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  1. Silas:

    The *name Silas* is a Latin baby *name*, meaning Of the forest.

    On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 2:58 PM, Amber Kell’s Blog wrote:

    > Amber Kell posted: “Need a good name for a sassy lynx shifter. Winner will > get a copy of Protecting Peter and credit in the dedication. Help!” >

  2. Quigley,
    QUADE – Gaelic: From the Scottish clan name McQuade. Latin: Fourth, born fourth
    QUILLAN – Gaelic: Cub, small one
    QUAIN – French: Clever, quick

  3. Quillan – means small cub in Gaelic
    Quirino – Also known as Mars, the God of War

  4. Linus or Landin

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    1. My bad didn’t realize it needed to start with Q until I read Facebook. So how about Quasi or Quando.

  5. Qaiser-Emperor. Caesar-Origin: Muslim
    Qaletaqa-Guardian of the people-Origin: Native American
    Qamar-The Moon. Satellite-Origin: Muslim
    Qudam- Arabic : Courage
    Quillen- Irish : Cub
    Quindlen- Irish : Well-shaped, athletic
    Quirin- English : Magic spell
    Quirinus- Latin : Roman god of war
    Quito- Spanish : Lively
    Quoitrel- African American : Equalizer

  6. I will put my two cents as I am from Mexican decent I will like
    Quetzalcoatl: Aztec and Toltec Mythology
    Means “feathered snake” in Nahuatl, derived from quetzalli “feather” and coatl “snake”. In Aztec and other Mesoamerican mythology he was the god of the sky, wind, and knowledge, also associated with the morning star. According to one legend he created the humans of this age using the bones of humans from the previous age and adding his own blood.(and you can make nickname zal )
    I also like Quique (it is a nickname for Enrique)

  7. Quiyon (key-on), Quigs (kwigs), Quissie (kissie), Qwin (kwin), or Qutie (cutie) Just making an offering and hoping … the pronunciations are in the parenthesis. BTW, Amber, a sassy name with a “Q” – that’s a hard call but I see a lot of possibilities being offered. Good luck.

  8. Here are some names and meaning
    Quilin. Cub
    Qurram Happy
    Qamar moon
    Qayim. Rightful
    Quiryn. Magic spell
    Qavia soul,self
    Quayn. Clever
    Qais firm
    Quinto Home ruler
    Qazir. Powerful
    Qasym. Divider
    Quion bright
    Qazi. Judge. Justice
    Qiv Autumn

  9. I like Quito. It means fifth, and has its roots in the Spanish language. And you can have lots of fun with the tilts, Quieting Quito, Quaint Quinto, Quinto’s Quarrel, Quelling Quinto, or Quirky Quinto. Pluse it’s kinda fun to say. :p

  10. How about Quirin.
    It’s pronounced : Keer-in
    There’s a legend to this name called the Quirin Stone

    Legend has it that when the stone is placed on a sleeping person’s head, it will cause them to reveal their most hidden secrets.

  11. I have a suggestion, but it may have copyright issues. In the World of Darkness the Lynx shifters are all mysterious smart asses. The name for the breed is Qualmi.

    Now since that may involve a copyright issue I suggest a variant Qualm. I’m also partial to Quentin, but since that name is in use for another of your series I would lean towards Quinn

  12. Well, Quillan has already been posted; so how about one of the following:

    Quismat => Arabic for fate
    Quamar => Arabic for MOON
    Quang => Vietnamese for Bright, clear which is fits because the Latin meaning of lynx is white or bright light.
    Quillon => sword, long knife,
    Quilinus => Latin – a lesser war god

    QT-Pi => because his real name is just annoying as his mom had a Tom Selleck fetish and named him Quigley Thomas Pieman

    or for a full name based on the lynx in mythology:

    Quidel Keme Raziel

    Quidel => Native American -burning torch;
    Keme => Algonquin name meaning secret,
    and Raziel => Hebrew for Keeper of Secrets.

    As for the sassy aspect, his nickname would be Quid and he could use the phrase lets practice a little “Quid pro quo” – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” OFTEN!

  13. Quinn, Quill, Quake, Quartz, Quark, Quarrel, Quest and of course spelling could be changed to something like Qwest or Qatz depending on if you want to stick to proper spelling or not but I’ve seen some interestingly spelled names out there from parents that want to have the name sound like the usual but spelled very different to make it stand out.

  14. Quinn
    Quillin and Quillon.

  15. “Qi” pronounced “key”.
    Alternate spelling for “chi” meaning internal energy. Especially great if yout cat is oriental. (Can also be spelled “Xi” if you need a future X). ;>

  16. Sorry didn’t see that it needed a Q. How about Quint, cats are born in litters he can be the fifth and the runt. Or Quade which is Scottish for fourth.

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