At Diverse Reader Today!

Today I’m visiting the Diverse Reader Blog Spot!

Diverse Reader is a promotional and review blog for the diverse readers.
We promote and review MM, MF, FF, MMM, FF, and all the other letters out there.
Reviewers and bloggers include, Morningstar, Erin, and myself Meredith.
We believe books are an escape from our every day lives. We adore what we do and
have a hard time saying no to any book.


17 thoughts on “At Diverse Reader Today!

  1. I would love to see banded brothers become a series and its spin off dragon’s of seattle

  2. Enjoyed the interview. Along with Thresls & Moon, I think End Street would make a good show too!


  3. Very nice interview. I think the Larson Family would make a great TV series if they could find the right person to be Tam.

  4. Neat interview, but I did have the weird experience of not having the raffle copter link available to click.

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