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Hi and Happiest Birthday to Amber! I love being here to celebrate Amber’s special day and to share my newest release, which came out today. It’s titled Never and is part of a series I call The Pennymaker Tales – contemporary gay romance homages to famous fantasies and fairy tales. Each book is standalone and the tales are united by a single continuing character – the mysterious Mr. Pennymaker. Never is inspired by Peter Pan – a romance between super-responsible Wen Darling who works hard to take care of his brother and sister, and the wild and untamable Peter Panacheck, an artist and rock singer. Amber asked each of us what would be the ideal birthday for one of our characters, so here are a few thoughts.

Wen (short for Wendell) has always worked so hard, he never has time to have much fun. At the same time, he loves his siblings more than anyone – until he falls in love with Peter. So I think Wendell would love to have tacos from their favorite taco stand, with maybe some chile rellenos on the side, sitting around the table in his own apartment with the kids, Peter, Mr. Pennymaker, and maybe their friends Tink and the Lost Boys. Mr. P would bring some champagne.

Later, after all the tacos were consumed, Michaela would babysit for John while Wen and Peter went on a “date”. But they’d leave the apartment and sneak down to their old couch in the basement of the building for some serious snuggle time.

Of course, this would all take place before the happy ever after when they’d get to snuggle every night, but I still think for Wen this would be a very happy birthday indeed.

Wendell “Wen” Darling lives in a world of shoulds and musts. Left to care for his brother and sister by his dull drudge of a father and wacko irresponsible mother, he suppresses his creativity, slaving in an ad agency seventy hours a week, letting his no-talent supervisor take the credit.

Then his bosses blow the campaign for their biggest client and Wen gets a chance to shine—but only if he can find the artist who painted a wild, glorious wall of graffiti in the subway. Hiding behind a pillar at 2:00 a.m., Wen comes face-to-face with the scarlet-haired, elven-faced embodiment of his divergent opposite—Peter Panachek, the flighty, live-for-today painter, singer, and leader of the rock group the Lost Boys. Everything Wen takes seriously, Peter laughs off, but opposites attract, even if their kisses always lead to battles. Peter’s devil-may-care persona hides a world of secrets, self-protection, and hidden fears, until the day a drug dealer, Vadon Hooker, threatens everything Wen holds dear. Guided by the mysterious Mr. Pennymaker, Peter has to choose between facing responsibility or burrowing even deeper into Neverland.

Opening Line: When your dreams come to life, do you fall in love — or send them back to Neverland?


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  1. I added the others to my list too, I didn’t know about this series, can’t wait to read!

  2. I have not started this series yet but I love your books. This sounds great can’t wait to read it.

  3. This series sounds awesome and Never seems like a wonderful take off of the original. I’m gonna add this series to my TBR list. Can’t wait to read them.

  4. I have Never downloaded, hope I get time to read it soon. Probably not this weekend, alas. You know that I am a huge fan of this series. 🙂

  5. Hi everyone. Super thanks to Amber for having me and to all of you for you wonderful comments. I’m out of town this weekend with limited computer time, so please know i so appreciate all of you stopping by. HUGS!!

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