Catnapped Part 3

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* * * *

Bennie laughed. “Just think, now you can play the ultimate game of cat and mouse.”

“Just what I always wanted.” Nevio rolled his eyes.

He returned to the car along with the driver and Bennie. He sat in silence for a while, thinking as the landscape swept past him. “I’m going to have to think of a way to get him back to the house.”

“Why? Why not just leave him there and demand blood payment?” Bennie asked.

“Because I want him.”

Now that he’d seen the blood source, Nevio was determined to have Jacques in his bed. The best bonds were both physical and emotional. He couldn’t forge an emotional connection if he treated Jacques as just another blood donor.

“You can’t always get what you want.” Bennie shook a finger at Nevio.

He pondered yanking it off and beating Bennie with it. Bennie must’ve got the gist of his thoughts because he snatched his hand out of reach.

“I will have that shifter,” Nevio announced.

“What if he doesn’t want you?” Bennie asked. “Are you going to imprison him?”

“Of course not, don’t be an idiot. He’s a living human being. I’m going to seduce him and bind him to me until he loses the will to leave.”

“Much better,” Bennie approved. His tone indicated he thought otherwise.

“What’s wrong now?” Nevio scowled. His friend was becoming a bit of a roadblock in the path to capturing Nevio’s alluring lion.

“The Alpha didn’t appear overly excited about you getting his son. Are you willing to start a war to get a little nookie?”

“It’s more than sex. He’s my mate. I will fight for him until I can’t fight any more.”

“Which might be right after you tell the Alpha you want his son.” Bennie patted Nevio on the back. “Let me ask around and find out more about him. If the lion really lives with the wolves I’m sure someone will tell me all the dirt. There have to be a few wolves unhappy about that.”

“True. I wonder how long he’s been here.” Nevio hated the thought that his future mate lived only a few miles away for several years.

“I’ll find out.”

“Good. We need to get the alpha to hand over the lion shifter without creating a shifter war. Any suggestions?” If Alpha Caldera truly raised the lion shifter he might consider him like a child.

“This is the first time you’ve tasted the cat blood, right?” Bennie asked.

“Lion Bennie, he’s a lion. It’s like saying a wolf is a greyhound because they are both gray.”

Bennie snorted. “Fine, lion then. If he hasn’t been a donator before and he is this time he’s just starting to become an adult. Young men are always trying to prove themselves. If you can convince that daring to talk to a vampire is something only a grown male would do it might get him to your side.

“Are you saying I should dare Jacques to be my friend?” Nevio asked. After centuries of dealing with his right hand and best friend he still couldn’t always tell when he was joking. This was the perfect example.

Bennie nodded. “Exactly! You dare your young lion to make friends with a vampire. Obviously he will do things against his adopted father after all he donated blood. Caldera probably knew you would notice the difference in his blood and was trying to avoid this exact thing.”

Nevio thought over Bennie’s words. “You are probably right. Caldera is rather clever for a wolf. He would do anything to protect his child. It’s almost a shame I have to yank the young lion out of his pack but boys have to grow up sometime.”

A wide grin crossed Nevio’s face as he imagined all of the delicious things he could do to Jacques. Even from that brief meeting he could tell the pretty lion would keep him entertained for a long time.


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