Catnapped – 11

Okay so I reread 10 and there is a bit of a flow issue. Instead of going back over it I will just get on trucking. LOL This is what happens when I type sleepy.
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“Tell me what you need,” Nevio crooned.

“Freedom,” Jacques quipped taking back his hand.

“Once we’ve established a contract I will see about letting you have more ability to move outside of this house. However, I want you to look over this contract first.” He pulled a bundle of papers out of his inner pocket then handed them over.”

“Thanks.” He didn’t try to hide his sarcasm. If Nevio planned on keeping him here against his will he would be hearing a lot of it in the future.

“Don’t mention it,” Nevio beamed. “Now please keep in mind not everyone here is friendly. While none of my coven will attack you outright we have frequent visitors. Some of them might take offense of a mouthy feeder.”

“Then they can take their fangs and go,” Jacques sniped.

Nevio rubbed his hands over his face. “You are going to make this as miserable as possible.”

“Yes I am. Maybe you should let me go so you can enjoy the peace of my absence.” He raised his right eyebrow at Jacques.

“Good try, my little lion.”

“I’m not little,” Jacques denied.

“But you are mine,” Nevio’s pleased smile had Jacques clenching his fists.

“I really want to punch you.” The words blurted out before he could snatch them back. He pressed his hand to his mouth. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes you did.” Nevio ran a hand over Jacques hair. “But if we are going to be together we need to learn to get along.”

“Or we could part ways with no ill feelings.” The more the vampire fought him about it the more resentment faded and his amusement rose. His father always said he was a contrary creature.

“We could, but I’m not willing to.” Nevio wrapped a strand of Jacques hair around his finger. “How about we do a test?”

“What kind of test.” Jacques mistrust increased.

“Hmm, maybe test wasn’t the right word. How about trial? You stay here, with me, for two weeks and we get to know each other. And I don’t mean you tolerate me for two weeks than run off. I want you to genuinely try.”

“And what happens if we prove incompatible after two weeks.”

“I let you go.” Nevio lost his wistful smile and released Jacques hair. “I won’t hunt you down, or force you to return. I’ll even resist the urge to drug you and keep you captive.”

Jacques ran a hand through his hair. “I should probably be worried that you have that as an option.”

“I said I wouldn’t.” Nevio shrugged shoulders in an elegant dismissal.

Jacques mentally poked at the pros and cons for a while before deciding. “All right you have a deal. I will give you a genuine try and make a final decision in two weeks.”


He didn’t expect the kiss pressed to his lips and it ended before Jacques could properly object. “What was that for?”

“All the best personal contracts are sealed with a kiss. Take a look at yours and let me know if you have any changes or suggestions.”

Before Jacques could say anything else, Nevio left. Still clutching the contract in a tight fist Jacques headed back to the room he woke up inside. It only took him one wrong turn before he opened a door and entered the now familiar room.

Flopping down on the bed he unfolded the contract to give it a careful examination. If he decided to go along with this he needed to know all the details. He wouldn’t put it past Jacques to sneak in a little clause like Jacques had to massage Nevio’s feet every night.

He raised his eyes at the section titled schooling. Nevio had apparently taken his concerns seriously. A museum curator would be coming by to tutor him once a week while he was in residence and he would be doing his classes online. Would that really work?

Jacques tapped his chin as he considered the possibilities. At least Nevio seemed to be taking his concerns seriously and not just trying to plow over him.

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  1. It was really sweet of Nevio to help him with his schooling, shows he really does care.
    Love this story so far

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