!!

    My birthday wish would be a house and my bills paid for a year. So my kids and I could get back on our feet.
    The movie would have to be Dr. Strange. It looks so good and something my 11 year old would love to see with me.

  90. Happy Birthday Amber πŸ™‚

    My birthday wish is kind of a selfish one compared to others i’ve seen, but i’d wish for many more birthdays for me and my family and friends.

    I would love to see Dr Strange

  91. My comments are not showing up I have tried twice already I hope this one will.

    Happy Birthday Amber!

    My wish is for health and happiness for everyone.

    I would like to see A Madea Halloween.

  92. Health is one of the most important thing. As for the film i would make a mega session with the Lord of the Rings.

  93. Wish huh?? Well I’ll be moving away from home for work for the first time and I guess my wish would be for everything to work out for the best. As for a movie yeah I’d love to see Fantastic Beasts =D

    Happy Birthday Amber ^^

  94. Happy Official Birthday. The 40’s are great for women, enjoy them. As for what movie. I haven’t been able to go the movies since my TBI almost 8 years ago because of the noise and the brightness of the screen. So, let’s pretend for your question I can go. I am an Avenger Fan, love their movies and the small screen doesn’t do them justice. I would love to see anyone of them or maybe a marathon of them on the big screen.
    Enjoy, your movie tonight and let us know how it was.

  95. Happy Birthday! I would wish for happiness for all my daughters. I usually only have two at a time happy. Right now I am worried about one. I want to see the same movie as you – Fantastic Beasts.

  96. Happy birthday Amber! Hope your day is wonderful. The wish I make is the same every year, I wish for peace for all I hold dear. The peace that comes with being loved. The peace of happiness, fulfillment, contentment, of just being alive.

  97. Happy Birthday Amber!

    If I could have one wish it would be to spend another hour with my mother. And the movie I want to see most right now is Fantastic Beasts.

  98. That my daughters pregnancy goes forward with no more issues and I have a beautiful healthy grandchild. I want to watch Independence Day, the original, on the big screen.

  99. Happy birthday, Amber. I would wish for good health and happiness for me and my family members. Tomorrow, my brother and I are watching Dr. Strange so that would be my birthday movie. We have been waiting to watch it together πŸ™‚

  100. Happy birthday Amber. If today were my birthday I would wish to spend it with all my kids and grandkids. We all live in separate states and my eldest is deployed. So, that is my wish every year. The movie I would go see is fantastic beasts….I cant believe its finally out! I hope you have had a great birthday month.

  101. Happy birthday Amber, I hope you have a wonderful day.
    I too would go see Fantastic Beasts and I would wish for happiness.

  102. If I could have one wish for anything on my birthday. It would wish to make my business Dragon Heart Rose could be so successful I can open my dream foundation called Dragon Heart Rose Cerebral Palsy & Epeselpy Foundation that would help others who have Cerebral Palsy & Eplespy and others who are handicapped. I want to make life easier for others who need help. The movie of the night Fanasactic Beasts Amber I hope you have a wonderful Birthday

  103. Happy Birthday Amber! November is also the month of my birthday so when I was blowing my candles just a couple of days ago I wished to succeed in getting certificate in english. There is still a few months before actual date of the exam but I’m already nervous. As for the movie I can’t wait to see new Thor. I hope you will have fun with your family watching Fantastic Beasts, the movie is great.

  104. I would wish for a day with my granddad. We were really close and I still miss him even though it’s been years. The movie I would see is The Lion King on the big screen again. One of my favorites.

  105. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is great! I would like to go and enjoy Lord of the Rings again on my Birthday! My Birthday candle wish is for my family to stay happy & healthy!

  106. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Amber! My candle wish would be that I could find an airline ticket I could afford so I could go visit my family in Oregon. And I would love to see the 1958 film adaptation of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman on the big screen. It’s one of my absolute favorite plays and I like the film adaptation, but I’ve only ever seen it on my TV at home or in a classroom. πŸ™‚

  107. Happy b’day!! Hope you have a blast today. Do what you wanna do!
    I’d wish for something I know wouldn’t come, like an easy, if not a windfall of an easy financial year (because money sucks right now, has for 6 months). Right now, I’d love to go see the Underworld marathon with all 6 movies 😜

  108. Happy birthday πŸ™‚ I would wish for a normal quiet year.
    I hope to see Fantastic Beasts eventually.

  109. Happy Birthday Amber! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚
    It’s my dog Ru’s 1st birthday tomorrow & i’m trying to bake him a doggy cake. When I blow the candle out for him, my wish will be that it doesn’t make him sick!
    I love B movies. I’D like to go & see something like Sharktopus on the big screen. 😊

  110. Happy Birthday πŸ˜‰ There are lots of things one can wish for… have not found a really good razor yet, so i would pick that one.
    Loved the film Fantastic Beasts, would see it again, but best would be the next film in that series, have heard there are 4 about Scamander, if that was his name (need to see it again as you see).

