My Subby Valentine – 13


“I would’ve stayed tied up too,” Kit argued.

“I’m not going to keep you confined while I answer the door.” Mase glared at Kit. “A good Dom doesn’t leave his sub alone while tied up. It’s a safety issue.”

The doorbell rang again.

“I’m coming,” Mase shouted, pulling on his pants.

He heard Kit groan behind him and had to smile. He might be getting older but apparently he hadn’t lost his appeal.

“What?” He yanked the door open to a pair of uniformed policemen. “Sorry officers, is there a problem?”

“We have a report that you have a man tied up in here.” The men looked at him with suspicion as if he were a sexual deviant who might need to be put down.

Mase crossed his arms and glared at the officers. “And I suppose this was an anonymous tip?”

The cop on the left was muscular, blond and almost as tall as Mase. “Why would you say that?”

“Because I’ve been harassed for the past few days and so has my lover, though I have to wonder how someone would know I have someone tied up.”

The other cop was short and dark-haired. His scowl was impressive.

“And the tied-up person was really enjoying himself before you two officers arrived.”

Mase cursed quietly as Kit appeared in the doorway beside him.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay put?” he growled.

“Then you shouldn’t have untied me.” Kit gave him a cheeky smile. Mase inwardly vowed to make Kit pay for his back-talk later.

The flush on the cops’ faces was almost worth the embarrassment. “Why don’t you two come in and I’ll tell you what I know?”

The cops sat on two chairs opposite of Mase. “Honey, go get us some shirts, will you?”

Clearing his throat, the blond introduced them. “I’m Officer Martin and this is Officer James. We only came because we heard reports you were holding someone against their will.”

“Here babe.” Kit returned to the room and handed a shirt to Mase. The sub must’ve almost run with the speed in which he’d returned.

Mase slid his shirt on only to find James watching his every motion.

Martin elbowed him. “Could you please not drool on the suspect?”

“He’s not a suspect anymore,” James stated.

“It’s still unprofessional,” Martin complained.

Mase watched them, amused. “Do you two need some time alone?”

Martin flushed. “Sorry. I… Never mind.”

Looking at the body language between the two men, Mase had a feeling there was more emotion between the two men than either would admit.

James leaned forward, pulling out a pad of paper. “Your name, sir.”

“Mase Briggs and this is Christopher Earl, my victim.”

Kit gave him a wide smile and snuggled next to him. Mase laughed.

“Mr Briggs, you were saying something about harassment.”

As Mase began to explain the situation, Kit jumped up.

“Pixie!” Kit rushed over to the back door and slid the door open. When repeated calling didn’t produce the dog, Mase stood up to join him.

Kit started to go out the door. Mase grabbed him. “No. I’ll go outside. Who knows what’s out there.”

Mase had a bad feeling about this and the idea of Kit walking outside on his own made his heart skip a beat. Someone had targeted Kit, and Mase didn’t plan on letting Kit traipse into danger.

The cops joined him. “What are you looking for?”

“His dog, Pixie,” Mase said, peering into the darkness. He wished for the first time that he kept a gun. Luckily, he had two cops on hand to help out.

“We’ll go first,” Martin said.

Apparently Mase wasn’t the only one who thought there might be someone outside. He stepped back and let the officers go first.

Neither Mase nor Kit spoke as they waited for the officers to return, but Kit’s fingers slid between Mase’s. Mase gave them a gentle squeeze of reassurance. What could he say? All of Kit’s troubles were because of him.

Fear for Kit had him gripping the sub’s fingers a little tighter. Someone was stalking them. Mase wasn’t going to let that continue. They’d find this guy and make him sorry he’d ever messed with either of them.

A couple of minutes later James walked in carrying a bloody pup.

“Its forehead has a gash like someone kicked it. I don’t think there’s any more damage but I’m not a vet.”

Mase froze as he realized Kit could’ve been the one injured outside. In such a short amount of time he’d become attached to the sweet man.

“My poor baby.” Kit carefully took the animal from the cop. His green eyes pleaded with Mase to make it all better. The puppy gave a soft whimper but her tail was wagging madly so Mase didn’t think the little beast was too injured.

“Come on, let’s take her to your vet.” Mase turned back to the officers. “Sorry, but if you’re not going to arrest me, we’ve got to find Pixie some medical care.”

The cops nodded. James handed Mase a business card. “Call me and we can discuss your problem.”

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  1. What an evil asshole hurting Pixie like that, so glad the cops weren’t judgemental

  2. When I first read this story, years ago, I wanted to know more about Officers James and Martin. Did they get their own story or are there plans to write one?

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