Lord of Small Magicks- Final

I only have one more posting for this story. I’m hoping to make the final version a much more detailed one and with a lot more intrigue but for now it has ended in a spot good for the blog story in the final there will be more battles and magic. The new year will bring lots of new stories and some refreshed older ones. I will begin a new blog story in the new year. I’m thinking to have them twice a week along with other postings.


Anders resisted the impulse to shove Meck behind him and protect him from the King Tierness’ sight. Hiding his wizard would only peak the king’s interest. Instead he gave a low bow as befitting his visitor. From the corner of his eye saw Meck bowing alongside him.

“Greetings General Anders, I’ve come to see how the battle is faring. I’ve heard that we have yet to turn the tide and run these scum back to the holes they come from.

Anders kept his expression impassive as the king spent a few minutes ranting about their lack of progress. One didn’t interrupt a king if he planned on seeing the next sunrise. He let the king ramble on not daring to rise from his bow or fidget beneath the royal’s regard.

“Rise General along with your friend. Who is this?” The king’s cool gaze settled on Meck.

“Your Highness, please allow me to introduce my personal wizard Meck. He’s been assigned to me for the length of this battle.” Anders didn’t really know how long he would be able to keep Meck assigned to him but better to make it seem a long time than for the king to think he had a shot at absconding with Meck. If the wizard’s appointed him Anders personal wizard the king would be less willing to annoy them by reappointing Meck somewhere else.

“You must be the wizard I’ve heard so much about.”

Meck offered another shorter bow. “I’m pleased you’ve heard of my work.”

Anders hid a grin at the wizard’s neutral tone. Meck neither sounded pleased nor like he cared of the king’s opinion.

King Tierness’ mouth twitched as he examined the small wizard. “Are you happy taking care of my general?”

Anders almost forgot to breathe while he waited for Meck’s verdict. Did Meck really enjoy being his servant?

Meck nodded. “I’ve enjoyed my time spent caring for the general. I hope he thinks I’ve done well.”

“Not many will go into the heart of battle to rescue me. I am very happy with my assigned wizard.” He didn’t think threatening the king with retribution if he took Meck would go over well.

Tierness’ thoughtful look didn’t reassure him much. He knew the whims of kings could change with the tide or the flicker of a royal eyelash. “I heard he can ward armor better than my wizards.”

Anders tried not to let his apprehension show. He placed a hand on Meck’s shoulder. “I’m sure the prince has told you the truth.” He wouldn’t offer more information than necessary.

The king nodded. “Then it is best he stays among soldiers. Maybe if time and energy permits he can charm other people’s armor.”

He squeezed Meck’s shoulder to prevent him from speaking. “If he has time and ability. I’ll not have him drained for others whims.”

“Understood. Good to meet you, wizard.” With a final piercing glance at Anders the king left their tent in a swirl of his cape.

Silence rested between them for a few minutes before Meck finally broke the quiet. “So that was the king.”


“His son looks just like him.”

Anders had to agree. In twenty seasons the prince would greatly resemble his father. Maybe it was royal magic of its own sort that had all males from that line become carbon copies of their sire.

“I don’t think you need to worry about being sent anywhere. If the king says you can stay here I’m willing to trust him.”

“Good.” Meck said turning to kiss Anders on the cheek. “I’m finding this a good place to stay.”

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  1. I know it had to be wrapped up but I stillwant to know so much more about them! I look forwards to seeing thing fleshed out down the road.

  2. I agree I’m going to miss this story and can’t wait either!! I hope this world becomes a series I really enjoyed it!! Happy New Year everyone!!

  3. More intrigue will be amazing, although there are so many places where the story could be expanded, or altered, or take a different trajectory, it will be fascinating to see how much the final version differs from this!

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