Lord of Small Magics – 30

Anders was going to be okay. Relief rushed through him spinning giddily through his body. If only he’d taken more healing classes maybe he could’ve helped more.

“Sorry I couldn’t heal you.” He sat beside Anders cot and watched the healers move around and conduct the rest of their business.

“You did what you could and got me out of trouble, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Meck ducked his head at Anders approving smile.

“Then I couldn’t ask for more form you. For someone not trained in battle you did very well.”

Meck glowed beneath Anders approval.

“However, if I ever see you putting yourself in danger like that again there will be repercussions,” Anders growled.

“So much for my heroic stature,” Meck teased.

Anders ruffled his hair. “Heroism is its own reward.”

“Uh huh.” Meck scooted out of reach. His hair was messy enough without any help.

The healer along with a second person returned from wherever she had gone and motioned Meck to move further from the bed.

“I’m healer Becker and this is my assistant Aurla,” she said motioning to the petite blond girl beside her. Let’s take a look at that leg shall we. She waved her hand and Ander’s pants cut off mid thigh.

“Warn me next time,” Anders growled. He’d jumped when the healer had done her magic.

Meck resisted the urge to yank the insensitive woman away. Some people weren’t meant to be bedside healers. Aurla patted Anders hand. “Sometimes when she’s in a hurry she forgets the social niceties.”

Anders snorted. “Even in war we’re still people. If you forget that again I will have you reassigned.”

Becker grimaced. “Apologies General, I sometimes get wrapped up in my work. I will be more mindful in the future.”

“Good. You may continue.” Anders said.

Meck held back the laughter over Becker’s sour expression. If she could’ve gotten away with it he suspected she would’ve cursed Anders. He must’ve made some sort of sound because she spun around to scowl at him.

“Is there a reason you’re here? You don’t appear injured.”

“He’s my wizard. Leave him alone and get back to healing,” Anders demanded.

“As you wish.” Becker snapped out. She placed her hands on his leg. A glow emitted from her fingers and spread across Anders leg. As the light spread she began to chant a low babble of vowels and consonants that Meck didn’t recognize as any language.

Anders hissed and clenched his fists as if resisting hitting the healer.

“Are you hurting him?” Meck didn’t know what he could do even if she was but the protective feeling wasn’t fading.

“She’s realigning his bones. There’s only so much she can dull the pain and still heal him,” the healer’s assistant said when Becker didn’t reply.

Meck bit his lip as he watched them. He couldn’t claim the healer could do better. His knowledge of healing arts was restricted to healing the occasional cut but deeper healing was far beyond him.

A loud snap echoed in the tent making Meck wince in sympathy. He rubbed his leg as a phantom pain lanced through it. He had definitely bonded with his soldier. Unfortunately he might have connected too deeply. For the next few weeks he’d have to watch their interactions. Entwining their life forces wasn’t something to do lightly and if he did it accidentally it just made it even worse.

“Better?” Becker asked.

“Yes.” Anders rubbed his leg. “Much, thank you.”

“You will need to rest for twenty-four hours to let it fully heal.”

Anders shook his head. “I need to go back into battle. I can’t leave everyone else out there alone.”

“I understand,” Becker said, her tone soothing. Then faster than Meck suspected she could move she tapped a glowing finger against Anders forehead.

The general’s eyes closed and he fell asleep. Becker turned to Meck. “If he wakes up have me fetched. He should sleep until tomorrow.”

“Um, thanks.” He knew it sounded more like a question than anything else when Becker smirked at him before leaving, a faint you’re welcome on her lips.

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  1. I loved the chapter but Becker pissed me off, I can’t only imagine the level of pissed offness Anders is gonna have, sheesh

  2. What a way to start out the day. Will be a good day. I really don’t care for Doctors much they all are a little high handed. Anders at least will get his rest.

  3. Oh my gosh! Wonder if Becker needs to start looking for another job. With Anders clout, he could have her transferred to the back of beyond. Wouldn’t that twist her knickers?

    Glad Anders is okay and he and Meck got a chance to chat. Loving this!

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