Elijah’s Ghost is Re-Released! DO NOT REBUY!

If you would like the new version of Elijah’s Ghost and have already purchased a previous version, Do not repurchase! Instead contact Sheri at authoraccomplice@gmail.com with your receipt/screenshot of your library of the book for a free replacement! Please let her know the format you would like when you email, this speeds up the process.

7 thoughts on “Elijah’s Ghost is Re-Released! DO NOT REBUY!

  1. Is this just a cover change or does the re-release involve changes to the story as well? Elijah’s Ghost is my favorite story in the Wizard’s Touch series and quite possibly my favorite Amber Kell story.

  2. I’m trying to find Porters Reaper (the next one after elijahs ghost) but its not on amazon, amberkellbooks.com, pride publishing, or any of the library sites I can find. Where do I need to go to get it?

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