Max & Adam – 1

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* * * *

“Isn’t this about the time you start ducking around corners?” Julie asked.


Max looked from the magazine article he was reading to see Detective Adam Calloway heading in his direction with a determined look in his eyes.

Sitting in the corner of the break room didn’t give him anywhere to run.


The detective threw down the packet of papers he was holding, onto the table. “What the fuck is this?”

Max tilted his head to examine the document. “Looks like a report by Lucy. At least that’s what the cover says. What’s the problem?”

He was completely baffled as to why the detective was bothering him. It wasn’t his report. Lucy did an adequate job and she was higher up than him on the food chain.

“I specifically requested you on this job. Lucy couldn’t find anything if she was given a flashlight, a map, and it was hidden in her ass.”

Max stifled his laughter before the man’s ire. Although he agreed with the detective’s statement it wouldn’t be good to be caught saying so in public. Glancing at the cover the mystery was solved. “This report was done while I was on leave.”

The detective’s anger, on low simmer before, flared to a bonfire. “Are you telling me a killer is running free because you had to go off and get your knob polished?”

He wasn’t going to answer that, he wasn’t. Keeping a stranglehold on his temper Max responded to the detective with an even tone. “Lucy is competent.”

Adam’s chiseled chin tightened. “Where did you go?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business, detective. That’s why it’s called personal leave.” Max wouldn’t let Adam intimidate him. He might not big, buff and carry a gun, but he wasn’t a push over either.

“Who did you go with?” There was a twitch developing in the detective’s cheek. Max felt an almost irresistible urge to poke at it. He resisted.

Max picked up the report. “I can look this over for you and let you know if I find something Lucy missed. Despite what you might think she is a qualified investigator. She can find information if it’s there.” She also happened to be Max’s supervisor so he wasn’t going to admit she probably only got her position because she shared a bed with the head of the department. Delilah would have Max’s head on a platter if he complained about her lover.

Adam leaned closer. “Who were you with?”

“None of your business detective.” Max picked up the report, stood and snatched his magazine up.

“Oh for god’s sake the testosterone in this room is sickening,” Julie complained. “Not that it’s any of your business, but so you won’t bother Max, he went to his cousin’s funeral. Happy now.”

Regret crossed the detective’s face. “Sorry about that. Umm. If you could let me know if you find something.”

“Sure.” Max left the room without a look backwards.


* * * *


Adam felt like all kinds of a heel. It wasn’t even the thought of Max taking time off that spiked his infamous temper. It was the thought of the cute man having a vacation with someone else.

He knew he wasn’t a catch. He worked all hours became obsessed with his cases and was insanely jealous, but he wanted the sweet man with his odd black-framed glasses and awkward smile with a passion that would surprise any of his friends. Adam wasn’t known for channeling his energy towards anything not related to his work but he’d make an exception if it would get the cute geek in his bed.


With a sweet smile to Sally in personnel, Adam left work with Max’s number in his hand.

After eating dinner and getting comfortable on his couch Adam dialed the number.

“Hello?” Damn the man’s tenor voice appealed to Adam on so many levels. He wanted to strip the man down and fuck his tight ass until he wouldn’t dare think of offering it up to anyone else.

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