Catnapped 13

Sorry about missing Monday. I seem to lose track of days. At least I got my next Moon Pack out…see I was doing something. HA!

I’m hoping I’m not contradicting something I wrote earlier.

Keep in mind this is unedited and sometimes written while I’m half asleep. You have been warned. 🙂

* * * *

Nevio sipped his coffee before setting the mug back on the iron table. “You’re right the garden is nice this time of day.”

Jacques had taken to sleeping in a patch of sunlight every afternoon in his lion form. Nevio had the servants put a table and two chairs along with an umbrella. It was oddly peaceful to sit in the shade while his lion companion napped. He’d taken to bringing his paperwork outside. Instead of the stifling quiet of his office he listened to the birds sing and the occasional insect buzz.

“Do the bloodsucking mosquitos suck a bloodsuckers blood?” Jacques asked. He sat on the grass with his arms wrapped around his knees. His bright eyes glowed with amusement.

Busy admiring the sunlight in Jacques hair, it took a minute for him to process what the lion shifter had said. “No. We are immune to insects. They aren’t attracted to our scent.”

Jacques made a humming sound but didn’t say anything else. He tilted back his head as if he were a flower seeking the sun.

“You should wear sunscreen.” Nevio bit his lip after he spoke.

“I don’t burn,” Jacques said. “I don’t know a single shifter who does.”

“Really?” Nevio would have to look into that. “I wonder if it’s a natural immunity.” If it was could it be passed along? He’d bring the idea to the coven’s doctor.

“We are immune to a lot of things. Is there enough coffee for two?” Jacques asked tilting his head up to look at the table.

“There can be.” Nevio motioned toward the servant standing by the door. There was always someone within sight in case he needed anything. As the leader he often had to call someone to him or have something fetched right away. It was easier to have a servant on call than to have hunt down a messenger. They might have cell phones but more than a few of the coven ignored them. If it was urgent they expected a live person to come and tell them so.

Nevio didn’t blame them for their beliefs but they were inconvenient at times. A second mug appeared on the table along with a basket of pastries. Vampires could eat but it wouldn’t sustain them like blood. However the coven kept chefs on hand to feed donors. A full donor was a happy donor.

“These are good.” Jacques’s happy noises made Nevio smile.

Everything about Jacques made him smile even when he was being grumpy lion. “I’m glad you are enjoying them. Do you have enough to keep you busy?”

“For a lion,” Jacques replied.

“What does that mean?”

“That I have enough to keep me busy for now but I’m waiting to find out when my tutor will be here.”

“Next week. I wanted you to have this week to settle in. I didn’t want you to have too many changes at one time.”

“I’m settled.”

“Good. Everything else to your satisfaction? Getting enough food?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Jacques happier expression eased Nevio’s concerns.

A happy lion would be one that didn’t try to escape. “I did have a question for you.”


“Why do you live with wolves?”

Jacques smiled. “I was wondering when you would ask that.”

“The only thing I really know about you is that you live with wolves and your blood is the nectar of the gods.”

Jacques blushed. “I was abandoned in front of the pack house. The letter I was left with said that my father was a wolf so they could keep me. We never did find out if that was true or not.”

“Why wouldn’t your mother keep you if she knew you were a lion?”

“Because I smell like a wolf. She probably assumed I would shift into one. Shifters don’t change until they are at least two. From my scent she decided I took after my father and didn’t want to take care of me. No one in the pack ever admitted an affair with a lion so I never did find out who my dad is. They tried a DNA test but it didn’t match anyone in the pack. The person either moved on or never belonged to our pack.”


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