  111. A lot of my family is having health problems and I wish for the to have a lot better health. I don’t watch movies so I don’t have one that I want to see. I hope you have a wonderful and safe birthday!!

  112. I would wish good health for my youngest son as he is in the hospital right now. I would love to see A Madea Halloween. Happy birthday to a wonderful author!!!

  113. I would wish for the strength to battle depression and a healthy baby boy for my sister who’s 7 month pregnant

  114. I wish that I can keep paying my bills and feed the family.

    And as for a movie – I watch Stars wars or any Lord of the Rings.

    Enjoy your day and the family!

  115. My wish is for them to find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s. I would want to go see Star Wars on the big screen with my dad one more time.

  116. My wish would be to make it through this semester’s workload without a breakdown, and I would want to go see Arrival. Happy Birthday!

  117. Today is my son’s birthday as well:). I don’t watch a lot of movies but one of my favorites is Leon. What I wish then I blew the candles is that my family to be whole soon. Hope u have a great b-day. Happy birthday !

  118. I would wish for my mom’s back to get better.
    The movie I would see is Fantastic Beast, I am probably seeing it over Christmas.

  119. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!! I would wish for my family’s good health and I would go see Fantastic Beasts πŸ™‚

  120. Movie would be Fantastic Beasts
    My wish would be for my Kids happiness and the correct life choices made. Both are going through changes and decisions have to be made. My daughter is about to go through a divorce and my son needs to decide if he’s staying in the Air Force or getting out.
    Happy Anniversary to your Birthday!

  121. Happy Birthday. Thank you for the wonder stories that you share.
    I wish good health for my family and for the safety of our military personnel around the world.
    I would love to see Fantastic Beasts.

  122. I would wish for yours and my health. It is not fun to have a life debilitating illness I struggle everyday to just breath, so yeah healthy is what I want for everyone, especially you today. Hugs Wanda

  123. Happy Birthday. Today my uncle turned OLD……he is my dad’s younger brother but my dad stopped celebrating past 29 which does not help him when his children are in their late 40’s. I wish for the wisdom to get though the next 40 years. I hope you enjoy the movie. I am hoping to see that movie soon. Love JK Rowlings.

  124. Happy Birthday Amber!! When i blow out my candles on the 28th i will ask for the same thing i have for the past 22 years, that my boys have a safe, healthy, happy life. I started that when i was pregnant with my oldest. So far so good so i keep asking!! My youngest Nik and i aee going to see Fantastic Beasts on Sunday, and monday night my two boys and i are go8ng out for dinner..if i get my way,Macaroni Grill, if the boys do Dragon Express. They usually gamg up on me!! Lol have a great day!!

  125. Happy Birthday. I would go to Fantastic Beasts as well. Have fun with your little guy.
    My wish is for tolerance, peace, and for everyone to take a deep calming breath and remember we are all in this together and to treat everyone as we would want them to treat us.

  126. Happy birthday Amber my wish is for my Dad to get better and the movie I would see is fantastic beasts with my daughter

  127. Happy Birthday Amber! πŸ™‚
    I am not sure what I would wish for, to win the lottery maybe πŸ˜‰ and right now I so want to see Fantastic Beasts too.

  128. Happy Birthday!! My wish s for my husband’s work to get less stressful and uncertain. My top two movie choices are Fantastic Beasts in the theater and Finding Dory on video.

  129. I wish for my sister to feel better, she is fighting many health ailments. The movie I would like to see is any one of the Mummy movies.

  130. Happy birthday Amber!
    I would wish for another year of keeping my family safe and healthy.
    I would go see Doctor Strange with my family. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a movie in the theater. We tend to wait and buy or watch on tv.

  131. I normally wish for more books every birthday. And I would go see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (really wanted to see it in theaters but alas probably won’t happen.)

  132. I would wish for books, books and more books. Maybe a few drawing supplies.
    A movie I would want to watch is Doctor Strange, or, if one would buy the DVD, Me before you πŸ™‚

  133. I would wish for “Word Peace”…. and a really hot rich guy…. you know the usual! I would love to go see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

  134. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is as amazing as your stories!!! My birthday wish is the same every year since I had children and that is that we go another year healthy and happy…

    As for movies if you are asking about current then Trolls it is but if it’s any movie then Grease is my all-time favorite and it would be awesome to see on big screen… Go Grease Lightning!!!!

