Graven – part 6

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Steerl watched the prince. He received one annoyed gaze from those green, green eyes before the prince gave in and peeled off his silver mesh top.

Brutally cut abs ridged a tight stomach and the prince’s naturally bronze skin rippled across thick muscles with each movement. A few scars crisscrossed the body giving the acre of hot manhood added interest.

Steerl smiled as he dreamed of licking every last muscle.

His cock filled up so quickly in response to the vision before him that he felt dizzy. The bulge in the prince’s leather pants was obvious and attention-worthy. As if in a trance Steerl fell to the floor his knees hitting the plush carpet with a thump.

With nimble fingers Steerl dislodged the intricate fastenings of pants in a matter of seconds.

“Experienced are you?” The prince’s voice held amusement and something that almost sounded a bit like jealousy. Brushing the thought aside, Steerl pulled out the prince’s long thick cock and admired it for a moment. The bulbous head called to him, luring him closer with its sticky ambrosia.

Entranced with his find, Steerl lapped at the spongy tip.

Graven hissed. “Did I give you permission to do that?”

“Nope.” Steerl answered cheerfully before taking the entire shaft into his mouth and deep throating the delicious cock. Swallowing he sucked on the prince trying to get more of the bittersweet flavor. When Graven took a tight grip on his hair he hummed happily and proceeded to drive the royal out of his mind with hot tightly suctioned strokes.

“Mercy baby. Stop or I’ll come.”

Since that was the point, Steerl ignored the warning and sucked on the prince until he heard a shout and his mouth was flooded with hot delicious come which he swallowed rapidly. Keeping his mouth gentle he slowly released the prince’s flaccid cock.

He barely had a few seconds to savor the taste before two hands roughly lifted him up by his hair. Hard lips devoured his mouth sending fissions of heat like small explosions down his spine.

Who knew a pair of hard lips held the secret to paradise?

Moaning he melted, letting the larger man take control. So enthralled with the kissing and strokes of Graven’s large hands it wasn’t until he felt the air against his bare ass and cock did he realize the other man had dropped his pants.

“Now I can see what I’m getting.” The teasing tone brought a smile to Steerl’s lips. Worries that his mate was a stern man with no humor faded into the distance.

One large calloused hand gripped him, pumping him with an expert touch. Steerl’s head fell back in ecstasy unconsciously baring his neck to the vampire prince.

“Tell me you are mine.” The prince’s voice slid into his mind as one long incisor scraped Steerl’s neck spearing a shaft of desire straight to his cock. It was difficult to focus on words when the actions on his body were unraveling his mind.

He was about to go over when the glorious hand stopped. Steerl gave a cry of frustration as he looked into the pair of glowing green eyes. “What? Why did you stop?”

Closing his hand over the Graven’s hand he tried to get him to move back to the intoxicating rhythm.

The prince refused to move. “Not until you agree you’re mine. I will have your consent before you come.”

Fury filled Steerl’s body. He knocked the prince’s hand away and pulled up his pants. “Just because you declare me yours doesn’t make it true.

Graven’s beautiful green eyes darkened to almost black. “No the fact that you are my mate makes you my mate. There is no choice involved.” Arms like hardened steel, wrapped around Steerl’s back. “It is the blood taking that I need permission for. I will not take your essence without permission.”

Steerl felt a chill go up his spine. “If I deny you blood will you end the mating?”

“No. I will throw you in the dungeon and feed your sister to the vampire brigade.”


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  1. Some people obviously don’t always think very well cuz that was a dumb statement… should be interesting fireworks

  2. Oh hell, wrong thing to say.. I guess the prince doesn’t want to live anymore….Steerl is going to kill him…

  3. Never issue a threat you really have no intention of following through on. He really can’t afford to tick of Steerl’s daddy.

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