New Blog Story – Catnapped Part 1!

Sorry it’s taken me so long. I had a problem deciding which story to use. I decided to pick the story Catnapped. It’s about an adopted lion shifter named Jacque Caldera who lives with the wolf pack who adopted him. When the vampires who own the land demand tribute Jacque donates blood along with the rest of the family. What he doesn’t know is his blood is much more potent and the leader of the vampires wants to know the source because he’s never felt this powerful before and he’s convinced Jacque is his mate.

The first entry is a little short. I just wanted to set up the story. I will try and post on Mon/Fri that way you can begin and end your week on a fun note. 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

* * *

Nevio Bellone, leader of the Pacific Coast vampires, scowled as he read the email from Alpha Caldera. The local wolf leader’s refusal of his request had been abrupt but polite. The urge to rip out the alpha’s throat made his teeth ache.

“What’s wrong?” Zio asked.

Nevio glanced over at his second in command. “That wolf bastard won’t give me the donor names. He says it’s confidential.”

Bennie nodded. “He’s right. By our own laws he doesn’t have to identify donors.”

Nevio slammed down his laptop lid, the computer made an ominous crack. “I don’t care about rules. One of those wolves is my mate!”

Zio’s eyes widened. “Are you certain?”

“Positive. And since I’ve never sampled that taste before it had to be someone new. Does anyone have a roster of the wolves? Anyone new join?” Nevio tapped his lips, remembering the luscious flavor spilling over his lips. It was like drinking tap water his entire life then being fed ambrosia.

There were muttering denials around the room. None of the vampires there were of any help.

Bennie cleared his throat. The blond toyed with a strand of hair as he replied. “You could make him present them. Maybe say you suspect one of them is tainted and you want to see them all. As soon as you see him you’ll know which one it is.”

“That’s brilliant!” Nevio shouted.

“I know.” Bennie grinned. “I just have one question?”

“What?” Nevio opened his laptop pleased to see he hadn’t cracked the screen…again. He began to type up his email as he listened.

“What are you going to do if you get your hands on the guy? You can’t just snatch him from the wolf pack.”

“Why not! He’s mine!” Nevio growled. Why would the wolves keep one of their own from teaching his full potential?

“What if the wolves don’t want to give him up? Not everyone wants to mate with a vampire,” Zio pointed out.

“I don’t care. I’ll persuade him if I have to.” Nevio flashed his elongated incisors in an eerie smile. “He’s my other half. If I need to bring in a second pack to take them out and hand him over, I will.” The wolves only had their land on his say so. If they wanted to play hardball he could kick them all out.

Vampires searched all their lives to find their blood mate. The fact he found his mate after only three centuries put him ahead of many of his contemporaries. He refused to give up the blood connected to after one taste.

Bennie made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat. “They’re wolves they don’t have to do anything.”

“They run on my territory. If they want to continue to have room to hunt they’ll give him up.”

“You might want to be more diplomatic than that.”

“I’m letting the alpha know that I expect him to present all of his wolves when I visit next weekend. How does this sound? ‘Refusal will be in direct conflict of our contract and I will evict you from my property’.”

“Sounds like you lost your diplomacy,” Bennie said. “Maybe you should check your pockets.”

Nevio snorted. “Good. They need to learn I’m not fucking around.” Anger at the wolves burned through his veins. He refused to let a fur ball get in his way.

“And how will your mate feel if he finds out you threatened his pack? They are really protective,” Bennie asked.

“He’ll get over it.” Nevio suppressed the spurt of concern. He’d make his mate understand. Once they were bonded the shifter wouldn’t be able to leave him. “Besides once we’re mated he’ll be trapped here.”

Bennie rolled his eyes. “You’re all romance.”

“I don’t have to be romantic. I have fate on my side.” Nevio turned out his friend and focused on his email. He read it twice before clicking send.

“Done?” Zio asked.

Nevio nodded. “Yeah! That’ll send the pups into a frenzy.”

17 thoughts on “New Blog Story – Catnapped Part 1!

  1. THAT will go over well. It’ll be fun to watch Nevio get wrapped around Jacques little finger lol . It’s always fun to watch the big , tough , arrogant ones fall under their mates spell. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Whoops. I usually don’t read the blog story until it is almost complete. Now I am impatiently waiting for Monday.

  3. Priceless, Nevio demanded all the Wolves who are donors be present, but of course Jacques isn’t a wolf, oh gotta love that the arrogance will bite him in the ass.

  4. Oh man, do you know how hard it is to wait once you get caught up in just the BEGINNING of a story?! This is sounding fantastic already. Looking forward to the next post!

  5. And the fun begins. Nevio sounds like an arrogant wanker. He’s gonna blow his cork when he doesn’t find his beloved among the wolves. Hoping Jacque dusts off his masculine wiles and plays hard to get.

  6. OK, Nevio is starting out as a bit of a controlling jerk. Hope he gets knocked down a peg or two soon. At least the people around him have more sense. Looking forward to more. Thanks for a new blog story/

  7. wow, a lot could be said about Nevio’s attitude but i think his friends covered it nicely. looking forward to part 2.

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