Allromanceebooks.com closing

I was sent an email today that ARe is closing. If you have books there in their library you have until December 31st to retrieve them. All of my books have been taken off the catalog or should be. If you have on that you’ve purchased and can’t access now contact Sheri at authoraccomplice@gmail.com and she will send you a replacement.

Thank you!

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  1. Wow. Amber your are just amazing. I remember when you replaced MoonPack for everyone after the madness with Silver publishing. The biggest problem with the ARe site is it keeps crashing. It probably can’t take the volume of readers and authors trying to get their property. You are one author who will always have my support. Thank you.

  2. I have quite a few of your books there too. I’m home for 4 days I’ll be backing up that library. Now I’m wondering where I’m going to go to purchase my books. 😳😞😥

  3. I hope all the other authors that have pulled their books already are as helpful to their readers as you are.

  4. Thank you for doing this. I’m good. I was able to verify I had everything. There were some (not yours as best as I can tell) that I don’t know if I correctly labelled them from ARe since they are no longer in my library. I will have to go back to my confirmation emails. Not looking forward to that. May not do it depending upon if my organization OCD kicks in or not. I understand why they are gone.

  5. Thank you so much for the e-mail. I just finished downloading my library, and used up by ebucks. Resent all files to kindle. So I should be good. I figure, safer to delete duplicates than miss a book. Only one in my library was no longer available. I really appreciated the heads up.


  6. Wow thanks but I got all my books had to wait till late to do it but got them all thanks for the heads up

  7. I’m sorry to hear that ARE is closing shop, at least they are/were upfront about it, unlike Silver.

    It took me about two or three hours last night to get everything downloaded from ARE, also to use up my ebucks. I had to switch to Google Chrome because it crashed less than other browsers while I was downloading. I’m not going to fight for a 1.90 and the one book I had pre bought – the author has already taken it down from the site, and I will find it when it comes out in January.

    Although I wish ARE would cease with the “an author you like” emails, because I got one yesterday for a book that doesn’t come out until Jan 7th. (rolling eyes). I really like ARE, they were so useful! Darnit.

    Erika S.

  8. I got all of my books safely downloaded, although it was sad losing the five preorders I had (especially since two came out on January 1st), but at least I’ll be able to get them elsewhere. Do you know yet which platforms your self-published books will be available from? I know that they’re available on Amazon, but are you planning to sell them directly or from any other third-party sites? I want to make sure I don’t miss anything new. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for sending out that email warning us about ARe closing…I went on the site and downloaded everything that was not downloaded from my Library…there was quite a few…I only lost one book as the author had already taken her books off the site already…I did go on her blog and offer to send her a copy of my receipt…no go…oh well I’ll have to find out where she is publishing it to rebuy it….After opening the new copy of Elijah’s Ghost noticed it was published at Smashwords…so I went onsite and added your name to my author lists…I have a question is Overcoming His Pride a newer version and have there been changes ??? Thank You…

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