While Amber is away…Giveaway!

So Amber is at RT Convention in Atlanta Georgia right now…so I decided, Sheri her awesome assistant, that I would host a giveaway. So I’m going to giveaway 3 $5 Amazon Gift Cards!

So to enter, two part question, what city do you wish RT would come to and what book do you most want Amber to sign for you?


Good luck, and have fun with this! I will announce the winners on Mondayish…in Amber speak. πŸ˜‰


I’m giving out these prices out of my own money and this is no way Amber’s contest, I just hijacked her blog. πŸ™‚ -Sheri

57 thoughts on “While Amber is away…Giveaway!

  1. Washington, DC. I would have her sign Matchmaker, Matchmaker or From Pack to Pride. Thank yyou for the chance!

  2. Hmm in my case would be for RT to come to a whole other country (and continent xDD) and I’d love to have her sign for me my copy of the Thresl Chronicles Vol.1

  3. I would love RT to come to NYC and have her sign Attracting Anthony as it was my very first book I read from her.

  4. Seattle, WA and I would love for her to sign any of her dragons of Seattle… πŸ™‚

  5. Detroit. From Pack to Pride because it was the first book of Amber’s that I read.

  6. The Greater DC Metro area (So Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond or anywhere near that!) Definitely Keys! And Dragon groomer!

  7. I would love it if it’d come to Wisconsin. If definitely get to it if it came there.
    As to a book I’d love her to sign is my many, many times read, To Have A Human or Attracting Anthony.

  8. I would love for it to be in Columbus, OH!! My Man Declan is a go to read for me, so that would be incredible!! I love it when you get to play!!!

  9. Can it come to DC? I’d have a better chance of actually getting to attend. Matchmaker, Matchmaker is my go-to if I need something to make me feel better; a close second is Coming in Third (hmmm, I’m sensing a pattern lol).

  10. Memphis, TN. any of her books that she wants to sign is okay by me as I love all of them.

  11. Des Moines, Iowa, We have a great convention center, we even hosted Comic Con last year and the one of the Basketball tourneys. So come to the State of Iowa and see our golden dome at the Capital.

    And any book would be great. I love all her books.

  12. I’d like for RT to coma back to Kansas City KS. And I’d love for Amber to Autograph The Trials of Tam for me.
    I wish I was in Atlanta right now. 😞πŸ˜₯

  13. Seattle WA. I’d love Amber to autograph The Vampire King’s Husband because it was the first book I read. Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. I wish it could be held in El Paso Texas that is my closest big city. I love all of Amber’s Books but I guess if I could only get one autographed it would be Soldier Mine.

  15. any texas city close enough for me to travel to. dallas, Waco, Austin ,san Antonio. any book as I love all of them especially my man declan

  16. Jacksonville Fl (or even Orlando) and Trials of Tam is probably one of my favs of hers so….

  17. The moon pack series is my favorite. I wish the the RT would be held in New York.

  18. I’d love it if she ended up in Cardiff, Wales. If she did travel that far I’d let her decide which of her books she’d like to sign (I have all of them on e-book so far :D).
    If I could ever afford to meet her in USA I’d probably pick Protector of Dragons because I love dragons so much.

  19. I guess it is impossible, but I would love it to be in Madrid, Spain… As for the book, I would go for Quentin Heart.

  20. RT needs to come to New Orleans. Great food, great city, beautiful weather. She could sign any book, I love them all, but adored Porter’s Reaper.

  21. How about Tampa, Florida and Moon Pack Vol. 1 which was what started me off with loving her books.

  22. Nashville, TN. I’d want her to sign “To Catch a Croc”. It was one of the first books I read by her.

  23. New Jersey or Philadelphia. Tyler’s Cowboy or Tempting Sin would be the books I want signed.

  24. Thanks for having a contest πŸ™‚ I’d love if it were in the Midwest and I would love to have my Thresl books signed.

  25. Horten, Norway. I’d love if she could sign the second volume of End Street Detective Agency. I have the first volume signed by both Amber Kell and R J Scott.

  26. LOS ANGELES!!!!!! and I would adore her to sign the Thresl Vol 1 Please I adore her works I own all of what is out right now both in e -books and hard copy!! πŸ™‚

  27. Las Vegas, can you imagine how much fun Dragon could have here? And the first End Street book, cause then I’d have an excuse to track down RJ and get her autograph too.

  28. Seattle Washington because that is where I am from. I would ask amber kell where she comes up with the creative stories and backgrounds for the Moon Pack Book series and if there I’ll be any other added story’s like My Man Declan?

  29. Buffalo, NY and any of the books from my favor series…Hot Mess ! Love love them they are so funny πŸ˜‚

  30. Prefer Brisbane or Sydney, Australia, but if it’s the States, then New Orleans or Las Vegas! A City of Keys book (not sure when the new one is due, but the first one would be fine too.)

  31. San Francisco! Such a fun city. And so hard to choose just one book, but I’d go with A Gamma’s Choice.

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