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  1. It might sound wierd but when I read a really good book & fully relax. I’ll start thinking something completely different & want to start it. Like when I started doing photo transfers on to wood & stuff.

  2. I like cross stitching and painting but I’m not very good at coming up with my own ideas so I love browsing cross stitching projects to find the right one or I look for images about a specific topic (animal, flower, or holiday) to see if there are any I think I could paint.

  3. I like to write short stories . Some have been about characters from a much loved show or dear friends. My most recent have been about two wonderful friends who are upset they they haven’t found that special someone to share their life with. I was inspired to give them that if only though my imagination. Once the ideas popped in to my head, I wasn’t able to get them down fast enough. Both of them have loved the stories I wrote for them and that means the world to me.

  4. My inspiration is stormy weather. I love watching the designs lightning makes in the sky.

  5. It’s pretty random. A sunset brings out the camera. A day in the park, watching people. Reading a book and thinking “I’d do it this way”

  6. A walk among the pine trees….which is hilarious as I’m allergic to them…maybe the sneexing jigs a few synapse lose?

  7. When I’m driving my truck I usually listen to audiobooks. But when I’m thinking of something I’d like to maybe try to write I look at places I see off the highway. And think of the stories around those places.

  8. Coloring, the adult ones I can get lost in for hours and it gives me a clear head for creative inspiration like art projects with my girls or flyers for the car local car show.

  9. Thanks for asking Amber.
    Architecture in general inspires me, but I love old buildings like the Arctic Building on the corner of Third Avenue and Cherry Street in Seattle.
    When I travel, I go bonkers. Camera in hand, I wander streets and neighborhoods, on the lookout for gingerbread or special embellishments that are so lacking in many modern era buildings. I come home (even a day trip to the city is an adventure) refreshed, rejuvenated, happy and at peace.

    And FWIW, Chicago has fabulous buildings.

  10. I hope your Son likes his new school I know that is the most important item on your agenda. To be honest I can’t think of anything I can create so nothing really inspires me to do anything. I just enjoy my time out side with nature and relaxing with a book and be thankful that other people are so creative so I can enjoy their stuff.

  11. Reading different stories makes me think how I would want a scenario to go and then I start mentally going through what would happen.

  12. I am not in the least artsy or creative so I just enjoy what others come up with be it a story painting or whatever

  13. Oddly enough, quiet times when my brain starts sifting and spiraling, sometimes into small poems and sometimes into ideas.

  14. Music! Depends on what is causing my lack of inspiration the genre of music that will help me, but music always helps me.

  15. Nature! Going for a walk in a place surrounded by trees, rocks and water is what makes my imagination sing… I always get lost in my mind when surrounded by nature.

  16. Looking at the outdoors, even photos, or just being outdoors. I especially enjoy the frosted beauty of trees and pines the morning after it snows. Good thing in Maine! Thank you for having this contest, and I hope you and your son have a wonderful trip.

  17. I love creating Bento lunches. I love looking at pictures of different Bento boxes and ideas and then coming up with designs of my own. I have made some for my twin and niece and nephew using leftovers and they loved their lunches.

  18. My creativity comes at the strangest times, I find either while driving or even sleeping that ideas just hit me. The problem is trying to remember them.

  19. I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about their background and heritage. The more I interact with people who might seem different from me at first, the more I discover all the commonalities we share. We live in an amazing world filled with wonderful people, places, and animals. We all need to learn to look beyond that first glance and realize that most people want the same things from life: Health and happiness for their families and themselves.

  20. The research. Whether it’s research for genealogy, folk art, painting or drawing, just looking for information on any will spark an idea or a concept and then I’m away with the fairies, lol. For me it’s all about the research.

  21. I love when my husband just drives me around. I love just looking out the window and wondering what all the older places I see use to look like or just driving in the country. I can always see a story in that. Wish I could write.

  22. I find inspiration in dreams. I often write my dream down so I can pick it apart later.

  23. It can come at odd moments – looking at the sunset or late night sky, hiking in the mountains, driving, or even when I go to bed before I fall asleep (though those are hard to remember the next day) 🙂

  24. A beautiful day. It is just so relaxing that I feel like I can do anything.

  25. The sky. I love looking up into the sky. I like watching the clouds and gazing at the stars. It reminds me that beyond our sky is a universe filled with possibilities.

  26. I do a lot of crochet, so yarn stores really do it for me! The colors and textures inspire way more than I will ever have the time (or cash) for.

  27. I enjoy car rides and the time to let your mind go( I’m the passenger). I enjoy painting, and also play games on my iPad.

  28. Listening to Music! Songs from Movies or Anime or Tv Series or Kpop
    Most of the time I might not understand them but the vocal just Pull/Bring bring out something in you forcing you to express it in any way or form possible

  29. Camping with my hammock in the woods. Listening to the music of the woods, seeing the wildlife passing by.

  30. I love seeing new thing and I love looking at old house I hope your son likes his new school

  31. Watching my children grow and seeing my grandchildren start to take their first steps into the world

  32. My creativity is sparked when I converse with my sister! She is so rediculously artistic and she inspires me to want to do more in my life. I also will go shopping and find things that I can turn into the neatest stuff- with my daughter! She’s 8 and loves drawing and doing crafts!

  33. When I’m with my 10 grandkids, I’m always introducing them to various crafts and games. We have an awesome time and I learn something from them every time. I also make clothes and quilts for them to each personality and age.

  34. I generally read or knit and think to get inspired but the thing about inspiration is, it really can be anything and occur anywhere, usually when you least expect it.

  35. Anything can trigger an idea for me. Once I saw a guy on a bicycle and a story idea came to fruition. Another time I overheard a young, good-looking guy at a store and it was so interesting I made up a story for him as well. I just have to be in the ‘mind’ to get the ideas flowing. A song, a movie, a conversation, a dream, any of them can make a story pop in my mind.
    Good travels with your son!

  36. Alot of things spark my creativity. Colors in the sky and nature. Others creativity. Lately I’ve been thinking of trying to draw the alien character’s of one of my favorite book series. When I see a line drawing I like I always tell my mom or friends I want to color it. Lol. I also love different types of achitectur, like Victorian, Gothic, Queen Anne, Tudor. I can read multiple books in a week so sometimes it makes me want to write my own book. I just have to write by hand and can’t type worth crap. But it’s still inspiring. I also love everything Disney. Especially Disney world it’s so colorful with hidden stuff everywhere

  37. Anything can spark my creativity. Believe it or not, even a bad day can. I feel like I need to do something big to demostrate I can do more.

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