Lord of Small Magics – 24

Vedder eventually left after tossing a few ideas around. He offered to distract the prince from Meck and from Meck’s knowing smile Anders didn’t think it would be much of a hardship to the powerful wizard.

“He might be a good match for the prince,” Anders said.

Meck nodded. “He told me once he was fated for royalty. I don’t know if that is true or not but I think he really believes it.”

“Hm. He doesn’t seem the type to care.”

“I don’t think he cares about marrying or bonding with royalty just that he has been told he will. Eventually time will answer all his questions.”

“That’s rather philosophical of you,” Anders said, surprise coloring his voice. His little wizard had a practical wisdom he found appealing.

“Maybe, or maybe I’ve just given up on trying to predict anyone’s path.” Meck’s wry smile had Anders contemplating the wizard.

“Tell me a little about yourself Meck, where do you come from?”

Meck opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by the ringing of a loud gong.

“What’s that?” he asked as Anders blood ran cold.

“War. There has been an attack. Stay here.” Anders shouted, running out of the tent. He plunged into the crowd of soldier gathering weapons and armor. “Damn.” Before he could turn to get his armor it appeared on him, wrapped around his body as if he had put it there himself. He would have to thank his wizard later. Racing to the sound of the gong he heard someone shout news of soldiers from the north.

Damn the gods. He had thought they would have a few more days before another battle. The last soldiers they had beaten back had ran away like the fast cowards they were. The crackle of electricity in the air told Anders that the enemy had returned and brought magic with them. Power had a certain stench that couldn’t be replicated. A sizzle and crackle Anders could recognize when he smelled it.

“Soldiers to me,” he shouted as he rushed to be in the first wave of defenders hoping Meck’s enchantments held.

Something invisible slammed into his chest, ricocheted off then knocked an enemy soldier off his feet. Anders smiled. Meck must have added anti-enchantment spells to his armor. “Best not let the prince see that,” he muttered.

In the heat of battle Anders lost track of the number of men he slayed. Blood splattered his shiny armor, then spilled down it as an invisible force pushed it away. After countless hours at battle Anders still looked prestine.

“You either have the laziest wizard or the most powerful one,” Prince Farlon said, eyeing Anders armor.

“Could be a combination of both.” An archer’s arrow bounced off of Anders’ chest making the prince gasp.

“By the gods, I need to borrow your man,” the prince said.

A crackle of lightning preceded the enemy archer being blasted where he stood. “Vedder is doing well,” Anders said, nodding to the wizard who dealt the last blow.

“Is that his name?” Farlon asked. He paused to slam the butt of his sword onto his fallen combatant when the man tried to get back up.

“Yes, he’s friends with my wizard.” Anders made sure to emphasize his possessiveness.

“Does he do protections?”

“He does battle,” Anders prevaricated. “I’ve heard he’s a very powerful battle mage.”


Anders didn’t get to hear what else the prince might think because something exploded and everything went white.

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  1. Oh shit, Meck is going to be so pissed if Anders is hurt. Not fair leaving it there, you are such a tease Amber. 🙂

  2. cliff hangers are a cruel punishment for you fans, you are truly evil Amber.

    I think Meck is about to get really pissed at his wolf getting hurt

  3. Seems like the Prince is interested in Vedder and Anders just found something that Meck hadn’t anticipated. Meck is either going to be annoyed or feel guilty for not having protected Anders against explosions. Guess I have to wait for the next instalment to find out. * taps foot impatiently.*

  4. Why do I have the feeling that hurting Mecks general is a huge mistake on the enemies part. I really look forwards to reading tomorrow’s entry!

  5. Hope Anders is ok and Meck won’t be too hard on himself not be able to anticipate all the danger to protect Anders.

  6. Oh heck hope Anders and the prince are ok.. Meck would blame himself if something happened to Amders…

  7. Can’t wait for the next installment need to know what happened to Anders. Also I hope the prince and Vedder meet soon.

  8. Yikes! The yogurt is gonna hit the fan!

    Meck will lose his cool and the enemy won’t know what hit them; Vedder will add his firepower and together, they’ll destroy the enemy once and for all.

    Darn, now I have to wait until tomorrow.

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