Lord of Small Magics – 26

As Meck suspected he found Vedder on the hill flinging lightning bolts while his companions could barely muster a dark puff of a cloud. Pride for his friend burst through him. Vedder had worked hard to temper his power fluctuations in school and the controlled magic proved how far he had come.

“What are you doing out here? It’s not safe,” Vedder shouted over the noise of the storm.

“Checking on you! Besides I’m not safer in camp no one is there.” As far as he could tell no soldiers remained behind to guard the camp. An oversight he couldn’t understand.

“No one’s guarding?” Vedder frowned then blasted a knight off his horse. The steed reared up and kicked another soldier in the head.

“Brutal,” Meck said, laughing.

“Effective,” Vedder replied, a pleased smile on his face.

Meck reinforced the magical protections over Vedder to block accidental damage. The wizards on either side of him didn’t appear to be as careful with their spells. They had both less power and worse control.

“Thanks,” Vedder said.

Meck nodded. Of course his friend would’ve felt his protective spells. It was foolish of him to think his approach was subtle.

“Have you seen your general?” Vedder asked, his sharp eyes scanning the battle below.

“No.” Meck tried to peer around Vedder but couldn’t see much from their protected viewpoint without going on the other side of his friend. He doubted Vedder would let him pass.

“He’s probably fine. You charmed his armor, right?”

“Yeah.” He had even added a few more protections before wrapping the armor around Anders while he ran to battle.

“Then he’ll be fine.” Vedder’s confidence in Meck’s power had him smiling despite the battle down below.

“I hope so.” Meck hadn’t practiced most of those spells often. He hadn’t planned on being in the heat of war. The retired soldiers’ home was sounding better and better. He ignored the voice in his head whispering how he’d miss his general.

He kept silent for several minutes, letting Vedder and his fellow wizards battle. A gasp then gurgle warned Meck of his danger as the wizard beside Vedder fell with an arrow through his throat.

Meck quickly cast more protections over Vedder and himself. The slight drain on his magic would be worth it if they survived this battle. A frantic scan of the area uncovered the archer squeezed between two rocks. “He’s hiding to the north between the big boulders,” he whispered to Meck not wanting the archer to know he’d been spotted.

“Thanks,” Vedder replied. He pointed his right hand, palm out toward the archer. A jet of white light pulsed from him and caused the boulders to explode. Stone tumbled down and crushed the archer.

One more enemy down.

Maybe he should’ve felt bad at a death but his worry for Anders overshadowed all. What if something happened to his soldier? He bit his lip as he slid into the spot vacated by the dead wizard.

“You’d best have put up protections,” Vedder warned.

“I did.” He wasn’t five he knew how to cast personal charms.

“Don’t fall. I won’t rescue you.” Vedder snarled before coaxing a black cloud to sink down and block the vision of the soldiers in the back.

“Liar.” If there was one thing Meck knew it was Vedder would come after him if he ever needed help.

“Maybe.” Vedder flung another bolt of lightning. After another electric crack of magic he lowered his arms. His shoulders sank and he wobbled a bit on his feet.

“Are you all right?” Meck had never seen Vedder lose energy before.

“I’m a bit tired. I’ve never had to channel so much energy before.”

Without even thinking Meck wrapped his fingers around Vedder’s wrist then pushed some of his magical power into his friend. Vedder’s back straightened and he turned his head to give his attention to Meck. A wide smile crossed his lips and his eyes regained their sparkle. “You’re the best.”

Meck smiled back. “I’m just trying to help.”

Vedder turned back to the battle and lost his smile at the sound of an explosion. “I think your general just fell.”

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  1. Eeeeps, and I hope Meck isn’t too drained after helping Vedder, to help Anders

    PS you have this cliffhanger thing down to a fine art now eh 😛

  2. Aaahhh this is frustrating the way you stop when something important is about to happen.. oh well waiting for the next installment somewhat patiently..

  3. Why do I have the feeling that Meck is going to unleash his powers to save his general and make this battle end?

  4. Cliffhangers are evil; I want to know how Meck saves Anders (and avoids getting conscripted by the prince after doing so, of course…)!

  5. Oh oh, not good not good at all.. now what going to happen….An I have to wait for tomorrow to find out what happened….

  6. Oh man. Meck is going to hurt someone. No one messes with his Anders. Fingers crossed he’s just knocked out and not hurt worse.

  7. Good work and I’m sure he will lose more energy helping the General to be better and I wonder if he will be out of commission for a few

  8. Duh. Duh. DUN!
    I really love Vedder & Meck.
    (And small correction: “he whispered to Meck not wanting the archer to know he’d been spotted.”. Meck->Vedder)

  9. And the calm steady Meck is about to go HULK on everyone for hurting is general. HUH OH. Everyone except Vedder better vacate the immediate vacinity.

  10. Oh, boy! Meck is gonna unleash his powers and pound the daylights out of the enemy. If any of them survive, they’ll be waving the white flag. I don’t think anyone, ever Vedder, knows how powerful or how angry Meck can get. This is gonna be so good.

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