My Subby Valentine – 14a


Martin made a noise then Mase heard him mutter, “That better be all you’re discussing.”

After the officers left, Mase grabbed his wallet and keys and made sure to set his security system on their way out.

Fortunately the vet was only a few miles away because Kit was on the verge of hysteria over the puppy’s injury. Pixie was taking it much better than her master.

“Relax, hon. We’ll get her all patched up.”

“You think she’ll be all right?”

“She’s moving well and she’s wagging her tail. I can’t say for sure but I think she’s only got minor injuries or she wouldn’t be so wiggly.”

“I hope so. I love her, you know.”

A knot lodged in his throat. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had said that to him.

The trip to the vet went well—even though Mase wanted to rip off the veterinarian’s head for the way he eyed Kit like he was his favorite kind of meal.

Pixie only had a few abrasions—probably from a kick but not one that landed full force.

“She was probably chewing on his laces,” Mase muttered.

After the vet had dabbed off the blood and cleaned out the wound, Pixie was proclaimed to be fine.

Mase paid the bill for an embarrassed Kit who didn’t have his wallet. “Don’t worry about it. It’s my fault she was injured,” Mase assured him.

He turned to go only to have Kit grab him and spin him around. “Get this straight, Mase. Whatever happens…none of it was your fault. You can’t control some psychopath.”

Kit’s expression was so sincere, so damn young it broke the heart Mase could’ve sworn had stopped feeling years ago.

“Honey, I have to tell you…I’m a bad bet.”

Kit smiled. “So far you’ve been my best bet yet.”

They returned back home and Mase made a nest out of blankets for Pixie. The little collie rested her head and settled in.

“Poor girl.” Kit stroked her head.

“Come on—it’s been a long night.” Mase took Kit’s hand and pulled him down the hallway. After stripping down, they climbed into bed. If Mase pulled Kit a little closer than necessary in the large bed, the sub didn’t object as he snuggled closer.


***Note*** this one is short to wrap up the chapter. I will be posting a 14b today

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