Catnapped 14

As promised an extra edition. Not super long…but here!

 * * * *

Nevio didn’t have a response for Jacques statement of him being half wolf. “I didn’t know shifters could interbreed.”

The ‘you’re and idiot’ look Jacques flashed him would’ve made him blush if he could. “We are human even if we can change into an animal. Humans can breed.”

“Sorry,” Nevio raised his hands in defense. “I’ve never given shifter sex much attention.”

“The way you’re going you never will.” Jacques sniffed.

“Is that your way of saying maybe some day we can be more than donor and vampire?”

Jacques flushed. “No, that is my mouth running ahead of my brain.”

“I’m going to let you off the hook this time.” Nevio smirked.

“How generous of you.”

“Isn’t it?”

Jacques played with the handle of his mug, moving the cup back and forth a few times. “When do you think you want me to start donating blood?” The lion shifter didn’t make eye contact.

Jacques held back the urge to declare now the perfect time. “How about next Tuesday? If you come find me after breakfast I can drink from you then.”

“Why can’t I just bleed in a tube like I do when donating at the pack?”

Nevio collected his thoughts trying to figure out a polite way to telling Jacques how much he yearned to lick the lion shifter’s skin and taste that first orgasmic suck of warm blood from the source. “Some of the nutrients are lost in transport from body to cup.”

“Really?” Jacques eyes went wide.

“Not a lot but some. And it is more pleasant for a vampire to drink from living flesh.” Might as well be honest or at least moderately honest. Too much honest would drive Jacques away.

“Oh, I guess I can see that. My lion half prefers game I hunted down myself rather than stuff bought at the store.”

“Exactly.” Nevio smiled. It was nice that Jacques understood.

“You, um, don’t need to drink earlier than that?” Jacques bit his lip adorably and looked up him with big innocent lion eyes.

Nevio clutched his mug carefully chanting in his head how many ways wrong it would be to throw Jacques on the floor and have his way with the younger man.

“You all right?” Jacques asked.

Nevio shook his head. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know but you had a strange expression on your face.”

“Sorry. Your tutor is coming next Wednesday to go over your schedule. Will you be ready?”

“Yes!” Jacques warm, brilliant smile had Nevio wishing he could keep it there forever. “I can’t wait to start.”

“I think your online class starts there next week also.”

“Yeah, Thursday. It will be a busy week.”

“Good it gives you less time to mope.” It hadn’t missed Nevio’s attention that Jacques appeared a bit sad and lost in the mansion without his pack buddies.

“I don’t mope!” Jacques said with a proud tilt of his head. “I sulk with style.”

17 thoughts on “Catnapped 14

  1. New favorite quote!

    “I don’t mope!” Jacques said with a proud tilt of his head. “I sulk with style.”


  2. “I don’t mope!” Jacques said with a proud tilt of his head. “I sulk with style.”
    I am so going to use that phrase as soon as I get the opportunity. It’s perfect.

  3. I agree new phrase is great. Still hope Jacques doesn’t given in too soon. I would hate to be the only one in a coven at least with the wolves he is half.

  4. Snicker. Found a new favorite phrase. Love this blog story and hope Jacques doesn’t cave too soon. BTW, does Jacques have any wolf traits? From your descriptions he’s lion through and through with a healthy helping of magic abilities.

    Really would like to see this published.

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