The Changing Years is Re-Released! DO NOT REBUY!

If you would like the new version of The Changing Years and have already purchased a previous version, Do not repurchase! Instead contact Sheri at authoraccomplice@gmail.com with your receipt/screenshot of your library of the book for a free replacement! Please let her know the format you would like when you email, this speeds up the process.


If you haven’t read The Changing Years before, Check it out today!



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The most important show of strength is to embrace one’s true nature.

The death of his ex-wife grants Shaun McKellan custody of his only child, and the chance to know his son after years of separation. Now a full-time father, Shaun thinks his life is finally complete…then he meets the Alpha running the town where his son attends school.

Grant Thornlin has always resisted the temptation of other men. As the Alpha, he must be strong and give his pack the impression he has invincible power. Falling for a blond, blue-eyed artist with a half-shifter son has bad idea written all over it.

How can Shaun show Grant that loving another man doesn’t have to affect his position as Alpha?

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  1. has there been any significant change with the r-release or will I be fine with the copy I have?

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