My Subby Valentine – 12

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As Kit removed his clothing in a sexy striptease, Mase resisted the urge to jump on him like a hungry tiger taking down a deer. The urge to devour Kit, to bite and lick and fuck Kit into the carpet, had him clenching his hands into fists. He wouldn’t hurt the sweet man before him for anything, at least not in a bad way.

“What do you like? What are your limits?” Mase asked, more to distract himself from pouncing on the younger man than anything else. If he didn’t get Kit talking, he’d give into his pouncing urge.

Kit frowned as he completely pulled off his shirt, exposing a slim chest. The sub wasn’t muscular but he didn’t appear to have an ounce of flab either. Once Mase had him in an exercise program, he would bulk up…

Mase shook his head to clear out those kinds of thoughts. He wasn’t keeping Kit. He had to remember that. He was only going to have a hot time with Kit then they would go their separate ways. No grooming Kit to be the perfect sub, no planning for the future.

No way.

Not again.

He needed to keep Kit safe from Philip then set him free. Keeping another sub on a permanent basis was no longer a choice for him. He’d learned his lesson.

Kit’s soft voice pulled him away from unpleasant memories. “No cutting, no branding, nothing permanent. I won’t get a tattoo or piercing for you. I like to be spanked and tied up. I love to give oral sex and bottom. I enjoy taking care of people but I’m not anyone’s permanent slave. The twenty-four hour lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me.”

“Good.” Relief rushed through Mase. “It’s a lot of work to have to dominate someone every hour of the day. I don’t find that the least bit sexy. I have a friend with a full-time slave and he even has to schedule when the guy eats his lunch.” Mase shook his head. “I’m not interested in that.”

Kit gave him a sunny smile. “Great. At least we agree on that.” His sweet smile turned wicked as he dropped his pants.

“You’re gorgeous,” he praised him.

Kit blushed a brilliant red that travelled all the way down his chest.

“I’m glad you think so, Sir.” He ducked his head, hiding his green eyes from Mase’s sight.

Oh no…they weren’t going to play that game.

Mase tilted Kit’s head back up. “I’m not one of those Doms who doesn’t want my sub to look me in the eye. The more I can see your expression, the better I can judge how I’m doing. Discomfort, pain and bliss will all show in your beautiful eyes so never hide them from me.”

Kit nodded. “Okay.”

Mase raised an eyebrow.

“I meant okay, Sir.” Kit shuffled restlessly.

“Don’t fidget. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands behind you, right hand holding your left wrist.” He waited a moment as Kit assumed the position he requested.

Reaching over, he adjusted the younger man in minute bits. “Good,” he said approvingly. Unlike many Doms, Mase believed in praising his sub when he did something well.

While Kit had his hands gripped together, Mase took advantage and kissed Kit.

Mase stripped off his clothing, pleased when Kit’s hands came up to help him even though the sub broke position.

Kit’s suitcase sat neatly beside the wall. Mase decided he’d have to clear out a drawer or two for Kit to use until everything was resolved. Kit was his responsibility since Mase was the reason he’d got dragged into this situation.

“Up on the bed, on your back. I’m going to blindfold you and tie you to the bed. If you have any objections, you should mention them now.”

Kit flashed him a wide smile. “Nope, no objections.”

Mase walked over to the armoire by the window.

“Y-you have a lot of toys,” Kit said.

“Yes, I do.” He answered trying to hide his obvious amusement. Kit was sweet…too sweet. Mase would definitely have to help find Kit a good Dom who would treat him well after they were done. Kit couldn’t go to just anyone.

As he efficiently tied Kit to the headboard, he mentally reviewed the Doms he knew from the club. A couple stood out as possible contenders but he quickly banished them from his mind. He knew deep down he didn’t want anyone to touch Kit but him.

Almost reluctantly, he covered Kit’s beautiful green eyes. The sub’s expressions were part of what made him so appealing. However, if Mase was going to get Kit accustomed to bondage, he didn’t want the sub using his eyes to persuade Mase to go gentle on him.

Walking back to the armoire, he grabbed a flogger with soft velvety strands of leather. Kit fidgeted in his bonds.

“Stay still,” Mase commanded. If Kit struggled too much he could cause rope burns on his wrists. Someday Mase might not mind seeing marks from their lovemaking, but not this time.

“Sorry, Sir,” Kit said quietly, as though worried about ruining the moment. Mase smiled…another good reason to have a blindfold. The sub couldn’t see his expressions if his eyes were covered. Mase had perfected the ability to sound stern while smiling his fool head off.

Slowly, he slid the flogger from neck to cock.

A soft gasp left Kit’s lips. “Ooh.” The sound was quickly stifled.

“It’s okay let the sounds out, I want to hear you.”

Mase kept the erotic torture slow and careful, wrapping the strips around Kit’s cock, which hardened further beneath the attention.

Kit groaned as Mase slid the soft tendrils across his shaft.

“I can’t take much more of that,” Kit groaned.

“You’ll take as much as I give you,” Mase muttered. Kit’s whimper lifted his spirits. He loved how Kit didn’t hold back any of his desire.

Most subs he played with were experienced and practically pre-programmed to give a Dom what they thought he wanted. Kit’s honest reactions were refreshing. Mase knew when Kit made a sound it came from a true response not just to please him.

Beneath Mase’s avid gaze, pre-cum dripped from Kit’s cock enticing Mase to lean over and lick at the tip. “Mmm, he hummed at the flavor.”

“Oh shit,” Kit whispered. His knuckles turned white from the tightness of his clenched fists.

Mase lapped at Kit’s cock pleased by the wiggling and squirming even as he smacked Kit’s hip. “Keep still or I’ll stop.”

It was a good test to see if Kit would listen even when in the throes of passion.

Kit gave a soft, broken noise.

“Shh, I’ll make it worthwhile,” he promised.

“You damn well better,” Kit growled, a cute sound as it was quickly followed by a moan. Kit bucked his hips beneath Mase’s lips. Mase took a firmer hold on Kit’s hips, pinning him to the mattress.

“I’m the only one giving orders here. You’d best keep that in mind or I might decide you can come tomorrow instead.”

“No!” Kit cleared his throat. “Please Sir, let me come.”

Mase lapped at the tip of Kit’s cock before sinking down enough to swallow the head. He kept a firm hold on Kit so the sub didn’t try to control the situation.

“You can come once I swallow you down. I want to taste you.”

Without warning, Mase deep-throated Kit. Kit screamed, a choking desperate sound. Mase pulled off enough to taste the warm liquid Kit pumped, in copious amounts, into Mase’s willing mouth. Mase reluctantly released Kit when he softened in Mase’s mouth.

“How are you doing?” Mase asked.

Kit let out a long sigh. “I think you liquefied my bones.”

Mase laughed. Grabbing the lube from the nightstand he slicked up his fingers and slide one inside Kit’s relaxed body. “Ready for the next part.”

Kit nodded and eagerly spread his legs to allow easier access.

The doorbell rang.

“Shit,” Mase cursed. Grabbing a tissue off the bedside table he wiped his fingers and with a few efficient motions, untied Kit. “Stay here.”

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