My Subby Valentine – 7


Kit flashed Mase one of his sunlit smiles. “So sexy, are you ready to play now?”

A wide smile crossed Mase’s lips. “Don’t you mean ‘are you ready to play, Sir’?”

“You don’t have to call me Sir.” Kit winked at him.

Mase resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The man was adorable but definitely needed some discipline. He hid his amusement until Kit began to shift uneasily.

“Strip and stand at attention.”

Kit slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“Nice,” Mase said with approval. “Now the shoes.”

With only a few fumbles, Kit removed his dress shoes. Mase held back a chuckle when he saw the sub struggling with double knots.

Kit slid off his socks and tucked them into his shoes. He flashed Mase a come-hither smile before completely removing his shirt, pants and underwear. He folded them neatly and set them on the couch.

With his hands behind him and feet spread shoulder-width, Kit stood at attention like the perfect obedient sub.

Mase wondered, not for the first time, about Kit’s level of experience.

It had been a long time since Mase went through the motions of being a Dom with someone he could come to care for. Kit was his chance to be complete again. With Mase’s reputation, the chances of finding someone else were slim…well, someone who would want him for him and not because he was considered alluringly dangerous. Everyone wanted to try to tame the bad boy but rarely did they want to keep him. The only reason he’d been let into the club was because of his acquittal…and the large sum of money he’d donated. He’d learned long ago that money smoothed everything over.

The sad part was that Mase wasn’t even a murderer like everyone thought. He was only a regretful man—a man who had lost part of himself when his sub took his own life and people he thought cared for him pointed at Mase with accusing fingers.

Mase circled Kit as he gathered his thoughts and centred himself. “Are you willing to put yourself in my hands and obey my orders?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. What is your safe word for slow?”

“Umm, yellow for slow, bubble gum for stop.”

The sub appeared to have given the situation the careful attention it deserved. The calmness in Kit’s gaze reassured him. The younger man’s eagerness practically poured from him.

The tight ball of anxiety in Mase’s stomach unfurled. For the first time since he’d met Kit, he settled into his role as a Dom with old familiarity.

He could do this. He could make this sweet, beautiful sub his. Mentally, he backtracked and reminded himself it was only for the night, even as the thought of another man touching Kit made him grit his teeth. Some men wouldn’t be as gentle with a new sub as Mase.

He slid a hand from the top of Kit’s head to his lower back to soothe both of their nerves. The sub’s body trembled beneath his touch.

“I’ll be gentle. We won’t go too deeply into a scene. I’m not going to test your limits. We need to get to know each other better before you’ll trust me to do many of the things I want to do to you.” He didn’t want to scare Kit off. His mistake with his last sub had been that he’d rushed him too far, too fast. He wouldn’t make that error again. Kit would have nothing but happy memories to sustain him.

Kit swallowed. “I trust you,” he said in a shaky tone.

Mase shook his head. “You might say you do, but trust takes time. I know it took a lot of guts to meet with me. You’ll take things at the speed I set or you can go.” He made his tone firm even as his heart thundered in his chest. It would crush him if Kit went elsewhere but he couldn’t take the chance of losing a sub again. He just couldn’t.

“N-no. I will do what you say.”


He stood behind Kit, so the sub couldn’t see his wide smile.

“Follow me.”

Without another look at Kit, he walked past the naked sub and headed to his bedroom. He didn’t stop for Kit to look around. He’d give Kit the grand tour later when Mase wasn’t ready to jump his bones.

The short walk to the bedroom was enough to help calm Mase’s erection. Now he would concentrate on making the sub feel good. Giving Kit a touch of submission, enough to tempt him to more, was the goal of the night.

“Climb up on the bed, lay on your back and hold onto the bars. Don’t let go.”

Kit walked past, flashing him a curious glance, but didn’t make any complaints as he climbed up on the bed then rolled onto his back. Through his lashes, Kit watched Mase as he wrapped his fingers around the metal bars forming the iron rod headboard—a headboard Mase had bought for that very reason. Not to mention, handcuffs wrapped nicely around the frame. Mase didn’t plan to cuff Kit—not this time. For their first encounter, Kit wouldn’t have physical bondage. Less chance of Kit freaking if he decided submissiveness wasn’t for him.


Mase walked to the armoire bolted to the wall, opened the doors and looked over his selection. Dozens of whips, flogs, cuffs and other toys were lined in tidy rows on shelves, inside drawers and hanging on hooks from the large doors. He opened a drawer at the bottom and pulled out a leather blindfold.


Removing the blindfold and leaving the cabinet door open for Kit’s wide-eyed perusal, he headed back to the bed.

He held up the blindfold for Kit to see. Not giving him a chance to say yes or no, Mase wrapped it over the sub’s eyes. If Kit wanted to object, he’d have to use a safe word.

After the blindfold was secure, he returned to the cabinet and removed a black feather tickler.

“Keep your hands on the bars.”

“Yes, Sir.” The soft answer reassured Mase that Kit was still with him.

He made sure his steps were quiet as he approached the bed.

Smiling, he slid the feathers across Kit’s stomach. The sub jolted from the contact. With a blindfold covering Kit’s beautiful eyes, Mase didn’t have to keep the blank face of a serious Dom. He could let the joy filling him show.


The word whispered across his mind as he watched Kit twitch beneath the feathers.

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