Prince of Small Magics – 22

For the first time Anders considering killing his prince. He clenched his fists and used all of his self-control not to attack. “He isn’t for sale.”

Farlon’s mouth dropped open before he quickly shut it again. “I didn’t mean I was going to buy him I thought maybe I could offer you a boon. He seems to be a talented wizard and I could use someone with his power in my court.”

Anders refused to be swayed, but he had to at least brush off his manners to deal with the prince. “I’m sorry if my words offended you, my prince. I just recently acquired Meck as my personal wizard and I’m reluctant to hand him over so soon.” He tried a slight smile to indicate no hard feelings but he doubted the expression made it to his eyes. The prince’s expression held more caution than warranted. Maybe he could read his demise in Anders stance if he insisted on going after his wizard.

“Of course. I can understand that. If I had someone like Meck I’d want to horde the treasure for myself also. He is a pretty boy as well as strong. I’ve never seen the strength of the protection on your armor.”

“I’m sure he could teach it to your wizards,” Anders offered. Maybe he could get Meck to pass on his knowledge before the prince decided to take off with him.

Prince Farlon tapped a finger to his chin. “If you can get him to train my personal wizards that would be acceptable.”

“I’ll give him the message. Anything else I can do, my prince?”

“No. You’d best be on your way before you give into your violent urges. Even I can tell you are touchy about your little wizard.” The prince’s mouth curved up. “I’ve never seen you possessive of anyone before.”

“It is a new experience.” Not to mention an unwelcome one. Already his attachment had put him to odds with the prince.

“Keep in mind that if you find you have nothing to fight for you might not have a reason to survive your next battle. Even the most hard-hearted of us need to have a motive to seek victory. If your wizard is your heart I won’t take him away but know when you tire of him you can pass him over to my court.” The prince’s understanding smile would have lost a few teeth if Anders hadn’t grabbed his self-control with both hands.

“Thank you, my prince.” Anders gave a short bow then left the tent not giving the royal a chance to excuse him or say anything else that might force his wolf to the surface. A good old-fashioned mauling sounded good about now.

Fuming he marched through camp growling at anyone he met. Not even trying to make conversation with the people who greeted him. He entered his own tent to find Meck sitting at the table with his friend Vedder. The sight of the powerful battle mage eased him. At first he had been a little jealous of their closeness but after his wolf senses smelled no attraction between the two men his suspicions faded. They were good friends, nothing more.

“Good morning General Anders.” Vedder stood and gave a short bow.

“Battle Mage Vedder,” Anders said with a nod of his head.

“Vedder wants me to add protection to his battle armor. If I do I’ll be tired for the rest of the day so I thought I’d check with you first,” Meck said.

“Sure, sure that’s fine. I was just talking to the prince and he would like you to teach his wizards how to do what you did for me.”

Meck paled. “That might be a problem.”

“Why?” Granted he didn’t know much about magic but he had thought they could trade spells and share tips or whatever magical people did.

“My magic is a bit different than other peoples. I don’t now how to describe it.”

Vedder interrupted. “What Meck is trying to say is his magic comes from the heart not from spells and he doesn’t know how to make other people care about the person they are performing them for. “

“Something like that,” Meck agreed.

“But you did the spell for me after we barely knew each other.” Anders truly didn’t know how this worked.

Vedder laughed. “That’s what’s so special about Meck. He cares for just about everyone. It wouldn’t occur to him that someone wasn’t worthy of being helped.”

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    1. And that we’d be a good way for the Prince to test his wizards.
      “Can’t cast the Spell? Don’t you care about your Prince?”

  1. I think the name did change ? I love Meck just wanna hug him . Ander good job on not killing the prince .. lol

  2. The prince did pretty well backing off of Anders until he made that crack about passing him on when the general tired of him. I wonder now if this is how Vedder meets the prince.

  3. I luv the story so far (even if the tittle hit change😊) especially Meck who has a very magic that come from the heart and not any spell..

  4. Anders is so confused, lol. The Prince got off lightly I think. Can’t wait to see Anders reaction to Vedders statement regarding Meck’s magic.

  5. With the way Vedder phrased that Anders might not think he is too special to Meck – if everyone is deserving. Which is part of what we love about Meck – his care of people, But Anders might not take that quite the right way. And I agree with Kayue about one possible way the prince might react LOL! Thanks for another great installment! Can’t wait to see where you were taking it 🙂

  6. Wait we changed the title? Oh well I like either title.

    Well Anders should have checked with Meck first.

  7. I’m glad the prince was willing to compromise but agree that it might be a way for the prince to test if his wizards really care about his safety or not. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families (Sheri and her’s too).

  8. Love this! Doesn’t Anders realize he’s claimed Meck? Sometimes MCs are so clueless!
    Anders and Meck need a heart-to- heart talk.

    Vedder needs to cozy up to the prince. 😀

  9. Oh, Meck is a treasure. The Prince is lucky Anders was keeping a lid on his control, but now how will he keep the Prince away. I keep saying, Vedder might make a lovely distraction.

  10. I wonder what happens when the prince finds out his wizards don’t care?? I love Meck more and more Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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