My Subby Valentine – 15


Mase opened the garage door and they climbed into his SUV. It wasn’t until they had pulled out and the garage door had lowered that Kit saw the damage.

Spray painted on the door was the word ‘Killer’.

“This is escalating. We need to get you some place safe to stay,” Mase told him. “Let’s get you back inside and call the cops.”

A chill went through Kit. The person harassing Mase wasn’t going to let up.

Once they were safely in the house, Mase pulled out the card the cop had given him earlier and dialled. After Mase explained the situation Martin promised he and his partner would be over right away.

While they were waiting for the police to arrive Kit cuddled Pixie and ignored Mase’s continued attempts to find him someone for Kit to stay with. In frustration, Mase called someone named Jon. He suspected it was another Dom from the club.

“What do you mean he’s in New York?” Mase’s voice rose. “But he was just here! Then who is doing this? Yeah, I don’t know either. Can I get you to watch Kit for me? Whoever it is knows where Kit lives and is starting to come after me.” Mase nodded and after an abrupt goodbye disconnected.

“You can’t just hand me over like a pet for someone else to take care of,” Kit complained.

Mase scowled. “I’m doing this to keep you safe. Apparently Philip caught the red-eye and is back in New York so he’s off the suspect list. I’m going to have Jon look after you.”

Kit sighed. “Make sure he knows all I’m doing is staying with him. I’m not some sub you can pass along when you’re done with them.”

“I don’t think that. I promise to come get you when this thing is settled. Jon says Philip has been in New York during this entire thing, so he’s either paid someone or he isn’t responsible.”

Kit stroked Pixie, soothed when the little dog licked his hand.

“What are you planning now?”

Mase shrugged. “Show the cops the evidence and try to figure out what happened. I have cameras that should show who did this, but it will take a while to look over the whole night since we don’t know when he struck.”

“Why didn’t you think of the cameras when Pixie was attacked?”

Mase blushed. “I was more concerned about getting your dog to the vet.”

A cop car pulled up and the officers exited. They took a lot of pictures before they came inside.

“It looks, Mr Briggs, like you have your very own stalker.”

Mase nodded. “So it appears.”

“Why don’t you come to the station and fill out some forms for the report?”

“In a bit. I’m waiting for someone to come and get Kit. He doesn’t need to be in the middle of this.”

Kit bit back the rude comment he wanted to make. He still felt like a child being taken care of but he didn’t want to add more stress to Mase. The man had enough to deal with right now.

“When do you think this other person will arrive?” Officer Martin asked.

“Right now.” Mase nodded towards the SUV that pulled up in front of his house.

“How did he get in without the access code?” Kit asked.

“I gave it to him a while ago. He comes over fairly often to watch football or play poker.” Mase shrugged. “It was just easier.”

Kit watched as one of the Doms from the club got out of the vehicle. This must be Jon. He hadn’t gone there long enough to learn everyone’s name.

The man entered and flashed a smile at Mase that seemed at odds for the gravity of the situation. “Looks like you need some help, Mase.” He nodded to Kit but didn’t say anything more.

“Yeah, thanks. Kit—go get your bag, honey.”

Kit rushed to grab his bag and scooped up Pixie as she ran after him.

Jon glared at the dog. “Do I have to take the mutt?”

“Yes.” Mase’s tone didn’t allow for any argument. “Kit’s very attached to the dog and she isn’t safe here.”

Mase shoved the bowls at Jon, forcing the other man to take them.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Jon nodded his head towards the door.

Kit kissed Mase on the lips and followed Jon out the door. It wasn’t until he was climbing into the SUV that he wondered why he was limping.

Pixie growled at Jon.

“Shh,” Kit whispered. The last thing he needed was to annoy the man when he was doing Mase a favor, especially since Jon was a close friend of the Dom.

He’d barely clicked the seat belt before Jon started the car and spun out of the driveway.

Pixie didn’t stop growling despite Kit’s reassurances. He wished he’d remembered her treats. If she were gnawing on something, she wouldn’t be as aggressive.

“Umm, how did you hurt your leg?” Maybe if he talked to Jon he’d stop feeling so freaked out.

After turning a corner, Jon gave Kit a creepy smile. “Can you believe some little shit of a dog bit me?”


Fear froze Kit’s fingers in Pixie’s fur.

“Don’t worry. I’ve figured out how to take care of that little problem.”

Before Kit could decide how to deal with this unexpected turn of events, Jon pulled out a gun and shot Pixie and then Kit.

His vision blurred as Pixie went still in his hands. He worried for a second that the same tranquilizer to knock out a human would kill a dog, but the words didn’t leave his mouth before the world went dark.

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  1. Mase is gonna go nuts… my gut said bad guy as soon as Mase said he had the code, no wonder Pixie was growling at the asshole

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