  135. Let’s see, I would wish for a nice, sporty convertible. And I would go see any movie with Chris Hemsworth.

  136. I’d wish for world peace, to find my true love, and a Stanley Cup for the San Jose Sharks at last! Then I’d probably see the movie BEEFCAKE (hard-to-describe but very cool doc about Robert Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild, featuring TONS of male frontal nudity, plus it’s educational! Really!) or one of my comfort movies like SCHOOL OF ROCK or MIRACLE (about hockey!)…

  137. Well my birthday is on Thursday and my husband and I are trying to buy our first house so I will wish to find the house that has everything we want in our price range. The movie I would want to see is Doctor Strange.

  138. Happy Birthday, Amber!!! Enjoy the movie.

    When I blew out my candles in Junes, I wished for exact wish: “please, keep Rudy (my husband) out of the wheelchair for another year”.

    The one movie without a doubt would be Gone With the Wind on the big screen. That would be totally awesome…

  139. I would wish that good things happen this year and as for the movie I want to see Dr. Strange! Happy Birthday again!

  140. Happy Birthday Amber!

    On my birthday in September, I’m hoping to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 3D. It looks like it will be amazing.

    As for presents, other than an endless supply of credit for books, I would want to find a remote start system for my car.

  141. Happy Birthday Amber!

    Blowing out my candles is always as many years with my 5 grandkids as possible.

    It’s a Harry Potter marathon and then Fantastical Beast.

  142. Happy Birthday Amber! I have to say when I was thinking of wishes the song “if I had a million dollars” popped into my head. As for movies I’d go see Moana, I’m a sucker for anything Disney :).

  143. I would wish for is a perfect reading day, you know the one where you have a new book snuggle under a blanket. The movie i would go see if on my birthday is Dr. Strange.

  144. I would wish for enough money to get out of debt and for my mom to stay as healthy as she has given that she is starting to feel her age of 76 after some health complications the last couple of years including cancer. I usually pick a movie based on my mood so I’m not sure but Fantastical Beasts looked good in preview so I suppose I’ll say that.

  145. Happy Birthday, Amber.

    I wish that I could retire and quilt full time and read your next book of course.
    As for a movie to watch, Fantastic Beasts is on my list. But I can’t wait for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel in 2017!

  146. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the wonderful books!

    I would wish for my favorite authors to publish more books. Yes, you are included in that list. I could use more books in the Dragonmen and Wizard series. *Hint hint*. As for the movie, I would want to watch the first Matrix movie again. If we are talking out in the theatre right now, I would watch Dr. Strange again. It was great.

  147. I would wish for a job that I can do well and be happy. I would like to see Boo! A Madea Halloween movie. Happy Birthday Amber.

  148. I am hoping/wishing to get enough money saved up to buy a house. I am going to see Fantastic Beasts tomorrow and I cant wait

  149. Happy Birthday Amber!

    I wish for pretty much the same thing ever year….I wish for my family to be healthy, wealthy and wise. I am blessed that for the most part they are relatively healthy:) As for movies, I haven’t the foggiest idea as to what is out there. I know next year I want to see the film about the woman at NASA when it comes out.

  150. Happy birthday! I just saw Fantastic Beasts πŸ™‚ so that is the movie I will choose. And I generally just wish for a little more peace πŸ™‚

  151. I would wish for all my debt to be cleared and to go back in time to when my mum was still alive. The movie I would like to see on my Birthday would be Wonderwoman, The Flash, or Avengers Infinity Wars 1 & 2 (none of which are out currently ^_^) Fantastic Beast was good and that’s all I’ll say about it for now in order to not spill out spoilers like a sieve.

  152. My wish would be for my son to find his place. He is struggling to become a good man and I would like it to be easier for him then it was for me to find myself.
    The movie I would see would also be fantastic beasts.
    Hope you had s great day Amber. Happy birthday

  153. Hi Amber, Happy Birthday!
    When I blow out candles, I wish my kids all are happy, and live close by. My Dad has just moved in so I am not seeing any movies right now but I love giant monsters so it would be movies like Godzilla or Pacific Rim.

  154. Happy Birthday Amber!

    If I could see any movie on my birthday, I want to see the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. And what would make it even better would be to get a remote start system for my car for these yucky PNW winters.

  155. Happy Birthday. I hate how the country is acting against police officers and the election. My wish is that we would be kinder and more respectful to each other. I hate the negativity. We need to support each other. I very rarely watch movies…I much rather read.

