My Subby Valentine – 4


“You might not have killed him yourself but you might as well have,” Philip snarled at Kit. “Don’t let him kill you too. Get away while you still can.”

Kit swallowed, trying to get some moisture into his suddenly dry throat. He opened his mouth to respond but Mase spoke first and he didn’t want to interrupt him.

“I’d suggest you continue on your way before I have you arrested for harassment. I do have the ability to have you hauled out of here.”

The blond sneered at Mase. “You should remember, Mase…the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” A large man in a chef’s uniform came up behind Philip.

The angry blond sneered at him. “Of course you do. He’s probably your best customer.”

“Actually he’s my cousin.” The chef folded his arms over his chest.

Philip snarled. “Of course he is. Otherwise, decent people wouldn’t welcome him in their restaurant.” With a final glare at Mase, he stomped away.

Kit hid his hands on his lap, not wanting Mase to see them shaking. The entire encounter had unnerved him.

“I’ll make sure he’s gone.” Mase’s cousin followed after the angry man.

“I’m sorry about that,” Mase said to Kit. “That’s why it’s a bad idea to get involved with me.” The Dom’s beautiful blue eyes were as serious as a heart attack, melting Kit’s heart and calming him. Despite still having some reservations, he was a sucker for a brooding, slightly tarnished hero. That came from reading too many romances.

“Because assholes will warn me you’re the spawn of Satan?”

Mase smiled, banishing the sadness from his eyes. “Something like that.”

Kit shrugged “I don’t generally take advice from random people off the street. I like to make my own decisions.” Even if they were potentially bad ones. The future would determine if Mase turned out to be a huge mistake, not the ranting of some jerk he didn’t know. All the subs who’d ever played with Mase at the club cooed over how he treated them. To their chagrin, he never chose the same one twice. Kit had decided a few weeks ago when he’d first spotted Mase that he’d be the one the sexy Dom decided to keep. From what he had seen a minute ago, Mase might need Kit even more than Kit needed him.


Mase watched the expressions crossing Kit’s gorgeous face. What was it about the pretty man that made him happy? Just seeing the sub enter the restaurant had made the depression he carried in his heart feel lighter.

What was he really doing here? Could he dare take a chance on another inexperienced sub? What if in the end Kit found that being a submissive made him feel dirty or suicidal…or a combination of both? Mase would never forgive himself if he changed this happy young man into a sad shadow of his former self. Having destroyed one life was more than enough, thank you.

“I should leave you alone.” Even as the words passed his lips, his heart ached. He’d rather wrap Kit in his arms and keep him safe than set him free to go out into the world to be grabbed by the next willing Dom who might not take proper care of him. Mase hadn’t been attuned to his last lover as much as he should’ve been, but he’d never purposely harmed a sub before.

Kit’s hand reached out and grabbed Mase’s fingers where he was tapping them on the table. “No you shouldn’t. You should do the opposite of let me go.”

The sub’s sincerity glowed in his dark green eyes. Damn he was beautiful.

“Keep you?”

Kit shrugged. “I’d be happy if you fed me, took me home and fucked me through the mattress.”

The brunet’s candid talk made Mase’s cock jump up and take notice. The idea of sinking into Kit’s lean sexy body made him harder than stone. He held back his moan only because he didn’t want the Mase to think he was a pushover. If he planned to be the needy sub’s master, he had to show him who was truly in control…

Crap, when had he made that decision? What happened to throwing him back into the dating stream and running far, far away from the tempting man before Mase ruined his life?

“If we go back to my place, it will be because I made that decision.”

Kit swallowed as if trying to hold back a protest. He removed his hand from the table and Mase refused to look where he put it.

“Understood, Sir.”

Oh yeah, he liked how that sounded from Kit’s soft lips. They were nice lips too. Full, and pink and he’d bet his fortune they’d look amazing wrapped around his cock.


He shifted in his seat as his pants became tighter. If they were in the club, he’d already have Kit under the table and sucking him off, but in a restaurant owned by the few remaining members of his family he couldn’t misbehave. He’d never hear the end of it.

The sub gave him a wicked smile. “Anything I can help you with?”

Mase glared. “Don’t think I won’t make you pay for that later.”

He got a wide-eyed look of anticipation that did nothing to help his prick behave.


“You might not be so eager when I paddle your ass so hard you can’t sit down.”

Instead of worry, he got a soft moan as lust glowed in Kit’s eyes. Only the sound of someone clearing their voice allowed him to tear his eyes away from Kit.

“Did you decide what you wanted to order?”

Damn. His cousin Sean looked down at him with amusement.

Mase scowled back. As much as he appreciated the help with Philip, he’d just known his cousin was going to give him shit. “When did you become a waiter?”

Sean smirked. “Since my waitress came and told me my hard-assed cousin was looking all starry-eyed at someone. I didn’t think it was true. Luckily I came over in time to throw that asshole out.”

“I appreciate that, but now you can go.” He wasn’t a young kid who needed his big cousin to protect him.

“Mase!” Kit gave him a reproving look. “Be nice. The man is looking out for you.”

“Yeah Mase, be nice. I have sensitive feelings.” Sean gave him a patently fake hurt look that made Mase roll his eyes.

If his cousin hadn’t just kicked Philip out of his restaurant, Mase would’ve thought of doing something evil to him. Instead he took the menu from Kit.

“Do you have any food allergies?”

Kit shook his head.

“We’ll both take the lobster ravioli.”

Sean flashed Kit a glance then confirmed with Mase, “You’re not going to let him order.”

“And two dinner salads with Italian dressing. No he doesn’t need to order.” Mase was the Dom—it was his job to take care of Kit, and from what he’d seen so far, the younger man needed a firm hand. Besides, his cousin made the best ravioli he’d ever eaten…but he’d cut off his arm before he gave Sean a compliment when he was teasing him.

Sean gave another quick glance between them before reluctantly taking the menus. “Have you two known each other long?”

“It’s our first date.” Kit fidgeted with his silverware not meeting Sean’s eyes.


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