My Subby Valentine – 14b



“You’re really good at that,” Mase complimented him.

“Natural talent,” Kit said. He didn’t think saying his talent came from lots of practice would bring him additional praise. For a man who only took subs temporarily at the club, Mase was oddly possessive.

“I’d kiss you but I have morning breath,” Mase said with a warm smile. Kit made a mental note that morning Mase was relaxed and adorable.

What would it be like to wake up to him every morning?

He let the fantasy play in his head for a moment before Mase grabbed Kit with his large hands and rolled him onto the bottom. “I like your focus on me.”

“Trust me. It was.”

Kit smiled up as Mase pushed him into the mattress with his strong body. Damn he loved Mase’s big form sprawled across him. Breathing wasn’t really that necessary when he could feel miles of muscles wrapped around him.

Wiggling the little bit he could move, he rubbed against Mase, eager to feel the Dom’s hard cock inside him. “Fuck me,” he demanded. He knew he’d said the wrong thing when Mase froze above him.

“Bossy this morning, aren’t we?”

“Please Sir?” Kit tried for innocent, batting his lashes so much he was surprised he didn’t take off like a butterfly.

Mase laughed. Yep, the image must’ve looked pretty much like he imagined. Mase kissed him on the nose, a far cry from the hard sex he yearned for.

A bite to his neck made Kit jump as Mase slid down further leaving sucking bites down his torso. When Mase took a sharp chomp on his nipple Kit let out a yelp.


“It’ll feel better later. When your shirt brushes against it and you remember why it’s all swollen and sore.” Mase’s deep voice made Kit’s cock ready to explode.

“I know other parts that are swollen and sore.”

Mase cupped Kit’s balls, making his toes curl. “Careful,” he warned.

“Oh I know exactly how much pressure to put before it goes from pleasant to pain.”

Kit was certain that squeaky noise didn’t come from him, or at least he would deny it for the rest of his life. The look in Mase’s eyes had him just about ready to agree to anything the Dom wanted as long as he kept that expression.

Unfortunately Mase’s phone rang, breaking into the moment. Mase released Kit and leant over to check the readout, but he didn’t answer.

“Is it him again?” Kit’s erection deflated. Thoughts of their stalker sucked the joy out of the room.

Mase nodded. “But I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of answering.”

“That won’t make him go away.”

“It won’t encourage him either.”

“Come on. Let’s get dressed. I’ll take you out to breakfast.”

“Sounds good.”


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  1. Pixie is ok!! Yay Now that weirdo is on the attack again. I like how this is going I can’t wait foe the next part. Maybe the stalker gets bit by Pixie really bad. lol

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