Catnapped – 10

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* * * *

Jacques woke up in a room with white walls and golden brown furniture. Nothing familiar. It took him several minutes to recall what had happened.

“Vampires,” he hissed.

A frantic search of the room didn’t reveal any vampires lurking in the corners. This wasn’t a guarantee that they weren’t there. Jacques climbed out of bed pleased to find he still wore the clothes from the night before. Even if his jeans were a little stiff he didn’t have to worry about anyone removing anything other than his shoes. He found them lined up by the foot of the bed.

Ears perked for any sound he shoved his feet into his sneakers and tied them enough they would stay on his feet if he had to run. He pressed his ear to the door but didn’t hear anyone on the other side. Either the vampires didn’t care if he left or they didn’t think he’d awaken soon enough to cause problems.

He opened the door a crack, just enough to check around. No one stood outside or in the hall as far as he could see. Relieved he pulled the door completely open and stepped into the hall. He didn’t spot any cameras or other people. Maybe vampires didn’t need surveillance equipment.

Halfway down the hall Jacques ran into company.

“Where are you going pretty kitty?” A stranger came out of the shadows to leer at Jacques.

“To sharpen my claws,” he snapped.

The man laughed. “I’m Billen and you smell delicious. If I didn’t know you belonged to Nevio I would take a nibble for myself.”

“I don’t belong to anyone, Nevio included.” The hunger on Billen’s face told him he might have said the wrong thing.”

Billen trailed a finger down Jacques arm. “Are you denying Nevio’s claim?”

Jacques opened his mouth to do exactly that until he caught the cunning shine of Billen’s eyes. “No. I want to talk to him first.”

“Hmm, cautious kitty.”

“No. I’m just not stupid. The second I discard Nevio you are going to be on the prowl and I don’t want to be your blood bank.”

“You’re rather picky for a guest in our house.”

“Guest, kidnap victim. It’s all the same to you. Now are you going to take me to Nevio?”

“Eventually, I might decide to play with my food first.” Billen flashed his fangs at Jacques.

Jacques held up his right hand and transformed it into vicious claws. “And I might gut you where you stand.”

Billen paled, a nice trick for an ivory-skinned vampire.

“I’ll take it from here Billen. Please remember that while he is here Jacques is under my protection. If he feels he needs to protect himself I won’t hold him responsible for his actions.” Nevio’s feral smile eased Jacques anger.

“Thank you.”

Nevio smirked. “Oh you are very welcome. I will do anything to keep you happy.”

Jacques blushed. He couldn’t do much else. “Can you return me home.”

“You weren’t going home. You were leaving. I’m just encouraging that step.” Nevio’s reasonable tone didn’t fool Jacques at all.

“I wasn’t running here.”

“Why not? I can be your home.”

“I’m sure you could,” Jacques said trying not to sound too condescending. “However I’m going to go finish my degree in museum sciences.

“You can do that here,” Jacques said, his lush mouth firming into a hard line.

“No. I really can’t. The university here doesn’t offer it.”

“You can do distance learning.”

Jacques folded his arms and glared at Nevio. “And when it’s time for me to do my labs?”

“Really you are just creating obstacles sweetness.”

“For the sake of a truce between our families I am resisting the urge to punch you in the face,” Jacques said.

“I appreciate the warning,” Nevio said.

“As you should.” Jacques sat down on he bench and waited.

Nevio sat beside him and took Jacques hand to hold between his. “I know you are feeling overwhelmed. I can help you with that.”

Jacques opened his mouth then shut it again. He couldn’t quite decide what to do with a delusional vampire.

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      1. Yes, but he wakes up in the vampire’s house at the start of part 9, also, as well as at the start of part 10. At the end of Part 9, one of the vampires takes him to see Nevio.

  1. Happy Halloween! So pleased I received a Capnapped treat. Sounds like Jacques and Nevio are communicating. I’m sure Nevio will tick him off soon, so I’m glad for the pleasant interlude. Love this story.

  2. Hello~ I just finished reading, but it seems like part 9 and 10 don’t connect, or am I missing sth?

    On part 8, Jacques was taken by Nevio while on his way to college, and then on part 9, he wakes up in a strange room where he meets Noah and asks him to be taken to Nevio. On the last scene, Noah introduces Jacques as Nevio’s snack, but on part 10, he seems to have woken up in another room?

    1. I asked the same question. 🙂 Something isn’t quite connecting. 9 and 10 are either missing something in between, or are alternate scenarios.

  3. I thought the same thing. but if this is an alternative version i like it much better 🙂

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