Max & Adam – 5

“Good. Than would it be presumptuous to ask for a kiss?” Adam stepped closer and cupped Max’s cheek in his hand.

“It would be a crime not to.”

“Hmm, can’t have that with me being a cop and all.”


Before Max could change his mind or vanish like a dream, Adam claimed his lips. A soft moan tore through him. He had kissed many men in his life but this particular kiss wrapped him in a warmth he hadn’t expected. Sure, he knew he wanted Max but with one kiss he needed him.

Max’s grip tightened and Adam groaned before pulling away. “We can’t get too handsy we are still in public.”

“Hmm, I can see the headlines now. Detective arrested for indecent exposure.” Max’s grin had Adam smiling along.

“I had a good time tonight,” he confessed. Many times attraction didn’t lead to anything more. He couldn’t even count on the number of dates that started out promising only to fair after a short dinner due to lack of interest.

Conversation with Max had kept him captivated the entire time. Max had a way about him that Adam appreciated. The calm way he listened and how he offered his own stories without trying to one-up Adam or brag about his success.

“I’d like to take you out again some time,” Adam said trying not to sound too desperate.

“Does that mean this date is over?” Max asked.

“No. It just means I’d like a repeat.” Adam picked at the buttons on his coat. For some reason Max’s answer seemed pivotal to his Adam’s continued happiness.

“I’d like that.” Max took Adam’s arm and they continued their walk along the water. “I like the sound of the waves. One day I’ll win the lottery and buy myself a beach house.”

“Hmm, sounds like a solid financial plan.”

Max punched him lightly on the arm. “Don’t crush my dreams. It could happen.”

“That’s true. The odds are against it but it could happen.”

Max nodded as if Adam had just shared his wise opinion. “What are your long term goals? Going for captaincy?”

“No, God no. I like being a detective. What about you? You seem to be too skilled for your current position.”

Max shrugged. “I like the job, he politics not so much. I’d prefer it if they just left me alone with my computers but they want to make me take sides on who puts out the best report or helps bring in the most cases.”

“You do.” Adam replied without hesitation. He pushed at the sand, making little indents as he walked.

“I’m sure there are others who do better.”

“No. Trust me you’re the best. Why do you think I keep trying to put you on my cases?”

“I thought you just wanted to flirt with me.” A dimple appeared on Max’s left cheek that Adam hadn’t noticed before. He brushed his index finger across the mark.

“That might be part of it but you are really a good at your job and I appreciate your reports. You always find the details everyone else misses,” Adam insisted. He didn’t want Max to think he was only pandering to him. Max’s skills were one of the reasons he really liked the guy. He hated incompetence.

The clouds moved and a half moon glowed in the night sky.

“The moon is beautiful tonight,” Adam said enjoying the peaceful beach.

“She is always beautiful,” Max said, a strange tone to his voice.

“Are you a stargazer?” Adam asked. Max had seemed more of a down to earth person but how much could he really determine from a few conversations?

“In a way. I appreciate the celestial bodies and how they influence the environment,” Max grinned as if sharing a private joke.

“You are a strange one Max, good think I like strange.” Adam pressed a hard kiss against Max’s lips before starting to walk again.

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