Max & Adam -3

Yes I am off day. LOL This is just a filler section. More exciting actions next time.


It took him a while to decide where to take Max. After taking an informal poll at the office he settled for a Turkish restaurant. Apparently Max loved kabobs. Now he just had to not come off so strong. He didn’t want to scare Max away before he had him. Best alert him to his possessive behavior after it was too late to run and hide.

After a quick shower, Adam pulled out a nice pair dark jeans and a grey button up shirt. Not the most dazzling of color palettes but he looked presentable enough. He resisted the urge to put on a tie. He could just imagine the teasing he’d get if he showed up to pick up his favorite nerd with a tie on.

Unfortunately he’d lost the battle for picking Max up from his place. His cautious boy had told Adam he’d meet him at the restaurant. Apparently Max already was anticipating a bad date and wanted an exit strategy. Adam tried not to take it too personally. He appreciated a cautious man.

After making sure he had his wallet, phone and keys, Adam left his apartment.


The line out the restaurant door surprised him a bit. He knew the place had opened a few months ago but hadn’t known it was so popular. He mentally congratulated himself for calling ahead for a reservation.

While he was examining the line Max sidled up to him. “Good to see you detective,” he said, flashing a grin.

“I think on a date you can call me Adam.”

“Hmm.” Max stroked his chin as he pretended to think about it. “That might be too informal on a first day maybe I can move from detective to sir and work my way down.”

Adam smiled. “I’m sure there are many instances where calling me sir will work out very well.”

Max snorted. “In your leathery whippy fantasies.”

“Exactly.” Adam grabbed Max’s hand before he could say anything else and dragged him to the front door. He didn’t stop until they got to the little podium where a girl was writing down names. Adam gave her his name.

“Your table will be ready in just a few minutes if you want to stand over there,” she said pointing to a spot by the bar.

They nodded and went to stand where pointed. “I wanted to thank you again for your help with the report.”

“Hmm, is this a thank you dinner?” Max lifted his left brow at him.

“No. This is an I want to get to know you well enough to get you naked kind of dinner.”

“Long name,” Max teased.

“Yes, but it gets the pointa cross.”

“It does indeed.” Max opened his mouth to say something else but the waitress interrupted with news their table was ready.

“Thank you,” Adam said following her. He pulled Max after him since he’d never let go of his hold.

Once they were seated and given their orders Adam could focus on his date. “You look adorable tonight. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”

“Thank you.” Max wasn’t dressed up but he wore a red top that accentuated a firm, flat stomach.

“You must work out a lot to be in such great shape working at a desk.”

“I run a lot,” Max said. “I’m still not certain about the whole dating someone from the office but I’m willing to see if there is a spark between us.”

Adam was pretty sure there was an entire forest fire worth of attraction but he wouldn’t say so. It would be foolish to tip his hand too early. “We’ll have a better understanding after a couple of dates.” He’d lure him date by date if he had to. Max was too adorable to let go without a fight. Adam was more than happy to fight for him.

Over dinner he learned Max had two sisters and was the baby of the family. In return he shared he was an only child. Finally curiosity and his cop senses had him asking.

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