Graven – part 7 (and last)

Okay I’ve checked the file twice and this is the last of it. I thought i had a bit more but if I did it has vanished into deleteland. I would like to eventually expand this story quite a bit but we’ll see when I have time 🙂

(warning over 18 scene up ahead)

Graven wasn’t surprised when his beauty’s eyes flared bright with anger. Damn the man was gorgeous angry. “Touch my sister and that will be the last thing you do fang boy.”

“Fang boy?” Graven laughed as he pulled his mate back into his arms. “Relax my sweet. I have searched for you for over four hundred years. There is little I wouldn’t do for you. What can I do to make you feel more at ease?”

The prince inhaled the scent of his mate and was surprised at the absence of fear. If his mate was afraid there was little hope for a long happy union. There was a hint of anger in the warm golden flesh but no fear. Giving a sigh of relief Graven licked a long trail up his mate’s neck.

A low moan poured out of Steerl.

Need filled the vampire until all he could feel was the heat and desire coming off his lover in waves of lust.

“Give over to me. Let me have your blood.”

“Yes.” Steerl exclaimed. “Take it.”

Filled with triumph Graven lowered his fangs and bit deep into his mate’s jugular. Steerl’s memories flooded his mind. A group of smiling people, the emperor’s face filled with love, a beautiful woman with Steerl’s eyes leaning forward for a hug. A good life. A life filled with happy memories and people who adored him.

With a pang of guilt the prince retreated his fangs licking his lips to absorb the last drop of blood. “You’ve had a good life.”

The beautiful man’s brows pulled together. “You say that like it’s over. Am I now going to have a shitty existence? I thought you were supposed to love, adore and cherish your mates.”

Graven brushed a hand over Steerl’s sculpted cheek. You will now be in a position of power as my mate. Others are not so kind to those who hold high positions.

Steerl’s forehead smoothed and he flashed a brilliant smile. “Is that all that’s bothering you? I’ve been part of a powerful family my entire life I’m used to cretins who try to use others with power.”

Graven gave the spirited beauty a warm smile while he stroked the golden skin. “Your father has protected you so well that I never even knew what you looked like. You won’t have that kind of handling here.”

The prince couldn’t stop himself from trying to warn this man away. Even though he knew they were fated mates he didn’t want the younger man to suffer. He wanted the beauty to continue to live in his bright bubble where he was surrounded by love and acceptance and where the only looks he received were adoring ones. The thought that his vicious relatives could take away even a smidge of Steerl’s glow was like a dagger to Graven’s heart.

“Don’t worry darling. I can take care of myself. Did you want to go and introduce me to your relatives now that I’ve been claimed?”

“I want to claim you further. Completely.”

Steerl slipped out of Graven’s arms and his clothes before sprawling across the grand bed and spreading his arms and legs in a sacrificial pose. “Then take me.” The beauty said with a grin.

A low growl built in the prince’s throat. He barely removed his clothes completely before pouncing on the feast lying sacrificially on his bed.

Like a starved man he licked and nipped every inch of his beautiful mate. Inhaling the other man’s scent until it became part of his essence. Graven nuzzled his mate’s balls and ran his tongue across Steerl’s luscious cock lapping at its head until it rose to its former glory. For a brief moment he wondered what it would feel like inside him but that was a sensation for another day. Now was for the formal mating. Steerl wasn’t going to leave this room without a complete mating.

“Turn over so I can do our first mating properly.”

For a moment he was transfixed by the shape of his lover’s ass but the prince snapped out of it and returned to his task.

Ripping open his night table drawer, Graven pulled out a pot of oil and liberally coated his fingers and his cock. With careful nudging he slid one finger, then two scissoring gently before inserting a third to his mate’s cursing

“Fuck me already.” Steerl screamed.

Graven laughed feeling carefree for the first time in centuries. “I will, my mate, but you have to be prepared. I’m not a small man.”

“No you’re not.” The prince smiled at the satisfaction in Steerl’s voice.

After he was certain his beautiful mate was relaxed enough to receive him, Graven lined himself up and slid inside of paradise.

“Ahh.” He sighed. When his body was completely merged with Steerl’s he stopped to enjoy the sensation of the two of them becoming one.

After a moment Steerl started wiggling.

“Stop that.” He smacked his lover’s ass.

Steerl gave a low moan and wiggled some more.

He smacked him harder.

“Ouch.” Steerl turned his head to glare at him. “Spousal abuse isn’t nice.”

“Poor baby. “ Graven gave Steerl a kiss on his cute nose. “I’ll kiss it and make it feel better later. Right now I have other things to do.”

Gripping Steerl’s hips Graven slid out and then back in, slowly pumping into his lover’s body and from the low moans, driving him out of his mind.

With his lover’s moans as encouragement, Graven gripped Steerl’s cock and pumped it in time to his motions. A few moments later they both came. Steerl collapsed on is lover, his bones melted.

An unfriendly fist smacked his back.

Confused he looked down.

“Get off me.” Steerl said gasping for breath.

“Sorry love.” Graven slid to one side and gave his mate an apologetic kiss. “That was amazing.”

Steerl’s eyes lowered then blinked open again.

“Go ahead and take a nap. My relatives can wait. They waited this long, they can wait a little longer.”

Content for the first time in centuries, Graven wrapped himself around and bonded mate and slid into a peaceful slumber.

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  1. Nice ending to the scene. Definitely can’t wait for you to add more …especially the relative reactions from both sides of the mating.

  2. I like this and truly look forward to the day it becomes a full sized book even though I know that it will be way down the road!

  3. I wish we had more coming from this story….I can’t wait for this story to be a full lenght book…

  4. This was originally called Bonding With Graven and published at Literary Road under the heading Sexy Nips with copyright dated 2009 ( one of a group of your oldest stories I have read and which got me hooked) and yes this was how it ended. I always thought it needed more but it was an early book so I have always hoped you would expend and re-release it. Look forward to that coming soon.

  5. yup…that’s where you ended it. I bought it when you first published it years ago.
    liked it then and I still like it now, just wish it were longer

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