  156. Happy Birthday!
    I love the birthday month story by the way.
    My wish would be to be able to see my family more often. And movie I’d like to see in 2017 since that’s when my next birthday will arrive, I’d like to see XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Logan (wolverine) because Hugh Jackman, isn’t that enough of a reason? And the Dark Tower, Steven King, I hope it is as good as the book. So I might make it to one before they come out on DVD but a girl can have a dream, right? Right?

  157. Happy Birthday, Amber. Right now, I would wish for my family to be healthy. I don’t watch movies much anymore, or television. I would much rather read.

  158. I wish for my family to remain healthy each time I blow out the candles. I haven’t gotten to take my family to the movies for a while, so I would go see Moana as a group.

  159. Happy, happy birthday Amber!!!
    I wish for my cousin who is visiting me to stay. It’s a hard sell to move from Dallas to rural Maine!😊 I want to see the next Thor movie!

  160. I would wish for my mom to visit for the holidays or for me to fly to her and visit with the rest of my family.

    As for movie it would have to be the entire Harry Potter series that my children recently gave me for my birthday.

  161. If I could have an unselfish wish, it would be for there to be a lot more peace and love in the world; a selfish wish, and I’d wish to magically be able to get a copy of every single book I’ve ever wanted or will ever want, even if there are no longer any copies in existence. I’d probably go to see Doctor Strange; I adore Benedict Cumberbatch.

  162. I always wish for one more year with my children/family. The movie i would go see is the new underworld movie. Love that series.

  163. Happy Birthday Amber! I hope you have a joyous birthday fill with friends, family, presents and cake =)

    I would wish for good health, good will and less tension in the family. As for the movie probably Fantastic Beasts or Doctor Strange. Both look so good.

  164. I would wish for more time with my Grandchildren. I live overseas, so don’t get as much time with them as I would like. Movie would be Fantastic Beasts or Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’ve been wanting to see them both since the first trailers I saw for them.

  165. For some reason my comment didn’t post, or at least I can’t find it so…I would wish for more time with my Grandchildren. I live overseas and miss seeing them in person. Movie? I think Fantastic Beasts or Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.

  166. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!
    I would wish for me and my family to stay healthy and well. And I would go watch Beauty and the Beast, I can’t wait for that movie!

  167. Hmmmm, I’d probably wish for a healthy self & family and want to go see Dr Strange

    Hope you have/had a great birthday!


  168. Firts, a very Happy, happy birthday to you! I wish for find my soul mate, love, health for me and my beloved ones. I want so see Fantastic Beasts.

  169. I would wish one more night with those no longer here and the movie I would go see (not out yet) Sing?!!! Hope you are having/had a fantastic birthday and thank you for sharing!

  170. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!
    Right now, I would wish for my family to be healthy. I am going to see Fantastic Beasts tomorrow and I cant wait

  171. Happy birthday amber!! What I would wish for would be time to relax with family and friends. I need more stress free and relaxing days. The movie that I want to see is fantastic beasts. I’ve already seen trolls and am looking forward to the beauty and the beast movie. Hope you had an awesome birthday. How was the movie?

  172. Happy birthday, Amber! Your birthday month has been an absolute blast as usual. I’d wish for everyone to be safe and stress free during the holiday season.

    As for the movie. I want to see Doctor Strange, because I’ve always enjoyed pretty much anything Benedict Cumberbatch plays in.

  173. Happy Birthday!
    What I wish for would be health for myself and my family. Yeah, greedy I know, but this year has been difficult. I realized my 84yr old mother won’t be here forever, and she realizes it too, and has been gathering her insurance policies together.
    Movie wise, I’m intrigued by Sing! The previews have been fun. Gotta love singing animals.

  174. Happy Birthday Amber!!!
    I would wish that I’ll find a nice place to live when I start at my new school in the city. The movie I’d like to see the most would be either Fantastic Beasts or Beauty and the BeastπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  175. Happy birthday, how was fantastic beasts? I’m not a movie person. We recently saw trolls tho. The kids loved it.

  176. Happy Birthday πŸ™‚

    I’d wish for a new phone, as my mobile is driving me mad at the mo Lol. And as for a movie, I’d love to see Secret life of pets again.

  177. you will like fantastic beasts. i saw it yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. and i would wish for continued good health….that and for michael fassbender to show up on my doorstep to take me out to dinner lol

  178. Happy birthday! ! When I am blowing out the candles on my cake , I am still wishing for that pony, ever little girls dream πŸ™‚ and as for movie. …. I would have to say I want to go see both the fantastic beasts and Trolls.

  179. I would wish for all my family to be able to gather together. πŸ™‚ And we would watch Fantastic Beasts.

    Happy Birthday, Amber!

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