My Subby Valentine – 16


Kit couldn’t move. He could barely breathe save for short panicked breaths of air. The gag tied around his mouth stifled his yells for help and although Pixie yipped and growled in the corner, he doubted anyone would hear that sound.

“You should stop struggling. We both know you like to be tied up.” Jon slid a finger down Kit’s chest. Kit barely swallowed down the bile rising in his throat. “I’m saving you from that murderer. You probably don’t know the real story…just the one he told you. The one that got the judge to set the bastard free. He should be in a cage with the other animals and after they find you, they won’t decide he’s so innocent a second time.” Jon kissed Kit on the cheek. “He should never have touched my sub.”

With those ominous words Jon left the room, kicking at Pixie as he passed her. The agile puppy avoided his shoe.

Kit struggled further with his bonds. He needed to warn Mase. Unfortunately, Jon knew how to tie knots well and Kit couldn’t get out of them.

Pacing at the side of the bed, Pixie barked up at him.

Kit wished he could call the little dog to calm her and make her feel better. To his surprise, the collie made it up on the mattress. The rope! Shaking the rope at her, he hoped to appeal to her tugging urges.

Sure enough, she fell for it. With a happy bark, she jumped at the rope. Gripping with her sharp puppy teeth, she growled and yanked repeatedly at the end.

She finally conquered her enemy, managing to loosen it enough to free Kit’s right hand. He quickly untied his left hand then scooped up his puppy. Her barking might alert Jon that he was free. Trying to keep quiet, Kit sneaked to the door. He pressed his ear to the surface and could hear a voice somewhere in the house.

Opening it slowly, he slipped down the hall to see Mase in the living room holding Kit’s bag.

“I forgot to bring you some dog food and his chews. That damn dog gnaws on everything.”

Jon’s back was to Kit but he could hear the smirk in the other man’s voice. “Oh, I’ll give him everything he needs.”

Mase scowled. “You’re only supposed to provide a place for Kit. Not molest him.”

“Then he shouldn’t be such a hot piece of ass.”

“Where is he?” The cold look in Mase’s eyes held a threat he’d never seen on his lover’s face.

“In my bedroom waiting for my return,” Jon taunted. “You think everyone wants you? You might have gotten the first one but this one will be mine. I’ve waited a long time for you to pick out another boy. I figure you killed mine…I’ll take care of yours.”

The shock and pain in Mase’s voice would stay with Kit for a long time. “You’re talking about Jeff, aren’t you? It wasn’t Philip at all. You were the one threatening me.”

Jon shook his head. “It’s a shame that you were given everything. Money, good looks…but you’re still dumb as a rock.”

Kit gripped the knife tighter, afraid he’d drop it and let Jon know he was there. Unfortunately, he didn’t think a pocketknife would do much more than annoy the larger man.

Fortunately Mase solved the problem by punching Jon in the face. The contact made a satisfying crack and blood spurted across the room, telling Kit that he had made a sure hit. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the gun until it was too late. Jon pulled a handgun from his waist and shot Mase.

“No!” Kit cried. Jon turned and Kit ducked behind the door as the gun went off a second time. The bullet left a hole in the door.

He heard Jon scream. He waited a moment before he dared peek through the doorway. Jon lay on the ground, grabbing his head while Mase stood over him for a moment before he paled and collapsed to the floor. The gun lay on the ground a few feet away from Jon.

Mase must have knocked the gun free before his wound got the better of him. Rushing into the room, Kit grabbed the gun and pointed it at Jon, his fingers shaking so hard he could barely aim.

“Baby, give it over to me,” Mase called out in a shaky voice.

Kit kept an eye on the man watching him carefully. He knew Jon was looking for an opening to attack.

“Why don’t I just kill him now? After all, it’s self-defense.” Kit tried to make his voice sound calm despite his shaking hands.

“Kit, honey, give me the gun.”

Sirens sounded outside.

“Give me the gun and let the cops inside,” Mase ordered.

Kit scurried to his Dom and handed the weapon over before Jon could move. Then he ran to the door to let in the officers. “I’m seeing way too much of you two lately,” he commented to Martin.

The cop gave him a wide smile.

“How did you get here so soon?” Mase asked.

“Your security camera recording showed this guy attacking the dog and then spray painting the door. We were able to get a clear picture of the license plate and retrieved the name and address. A neighbor reported a gun going off here. We put the two together and came to the rescue.”

Kit smiled as Jon was cuffed and dragged off. “We’ll need you two to come and give your statement soon.”

“We’ll be there as soon as Mase’s wound is examined.” Kit knew he sounded on the verge of hysterical, but in the past couple of hours his dog had been injured, he had been tied up against his will and his man had been shot.

“Take it easy, Kit,” Mase soothed, running his hand over Kit’s back.

“I’m not going to take it easy!” Kit shouted.

“I’ll call an ambulance for you,” Officer Martin offered.

Mase started to get up. “I don’t need an ambulance. It was only a scratch.”

“I’ll drive you to the hospital,” Kit said.

Mase leaned against Kit and together they stumbled to the car. After Kit had Mase settled, he went back and grabbed his dog and his suitcase. He resisted the urge to set the place on fire on the way out. Bastard.

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