Lord of Small Magics – 27

Panic had Meck scanning the battlefield searching for any sign of the general. “Where?”

Vedder flung another lightning bolt before answering. “Did you forget all of your training?”

“Crap, you’re right.” Meck closed his eyes. He’d never been able to do this with his eyes open, too much outside distraction for him to focus. Inhaling a deep breath he sent out seeking magic to find more of his own. With the amount of power he had poured into Anders’ armor it should glow like a fire beacon.

One sweep. Nothing.

“Focus harder,” Vedder urged.

He could do this. He’d done it before. Part of his training had been magical search and rescue in case he was sent to take care of children or older people with memory issues. As a minder he had to be able locate his charges if they wandered away. Another deep breath in and out to calm his nerves and soothe his magic, then Meck pulsed out his energy. A soft bell went off in his brain. There. He slowly shuffled to align his body to the first response before sending out another pulse of magic. Meck snapped his eyes open to watch where this portion went. If he was doing it right it should highlight where Anders fell.

“Did you find him?” Vedder asked when Meck didn’t rush away. Only Meck could see the signs because it was tuned to the magic user.

“Yes.” Meck bit his lip as he examined the battle down below. “I don’t know if I can get to him safely. If I get injured rushing to his side he won’t be happy.” That was probably putting it mildly. Anders so far had turned out to be quite protective of Meck. If they would continue to be a good thing in the future he didn’t know yet.

“I’ll clear your path if you run now.”

Before Meck had a chance to do anything at all Vedder sent balls of lightning rolling down the middle of the fight. Curses reached them up on the hill. “I don’t think they liked that. See you later.” Meck ran after the balls of lightning not willing to lose his advantage. He ducked when a broadsword swung in his direction barely avoiding decapitation. He waved a hand and made the soldier’s metal boots smooth on the bottom with a polishing spell. The enemy soldier went down with the next step he took in a large clang of hard muscles and noisy metal.

“Oops,” Meck muttered, laughter bubbling through him. He didn’t have time to be amused at the soldier’s plight, not when he still had many yards before he safely made it to the other side of the battlefield. Balls of lighting fell from the sky and surrounded him. The gods had been smiling on him when he became Vedder’s friend. No one had ever been such a strong supporter of him before. Vedder was like an adopted brother he would know to his grave. An arrow whispered past his ear. If he didn’t get to safety soon he wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of his day.

The lightning crackling around him on all sides helped him get halfway there when all the lights went out. Meck spun around barely avoiding a dagger thrown at him. “Shit.” Giving up the completely protected approach Meck began to run. He needed to check on his general, Vedder could take care of himself and he wasn’t alone up there.

Another pulse of magic and four almost decapitations later and dodging a swinging shield Meck made it to Anders side. The general lay on the ground where someone at least had pulled him beneath an overhang. Two soldiers stood over him blocking any ongoing attacks.

“Can you do anything for him?” One of the soldiers asked.

“I don’t know yet.” Meck didn’t add the word idiot to his phrase but he hoped it was implied. Pressing his hands against Anders chest he did the few diagnostic spells. He grimaced when he got back the results. Not good but could be worse. Anders had a cracked rip that was pressing on his lungs and his right leg was shattered

64 thoughts on “Lord of Small Magics – 27

  1. Ouch! Hopefully Meck knows some healing spells. A polishing spell to cause loss of traction, never thought of it that way before, cool!

  2. Meck is probably about to discover his full potential, at least I hope so for Anders sake, I loved that loss of traction spell LOL

  3. I bet Meck can get Anders up and moving, however I have a feeling it’s going to get more complicated before its all resolved.

  4. Really hope that Anders and Meck make it out of the middle of this mess..
    But I have a feeling Anders is going to be so mad at Meck for getting in the middle of the fighting.

  5. Good job helping out Vedder! Meck can fix him! ! Hopefully no one really watches him do his thing. Others will want him. . An he is going to be tired

  6. Hope Meck has some healing spells. Anders is going to be so mad at him. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. i don’t know if I should worry more about Anders or Meck when Anders realizes how much danger Meck put himself in ><

  8. Meck is pooped, but he’s running on adrenaline. He’s more powerful than he thought, but he’ll push all that power into healing Anders. Then Anders will have to save him.

    Or, just guessing here, the enemy troops will attack them; Meck will annihilate them and then heal his general.

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

  9. Poor Anders. It’s probably just as good for Meck that Anders is unconscious. He would be upset if he saw the run Meck just made.

  10. oh no poor Anders, does Meck have enough healing to fix his leg? Anders is gonna be upset Meck came after him and put himself in danger

  11. Really really loving this story, sure hope you plan on publishing it. This having to wait to see what happens next is brutal, lol

  12. Meck to the rescue…don’t think Anders will be thrilled he risked himself to get there though.
    Also, Vedder definitely needs his own story. 😉

  13. Cracked rib, fractured leg, but at least the lung isn’t punctured. Of course once Meck heals Anders enough to shift, he better be ready to submit when Anders is back to normal; or at least be ready to have a really good leash for Ander’s anger.

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