111 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #7

  1. I’d say Dragon Men: Mate Hunt or Matchmaker, Matchmaker; depends on if the recommendee prefers shifters or vampires 🙂

  2. My first thought when I hear Amber Kell is Moon Pack series. I would start with the first Moon Pack book.

  3. The Case of The Cupid Curse, because it is really entertaining and it hooks you up immediately, or Wooing Master Jones, which was my first…

  4. Dragon men as I love the interactions between them all, especially as they are all different species living together with a father assassin lol

  5. Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter – it is one of my favourite reads and is pretty much perfect and should appeal to a variety of tastes. I love it and now I’ve the urge for a re-read.

  6. Hmm, I’d have to go with something that’s more of a one-off (as opposed to a series) so they don’t get overwhelmed. Something like My Man Declan or the Wandmaker.

  7. From Pack to Pride, the first book in Supernatural Mates as kind of a teaser to temp them into reading more. I think that as an introduction to what maybe their first manlove story Talan and Adrian’s intro is the right touch of sexy and sweet.

  8. Since not everyone is into paranormal I’d go with Tempting Sin one of my comfort reads

  9. Moon pack series, attracting Anthony. 1st book I ever read by Amber and I have been hooked ever since

  10. Either the Moon Pack books, or Thresl. Both very good series with everything necessary to hook anyone to Amber!

  11. I would have (and have already) suggested soldier mine because it begins a great series and it is one of my favorite

  12. The first book I read was The Vampire King’s Husband. After reading that, I was smitten.
    My all time favorite book though is My Man Declan. It’s got a stuffy vampire and an obsessive elf.

  13. Attracting Anthony because that is the first book that I began with when I was curious about Amber’s books.

  14. That’s a tough one, but it would have to be the first one I ever read which was ‘Pack to Pride’ in the Supernatural Mates series.

  15. It would depend on what trope they liked.
    Jaynell’s wolf is a good shifter start.
    Keys is brilliant for steampunk fans
    Attracting Anthony for shifter loving, loooong series loving types.
    Theres my personal favourite Trials of Tam.
    Pretty much the first book in any series would be good.

  16. Hmm… I might possibly loan someone my Banded Brothers paperback. If I trusted them. So not a stranger. But I would recommend it as a starting point. Or maybe Jaynell’s Wolf or My Man Declan. Or Keys.

  17. So hard to decide – but I’ll go with Dragonmen because it is a series I love and they can get hooked on:)

  18. Any book would be a great introduction, but I think Keys. It has amazing characters and world building, plus it is a little longer so they can see how great Amber’s writing is!

  19. I would give them a print copy of the Thresl Chronicles: Volume one. Then they won’t have to stop after the first story and I love the characters and twists in that series. Great worldbuilding 🙂

  20. I would have to say Attracting Anthony, the first Moon Pack book and the first Amber Kell book I read back in April 2009.

  21. Attracting Anthony is the first one of Amber’s books that I read and I would recomend it to anyone as a start to whole set of amazing books.

  22. My first Amber book was the first Hellbourne book back when she published with Literary Press but of those first the one I read more often is Bonding With Graven.

  23. Attracting Anthony for the Moon Pack or Ash Swan for the Cob Brothers. Ash Swan because it was my first and introduced me to shifters other than standard wolf or cat. Moon Pack because it’s a great series.

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