Catnapped – 9

Jacques opened his eyes. His glaze flickered around the room taking in everything but absorbing nothing.

This isn’t my room.

Jacques’s room had a mural of the savannah on his ceiling with images of his parents in their lion form. The blank expanse of white floating overhead confused him. “Where am I?”

A knock at the door drew his attention. “Come in?”

He didn’t know if he truly wished to have whoever stood outside the door to come inside but if they were polite enough to knock they probably didn’t mean him any harm.

The door swung open revealing a lean man with green eyes, dark hair and a scowl.

“Hello kitty, I brought you some food.”

“I’m a lion not a pussycat,” Jacques corrected.

The man set a tray on the table beside him. “My apologies, oh mighty lion.”

“Apology accepted and you may refer to me as king of the jungle.” Jacques said with mock dignity. He refused to show fear to a complete stranger. “Now where am I and why am I here?”

“I’m Noah and after you’ve eaten I’ll take you to Nevio who will tell you everything.”

“You’re a vampire aren’t you?” If Nevio was around he must’ve kidnapped him.

“I’d give you a cookie for your brilliance but all I’ve got is steak.”

“I’ll take it.” He waited for Noah to set up his food and remove the domes. He didn’t drool over the perfect steak and he would go to his grave denying it. After cutting a piece of he gave it a sniff before biting.

“Worried we’ll drug you?”

“I was kidnapped, who knows what you are capable of.” Jacques glared at the impertinent vampire.

“I think you can trust us not to drug you after you just work up. Nevio wants to speak with you after all.”

“Good. I’ve got plenty I want to say to him too.”

“I’ll be back in an hour. Finish your meal and take a shower if you want. We brought in your suitcase so you have something to change into.” He pointed to where it had been propped on a footstool in the corner.

“Thank you. You’re very considerate kidnappers.”

Noah flashed him a cheerful fanged smile. “We like to think so.”

Before he could come up with a witty comeback, the vampire bowed and scampered out of the room.

Jacques turned his attention back to his excellent meal. A quick glance around showed no sign of any clocks and with his phone and watch missing it could be any time. There was no light shining through the window so he couldn’t tell the time by the position of the sun. He had never been that great at determining it anyway.

After finishing his perfectly cooked steak he picked out some clothes from his suitcase. “Time for a shower.” Although he didn’t know how much time had passed, Jacques’s clothes had a grimy feel.

Jacques had an odd placidity over his kidnapping. Outrage and anger would’ve made more sense than the calm acceptance. Maybe there had been drugs in his steak after all. He brushed the mild worry aside as he dressed. When Noah knocked on the door an hour later Jacques was ready.

“I’m glad to see you’re not being difficult.”

Jacques let the unfair accusation slide. If he had been difficult it would be no less than they deserved.

“Why don’t you take me to your leader?” Jacques tried for a smile but it didn’t feel right on his mouth. Danger. His inner lion had its fur on end poised to attack. Waking up in a vampire lair didn’t reassure him they meant him no harm. Only knowing Nevio wanted his blood took away his fear.

“Come with me then.” Noah led Jacques out the door and down the hall. Jacques cast a curious gaze around him. The air smelled stale with a hint of blood.


How many of them lived in this one manor

Noah knocked on a closed door that appeared like every other closed door they had passed.

“Enter.” The deep voice sent shivers down Jacques’s spine.

Noah opened the door then motioned Jacques to follow. Jacques watched the vampire enter the room and kneel before the man sitting in a large overstuffed chair.

“Sire, your meal is here.”

“Hey!” Jacques snapped. “I’m not a snack.”

11 thoughts on “Catnapped – 9

  1. Oh good grief. Stand your ground, Jacques. Tap into your inner lion and don’t take any crap from the blood sucker. I am not happy with Nevio, the overbearing, conceited creep.

  2. He was remarkably calm before that comment, that asswipe probably just triggered the anger that had been kept at bay. I am way not impressed with the attitude of the vamps

  3. Amber I love all your books, this one is as I expected beautiful. Thank you keep the good work. Because I enjoy reading all your work. God bless you and yours always. Carmen D Elkashilan

  4. I will be very disappointed if Jacque gives in without some payback. Nevio is an ass. Wonder why Vampires are such shits.

  5. I really hope Noah is just winding Jacques up with the kneeling and meal comment because if not Nevio just lost any sympathy i had for him for his mate rejecting him.

  6. I love Jacques, and he needs to kick Nevio’s ass. That vampire may be a coven leader but he is still an ass..

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