Welcome Birthday Guest Jambrea Jo Jones!

Happy Birthday, Amber. Thank you for letting me a part of your birthday month again!! I am going to share a never before seen snippet with my characters from Saving the Day. This bit takes place before the book.


“Happy birthday!”

I paused allowing the door to hit my ass. Being shouted at wasn’t something I expected at seven in the morning.  I looked around the reception area of the veterinary clinic hoping for a clue. All I saw was the office staff and my brother grinning like an idiot. What the hell was going on? My brother knew I didn’t like being surprised.

Our birthday had always been off limits. I didn’t like to celebrate. It was just another day. Something to remind me I’d been born with a ‘gift’. Something I couldn’t use unless I wanted extreme pain. I didn’t want to think about it.

I walked past everyone and headed for my office. I didn’t have time for this crap anyway. There was work to be done. Who had time for the birthday ritual? I didn’t. And neither did he. I knew for a fact Jimmy was booked full with animals this morning.

“Kent. You don’t have to be rude.”  Jimmy shut by office door behind him. I didn’t even know he’d followed me.

“You’re the rude one. You know I don’t like to dwell on this crap.” I set my keys on the desk and sat down to turn on my computer.

“Everyone just wanted us to have a good day. You could at lease pretend to be civil.” Jimmy crossed his arms over his chest.

Like that was going to cause me to jump up and be happy.

“It’s seven in the morning. You go be civil.”

“I was. You’re the one who didn’t say a word. You could have thanked them before you stormed off.”

“I don’t storm. And don’t you have appointments this morning?” I glared at him.

“Not until eight. Now come back out and thank everyone before we get to work. There’s cookies.” Jimmy left my office.

He knew the cookies would get me. It could be a weakness, but not one I’d admit to. Out loud. To him. It didn’t matter that we shared a womb, we were very different people. Jimmy could use his gift to help. I couldn’t. But, my birthday gift to him would be to go out into the reception area, play nice and take all of the birthday wishes. Maybe this year could be different. Something good could be coming my way. It hadn’t happened yet, but there was always a first time.




Superpower—check. Worldwide fans? No thank you!

Kent Laine and his twin brother Jimmy have superpowers in a world where most people don’t believe. Sure, comic books and movies make it seem so entertaining, but for them it isn’t. The brothers were raised to keep their powers hidden. To only use them when it’s absolutely necessary.

The struggle is real for Kent. He can heal people, but at what cost to himself? He envies his brother’s ability to speak with animals. If only he’d been given a non-active gift because the urge to help everyone is always strong.

In walks Albert Ott. His sister is dying. Will Kent be able to let her die? Or will he help the man he is coming to love?

Stay tuned…



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  1. This story sounds very interesting and I know how Kent feels about being surprised not a happy event.

  2. ugh! surprise party, I agree with Kent. I would not be happy with it either, especially at 7 am!!!! Thanks for the snippet.

  3. Gah, 7 am is way to early for a surprise party, especially if you don’t like them. The book sounds interesting, will definitely be checking it out.

  4. 7am and surprise parties do not go together LOL, I would love a chance to win this especially since I don’t use amazon for ebooks

  5. Thanks for the opportunity jambrea and happy birthday celebration amber.

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