Adam & Max – 4

Max stopped raising the coffee cup to his lips. Instead he set it back down and kept his gaze on the tablecloth.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the detective in me.” Adam winced at his thoughtless words. Not the best way to get a second date. He’d never get into Max’s bedroom if he kept this up. He reached over and placed a hand over the one Max had on the table. “You don’t have to answer.”

“No. No it’s okay.” Max cleared his throat before freeing his hand from Adam’s grip and taking another sip of his black brew. “She was killed by her boyfriend.”

Adam sat back in his seat and stared. “Did they catch him?”

“Sort of.” Max ran his index finger along the top of the chipped coffee cup.

“What does that mean?” They either had the guy behind bars or they didn’t there was no halfway when it comes to catching a criminal.

“They caught him but he escaped.” Max sighed and lifted his gaze to meet Adam’s. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Fair enough,” Adam agreed quickly. His detective instincts were screaming at him to pursue the conversation but Max apparently didn’t wish to discuss murder during their dinner date and Adam could respect that. “If you ever need me to make a few phone calls don’t hesitate to ask. Okay? I doubt there is anything I can do but they might be willing to give some extra information to another cop.”

The faint smile on Max’s face warmed Adam. “Thanks. I appreciate the offer.”

Adam puffed out a breath. “Now that I’ve ruined dinner want to go for a walk?”

The restaurant he’d chosen was on the beach. They’d watched the waved crash against the sea walls during their meal, the view was breathtaking even in the setting sunlight.

“You don’t think it will be too cold?” Max asked.

“This is where I make a suggestive comment about keeping you warm,” Adam teased.

Max laughed. “Well, in that case how can I resist.”

“You can’t.” Adam raised a hand to get the waiter’s attention. Within ten minutes they had their bill paid and were walking on the sand in awkward wobbly steps.

“I’m taking my shoes off,” Max announced before following his words with actions. Using Adam for balance he pulled off his right shoe then his sock and tucked it inside before doing his left ones. He wiggled his toes in the sand with a contented sigh.

“Not too cold?” The wind had picked up a bit, not enough to be freezing but there was a definite chill to the air.

“No, I’m pretty warm blooded.” Max’s teasing smile had Adam grinning in return.

He didn’t know what it was about the young researcher but Adam always had a boost of happiness whenever Max was near, almost as if he could sense him.

“Thank you for going out with me. I hope you’ve had a good time.” He needed Max to enjoy himself. It was the first step in getting Max completely dependent on him so they could settle down together and eventually get married. Despite what Jaimie said he wasn’t a stalker.

“I enjoyed dinner,” Max said. “I always like kabobs.”

“I like how they cooked them at the table.” Adam always liked to see where his food came from. “Even if you like yours way to rare for my taste.”

“I just like to scare them with the flames then eat them.” Max said.

Adam grinned. “I like this side of you.”

“What side?” Max gave him a sideways look from beneath his lashes.

Swallowing back a needy moan Adam pulled Max to a stop. “Relaxed and enjoying yourself. I’d like to see it again.”

Max’s eyes shone oddly in the fading sunlight. “I’d like that too.”

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