My Subby Valentine – 6


Kit’s hands shook with a combination of excitement and nerves as he followed Mase’s car. He wanted everything to go perfectly. Mase’s sleek BMW stayed in view the entire time as he followed it up a long hill in his battered Honda. The road led up to a group of luxury homes built a few years ago. He remembered thinking when he’d watched them going up, they weren’t anything he’d be able to purchase in his lifetime.

A huge iron gate blocked the entrance to the community. Mase paused in front of it and must have activated the switch with a remote because the barrier smoothly slid aside. Kit drove as close to Mase’s car as he dared until he was through, not wanting to be caught in the gate as it closed to keep out the undesirables. Each house they passed looked bigger than the one before. Kit knew he was outclassed but damn—he’d never wanted a guy as much as he wanted Mase. He didn’t care about Mase’s reputation, not when he’d never been more certain that a man was innocent. He believed Mase when he said suicide had ended his lover’s life, even though he knew that didn’t mean others might not try to talk him out of a relationship with the sexy Dom.

A few blocks later they stopped outside a contemporary styled house positioned on a cul-de-sac by itself. No other house sat in the circle but a decorative stone fence surrounded the property on both sides. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected when he followed Mase home but if he’d given it any thought, he’d have imagined Mase living in a high rise, something made of glass and steel. It would be interesting to see how this home reflected the man Kit longed to know more about.

Kit pulled his car to a stop in front of the triple garage where Mase parked his car. Rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants, he gave himself a pep talk. “I can do this.” Kit might not be super experienced but he knew what he wanted and he wanted Mase—desperately.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his car door and shakily climbed out.

Mase was there before he could change his mind and run off.

“Come on in.” The warm smile he received banished any doubts he might have had about the gorgeous Dom. He needed to be here, to be with this man. Docilely, he let Mase lead him inside.

The inside of the house reflected the luxury of the exterior. Thick carpets splashed color against dark wood floors, rich leather furniture dominated large spaces and dark accent tables were scattered across the floor in an artfully designed way. The room had no soul. It looked as if it were a perfectly designed stage that showed nothing of the owner. But Kit wasn’t here to examine Mase’s soul.

He was here to play.

Mase’s intent stare sent tingles of desire up and down Kit’s spine. “It’s a nice place.”

The Dom shrugged. “It’s home. I had an interior decorator do the furnishings. I always thought I’d change it once I settled in but I haven’t changed anything yet.” He gave Kit a wry smile that thoroughly charmed him.

Kit looked around. “It could use a few personal touches but it is a good start.” He’d always thought about studying interior design but had veered into computer graphics instead. Still his sense of color and form had him often being recruited by his friends to help them with their places. More than one apartment had had a little help from Kit.

He gasped as Mase’s body pressed against him from behind. His entire back warmed from the body heat of the man behind him.

“I didn’t bring you here to critique my interior designer,” Mase growled.

“No? Wanna see my color swatches?”

Mase laughed. “That’s horrible.” He nipped Kit’s ear, sending shivers of need down his spine. “What’s your safe word?”

“Bubble gum.”

“Hmmm, so if you say you want to blow me, I shouldn’t consider it a safe word call?”

Kit broke into laughter. “I think you can assume I’ll always want to blow you.” His mouth watered at the thought of sucking Mase. Kit loved performing oral sex. He was a little fixated on it and damn if Mase wasn’t the source of his obsession.

“I thought we’d take things pretty tame tonight. Test and see if we’re compatible. I don’t want to push you out of your comfort zone on our first session.”

Kit almost objected, but then realised if he were trying to convince Mase he’d make a great sub, arguing wouldn’t be the best way to start. Reluctantly he agreed. “Whatever you want.”

He got a slap on the ass.

“Ow.” He turned to face Mase. “Why’d you do that?”

“You’ll call me sir when you’re in my house.”

“Okay, Sir. But you could’ve just said that.”

Mase gave him a wide smile that did weird things to his heart. “I could’ve but then I’d have missed your expression when I spanked you.”

Kit rubbed his ass. “You have a weird sense of humor.”

Mase raised one eyebrow. Kit corrected himself. “I meant you’re strange, Sir.”

Laughing, Mase pulled Kit into a tight hug. “You’re learning.”

Kit went onto his tiptoes and kissed the only bare bit of Mase’s neck within reach. “What did you want to start with, Sir?” Kit wiggled impatiently. He desperately wanted to be naked and filled with the hard rod rubbing against him. Unfortunately he had a feeling Mase would make him squirm before fucking him.

“I want you to get naked. All through dinner I was wondering what you had beneath those clothes.”

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