Lord of Small Magics – 29

Meck placed a spell to lesson Anders weight and bind his broken leg against jarring. He might not be able to heal Anders but he could prevent his injuries from becoming worse, or at least he hoped he could.

Anders examined his newly bandaged leg. “That’s a helpful skill.”

“I’m sure the healers can do much better.” Meck tried not to blush under Anders’ admiring gaze but he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his lips. He liked that the general never failed to compliment him.

“As much as I appreciate all this care I think it might go better if I transformed.”

“Can you really turn into a wolf?”

“Yes.” Anders nodded.

“Have you ever done it while injured?”

Anders paused as if considering the situation. “No.”

Meck considered the ramifications. “Do you think it will hurt you more if you shift while injured?”

Anders spent a few minutes looking over the battlefield. “In my wolf shape I can at least have three lets instead of four making it easier to get across.”

Meck was a bit disappointed he couldn’t argue with that logic. Worry had him frowning as he took in the scene of blood splattered bodies and battle cries. “Okay. I’ll be right behind you.”

“Or you could stay over here where it’s safe,” Anders argued.

“No where is safe, we’re in a battle,” Meck pointed out. He wasn’t trying to be difficult by pointing out their situation but there wasn’t any reason for Anders to rush off on his own when other people could be helping him.

Anders scowled. “Fine. Have it your way.”

“If I had it my way we’d be back in the tent having sex,” Meck said in a low voice.

The prince’s abrupt coughing spell told him he hadn’t spoken quietly enough. He frowned at the royal but only received an amused look in response.

“Stop trying to stare down the prince,” Anders scolded, nudging Meck.

“You have to get the general patched up before you worry about anything more strenuous.” The prince’s serious expression was only marred by his sparkling eyes.

“Fine. If you think it won’t kill you,” Meck gave in gracelessly trying not to show how much this idea worried him.

“Only one way to find out.” A feral light gleamed in Anders’ eyes.

Meck only had a few seconds to catch his meaning before a bright glow encompassed the general and he shrank from human sized to large wolf sized. Meck got an impression a gorgeous grey and white wolf before he was running away from him and across the battlefield.

“Look at him go,” the prince muttered.

“He is fast,” Meck agreed as the wolf tore across the field, dodging swords, kicks and the occasional bolt of magic shot toward him. He hoped he could follow as easily without getting injured. Casting a few more protection spells on himself he jogged toward the healers hoping no one tried to stop him. Halfway across something slammed into Meck sending him flying into someone else’s shield.

Meck grunted with the impact.

His ears rang. Shaking his head he tried to clear out the sounds ricocheting around in his skull. A strong grip pulled him to his feet. The prince’s white-toothed grin eased his concern.

“Go!” the prince shouted.

Stumbling more than running, Meck made it over to the healers. Luckily the tents weren’t so large that it took long to find Anders. He lay in the middle of the tent with four fawning healers.

“Glad to see you are feeling better,” Meck said. He looked away from the enticing bare chest. Now wasn’t the time to indulge in his fantasies.

“I made it!” Anders loopy smile made it all worthwhile.

“Yes you did. “

“Stay still,” one of the healer’s said. “We’ll never get you healed with you squirming around.”

Anders froze, a wry smile on his lips. “Sorry.”

Meck doubted Anders truly felt remorse if the teasing looks he gave Meck through his lashes were put into the equation. Whoever had reported Anders as an angry, volatile soldier hadn’t really known him very well.

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  1. “Whoever had reported Anders as an angry, volatile soldier hadn’t really known him very well.”
    Or maybe they were right and Neck just sees the heart of Anders.

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