My Subby Valentine – 17

For those of you following along. This is the last bit of the book. Hope you enjoyed it!


Two hours later, they finally made it back to Mase’s house. A bandage was wrapped around the Dom’s shoulder and Kit also had a few bandages where the rope had cut into his wrists.

“I’m too tired tonight but I can take you home in the morning.”

“Hell no!” Kit glared at the Dom. “There is no way you are getting rid of me.”

He planted his hands on his hips and gave Mase his best glare. Mase looked back at him calmly. “Kit—be reasonable…” A twinge of guilt went through him when he saw the effort it took Mase to stay standing.

“I’m done being reasonable. I’m your sub, dammit, and I belong to you now.”

Mase laughed…fucking laughed. Kit was ready to poke him in his bullet wound, which wasn’t a ‘scratch’ by any means.

“I didn’t mean it that way. I wouldn’t blame you if you needed your space after all this.”

Kit’s anger evaporated beneath Mase’s sincere expression. “The last thing I want right now is to be alone. I need to know when I wake up that some psycho doesn’t have a hold of me.”

“Then come to bed. We’ll straighten everything out tomorrow.”

The only thing they’d be straightening out tomorrow was when he could move all his stuff in.

Kit petted Pixie as he glared at his lover.

“Bring the damn dog too—she deserves combat cuddles,” Mase said as he walked past.

“Did you hear that, Pixie? Mase likes you,” Kit whispered.

The dog gave a happy bark.

Kit pulled a blanket off the bed and settled Pixie down for the night. The little dog curled up immediately.

“Come to bed,” Mase called.

Kit stopped stalling. As much as he longed to be with Mase, the entire encounter with Jon had him on edge. He stood at the end of the bed and stared at Mase.

“Are you all right?” Mase’s forehead creased in concern.

“I don’t know.” Kit answered honestly.

Mase stood up and walked over to him. Even wounded, the man oozed confidence.

“Strip and put your folded clothes on the chair.” Mase pointed to a chair in the corner.

At the direct guidance, Kit’s nerves smoothed out. Even his hands were steady as he quickly removed his clothing and followed Mase’s command.

After he finished his task, Kit assumed a waiting position. Hands clasped behind him, he focused his gaze straight ahead and set his feet shoulder width apart.

“Good.” Mase stroked a hand from Kit’s head to the middle of his back. “Do you want me?”

Kit nodded his head so vigorously he probably resembled a bobble head, but he didn’t care as long as Mase’s hand stayed on his body.

Mase gave a soft laugh as he circled behind Kit.

“I gave you several chances to get away but you didn’t…so now I’m keeping you. Any objections?”

“No, Sir.”

Kit knew Mase could see his excitement. His body rose to match his pleasure at the mere thought of belonging to Mase.

“Good. As we’ve both had a hard day and I’m injured, I’m not staging a big scene. I’m planning to lie on the bed and you’re going to show me how pleased you are to belong to me.” Mase’s wicked smile sent a fire through Kit’s body.

Mase climbed back on the bed after trailing a teasing finger across Kit’s chest.

Kit let a moan roll up his throat.

The vision of Mase lying on his bed and waiting for Kit like a pasha made Kit harder than granite.

Climbing onto the end of the bed, he crawled over Mase, enjoying the feel of Mase’s naked body brushing against his bare skin. He slid his cheek across Mase’s skin relishing the contact of warm flesh and silky leg hairs.

He hummed in appreciation.

“Don’t forget the condom and lube,” Mase warned, but his voice was languid.

Smiling, Kit leaned over Mase and reached to open the nightstand drawer. He made sure as much skin to skin contact happened as he retrieved the articles.

Mase’s laughter warmed Kit to his toes. He hoped to make the serious man laugh for many years to come.

His fingers brushed against a foil square and a tube.


He waved them victoriously at Mase, who laughed again.

“Good job. Slick yourself up but sit up when you do it. I want to watch.”

Nodding, Kit slid up to his knees until he was positioned over Mase’s stomach. He opened the tube and poured lube over his fingers. He pushed one finger into his hole, making sure he brushed against Mase’s cock as he opened himself up. Two fingers and further rubbing made Mase groan. The Dom clamped his large hands on Kit’s hips, holding him still. Kit tried for a guileless look through his lashes.

“You might be on top but don’t think you’re in charge,” Mase growled.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kit hoped he sounded innocent but the look he received told him he didn’t succeed.

“Uh huh.”

Kit laughed and slid a third finger into his ass. This time he didn’t rub against the Dom. Mase was more than capable of tying Kit up and not letting him come for hours. He quickly put the condom on Mase then slicked the Dom up so there was plenty of lubrication between them.

“Now ride me,” Mase ordered. Anyone else and Kit might have bridled at the tone, but Mase’s eyes contained enough heat to warm the coldest heart.

Kit dared a quick kiss on Mase’s hard mouth before obeying. Holding Mase’s cock, Kit lined his hole up and sank down on Mase’s shaft until he was completely filled.

He took a few slow breaths, letting his body adjust to the sensation.

“Don’t hurt yourself, sweetheart.” Mase’s deep voice rumbled through Kit like a rolling tide, overwhelming and all consuming.

Kit shook his head. “I’m fine.” Lifting up on his knees, he sank back down. They both moaned at the motion. Kit could easily stay like this for hours if his ass wouldn’t make him pay for it in the morning.

“Move,” Mase ordered.

Quick to obey, Kit slid up and down on Mase’s shaft until the hands gripping his hips tightened to an almost painful intensity. “You feel so good,” Kit sighed. No one had ever filled him so perfectly before. He clenched his ass to encourage Mase to come.

“Naughty boy.”

Kit gasped as a sharp slap burned his ass. “Oh.”

With wide eyes he stared down at the Dom. He wondered what it would take to make it happen again.

Mase grinned. “We’ll explore that later when I’m not injured. This one time I’m going to let you bring yourself off, because my shoulder isn’t up to it, but next time you won’t have it so easy.”

Kit grinned. Quick to obey, he wrapped his hand around his cock. The dual sensations of his hand and Mase inside him quickly had Kit pumping out his release.

Only the sound of Mase grunting through his own orgasm kept Kit from feeling guilt over coming before his master.

Sticky and exhausted, he pushed off of Mase, quickly disposed of the condom then went to wipe himself clean.

He returned to clean up his Dom. After getting rid of the wash cloth, he slid back into bed and snuggled next to Mase, making sure to lie on the uninjured side.

“I could’ve lost you,” Kit whispered as memories of the day rushed back.

“Shhh, it will take more than one crazed maniac to get rid of me.”

“Good. I want you to keep me for a long time.” Kit clutched at Mase as though he were the only stable object in a tumultuous world.

Mase pressed a kiss to Kit’s forehead. “Sounds like a good plan.”

Sighing, Kit rested his head on the pillow next to his Dom’s head. “I love you,” he whispered.

Mase wrapped his arm around Kit and pulled him closer. “I love you back, now go to sleep.”

Kit tumbled into sleep with a smile on his lips and a light heart.

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