Catnapped – 5

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Jacques didn’t know what to do about the contract. On one hand he kept remembering Nevio’s handsome face and piercing eyes, on the other he didn’t want to be a blood donor.

He didn’t mind giving blood to the vampires as part of a group but being the only one to feed one had an intimacy attached Jacques didn’t know if he was ready for. He flipped through the contract for what felt like the hundredth time trying to make the right decision. Even though his father had given him the contract, disapproval still hung like a dark mist around him.

Examining the situation from all angles didn’t give Jacques any insight. He groaned, tossed the contract on his desk then flopped onto his bed. He didn’t know what to do and most of the people who would give him advice had decided to be neutral like they were fucking Switzerland.

A knock on his bedroom door pulled him out of his indecision.

“Come in.”

The door swung open and one of the lower ranking wolves peeked his head in. “Your father asked to see you in his office.”

“Thank you. I’ll be right there.”

The wolf shifter nodded and closed the door behind him. Since the messenger referred to the Alpha as his father instead of the Alpha he expected a more informal meeting. Just in case he wore his nicest pair of pants that didn’t have holes and a Tshirt lacking any of their usual sarcastic sayings.

He rushed down the hall once when he caught sight of the time on the grandfather clock. “Damn, I didn’t think I took that long,” he whispered as he broke into a light jog. He knocked the den door a slight sense of déjà vu sliding through him.

“Enter.” It wasn’t his father’s voice that called out. Jacques hesitated, his hand on the doorknob. Before the could make a final decision the person on the other side took it out of his hands and yanked it open.

A pair of brilliant glowing eyes met his own. “Oh.”

“Good afternoon Jacques, imagine meeting again.” The vampire’s smooth voice took away the edges of annoyance that no one had thought to warn him they were having company of the fangy kind.

“Imagine. It’s so rare to find me in my own house.” Jacques folded his arms and leaned against doorjamb not quite ready to enter a room with an unknown entity. As much as he enjoyed flirting with the vampire he still hadn’t decided whether to sign the contract or not.

Nevio grinned. “I’ve come to see if I can tip the scales in my favor. Your alpha seems to think additional discussion is necessary.”

Jacques played with the hem of his shirt and kept his eyes cast down. Some vampires could hypnotize with their eyes and he didn’t know Nevio’s powers yet. A vampire leader would probably have skills regular vampires didn’t.

“I do have some questions,” he said at last.

“Please come inside. I’ll be happy to clarify any questions you have. I brought a copy of the contract for us to go over,” he finished with a dimpled smile.

Nevio oozed an old-fashioned charm Jacques didn’t trust. Vampires had a reputation for persuasion and Jacques refused to be a victim. He entered the room glancing over his shoulder to keep track of Nevio behind him.

“Don’t worry little lion. I never attack my prey.” Nevio’s amusement didn’t reassure him, at all.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He strove for a neutral tone but his shaky voice didn’t help.

A quick glance around the room proved his father wasn’t there. “I was told the Alpha needed to talk to me. Is he coming or was it just to get me here?”

“No need to worry, I’m just here to talk. Alpha Caldera didn’t think you’d come if you knew I was here so he arranged this meeting. I did have to swear to not lay a fang on you during our encounter.”

Nevio’s petulant expression belonged more on a preschooler than a suave vampire and Jacques had to press his lips together to hold in his laughter. “I’ll have to thank him for that later.”

“Hmm, you do that. Now what questions do you have about the contract?” He asked in a pleasant tone. Perched on the corner of the Alpha’s desk, Nevio’s body language remained relaxed and inviting.

Jacques took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. If his heart rate sped up Nevio would know of his nervousness and he had a ridiculous urge to impress the man. “I don’t have any questions of the contract per se. I just don’t think I want to sign it.”

“What!” The temperature in the room plummeted and Jacques was forcefully reminded that he sat in the room with an apex predator.


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  1. Don’t blame Jacques this guy is to smug and I don’t like smug. He needs to learn how to make nice.

  2. Go Jacque!! If you are going to have a contract, make it work to your advantage, and not let him prevent you from seeing your family. Stand strong against the arrogant vampire.

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