113 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #9

  1. The Larson Legacy, followed by A Wizard’s Touch, the Moon Pack, and Supernatural Mates. Might as well put a plug in for them, as well!

    1. Oh I know right, it just ends and there hasn’t been a new book and I’m just dying to see what happens next.

  2. End Street Detective Agency, Moon Pack. I’d love to read another book in the Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter. My Shining Star, book one Love and Vampires series, is such an amazing book, I’d love to read a sequel. Any plans to start a series with Declan and Phoenix Moorhaven? Yep…greedy.

  3. This isn’t a straight forward-easy to answer question because I love revisiting characters. Maybe holiday shorts are the answer so we can see what is happening with all our favorite main characters like Adrian & Talan, Anthony & Silver, Charlie & Marcus, Carey & Broden, Kurtis & Jiang, Jory & Val & Rai, Stephen & Victor. OK this list is getting long but I do love checking in on old loves and seeing what’s new.

  4. hard to answer that but I think planetary submissives or thresl or dragon mates. . . or anything really. . I’m pretty sure I’m missing some that I really enjoy

  5. Hmm….hard call really. I’d like to see more Dragons of Seattle, because that is unfinished, but I don’t know that I would want it to go “forever”. I think series should run their proper length, whatever that may be. It’s not as if you run out of ideas for new series or standalones. And if you feel the need to revisit characters, you can always have them pop up in a spinoff or do a cameo appearance.

    I do want more Dragons of Seattle, Quentin Heart, and Keys.

  6. I would like to see all the unfinished series continue to a natural stopping point. I really want to know what happens next for the Dragons of Seattle, the Larson Legacy, Quentin, Cob brothers, End Street, etc. So many more stories for Amber to tell.

  7. End Street Detective Agency would be first, but I really want to know what happens next in City of Keys too. And Larson Legacy and Wizards Touch too please.

  8. Any who want to tell their story, so i hope for many more.
    New worlds and maybe a who is who page to look the caracters up.

  9. I think I would like the end street detective agency and possibly have the matchmaker turn into a series as it could end up with quite a few books in it lol

  10. You are asking really hard questions. I can’t decide, because I love them all and would love to see them go on forever. I really enjoyed City of Keys and would love to see more of it. I also love the Dragons of Seattle and the Dragon Mates series.

  11. Hard to pick but top choice would be the Dragonmen series followed by Wizard’s Touch and Banded Brothers/Dragons of Seattle.

  12. Sooo hard to pick. Banded Brothers. I would love to see a series for Quentin Heart, Vampire Hunter.

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