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I have combined Catching Mr. Right & Accounting for Luke into one easy to buy bundle *snicker*

I’ll be posting excerpts throughout the week to entice those of you who haven’t purchased these before. If you already have don’t repurchase there are only editing changes 🙂

Excerpt Chapter One: (catching Mr Right)

Tucker Right was a touchy person—he patted men on the back, kissed women on the cheek, and gave the occasional shoulder grip to people he was fond of. In fact, Norm Wells realized as he tossed back his scotch, Tucker touched everyone but him. In the five years they’d known each other, he could easily count on one hand the number of times his best friend had done more than shake his hand, always after one of Norm’s breakups. Then he rated a hug, sometimes a kiss on the cheek.


He held up a finger to the bartender. If he did this right, he wouldn’t be able to count how many fingers he was lifting in a few minutes.

It was one of those days.

“You’re going to get snockered, and then I’ll have to pour you home,” a deep voice spoke beside him. Although Tucker’s breath brushed Norm’s ear, once again he didn’t touch him.

“What do you care? Go touch somebody else.” Watching the man he wanted paw everyone but him made his heart hurt. He threw back his head and let the scotch burn its way down his throat.

“Now that’s just disrespectful, tossing back expensive liquor like that. I know it’s the expensive stuff because my bud doesn’t do cheap,” Tucker teased. Strong fingers cupped Norm’s chin, turning his head until Norm faced his friend. He held back the sigh that always wanted to escape his lips when he looked into those brilliant blue eyes. Eyes so light they were almost colorless. His assistant, Becca called them serial-killer eyes. Norm thought they were the most beautiful things in the universe.

He’s touching me. The thought ricocheted through his head like a pinball marble.

“What’s wrong, Norm? Len being an asshole?” The sympathy in his friend’s voice was almost his undoing, but he knew he could keep it together—he just needed more alcohol in his system.

“Len’s gone. We broke up last week,” he confessed.

“Why?” A crease formed on Tucker’s tanned brow. “I thought you guys were good together.”

Norm couldn’t explain how trapped he’d felt in the relationship, unable to breathe.

“Why is it that a beautiful man like yourself can’t keep a guy?” Tucker asked musingly. “You’re rich, more gorgeous than most of the people on the planet, and beneath your crusty exterior is the heart of a sweet man. Why are you always looking for your next boyfriend?”

“Apparently because I’m emotionally unavailable.” Bitterness filled him as he remembered the conversation with his ex-boyfriend.

“Seriously?” Tucker released Norm’s chin then tucked a lock of Norm’s hair behind his ear in an affectionate gesture. The contact made Norm shiver. “That’s what you get for dating a psychiatrist.”

When had he become touch-worthy? With effort, he forced himself to continue the conversation and not sigh like a teenage girl with her first crush.

“I thought you said he was perfect for me?”

“And I thought he’d help you with your people issues, not add to them.” Tucker’s sexy mouth turned down and his voice held an angry edge. “If I knew he was going to make you feel like crap, I would’ve gotten rid of him.”

“Things like that are why my assistant thinks you’re a hit man.”

Between Tucker’s muscular six-foot-three body and his arctic blue eyes, no one messed with him. Tucker owned a security company taking care of electronic surveillance and personal protection for high-profile clients and visiting dignitaries. Whispered rumors claimed he used to be part of the CIA. Norm had never had the guts to ask. The two met when Norm had needed help uncovering the source of a security breach in his nano-technology lab. Tucker had set up his security and helped catch the thief, saving Norm millions of dollars of research in the process.

He held up his hand to the bartender for another round. Tucker caught his wrist. “He’s had enough,” he told the bartender.

The man nodded as he slid a piece of paper across the bar toward Norm. “Call me if you ever want to go out sometime.” The bartender gave him a wide smile and a wink before walking away to serve customers at the other side of the bar.

“It’s definitely time to take you home before the bartender does.” Tucker wrapped an arm around Norm as he melted off his barstool.

“He’s kind of cute.”

“He’s not good enough for you,” he thought he’d heard Tucker mutter as his larger friend supported him.


Tucker bit back a moan as Norm’s body slid across his. After meeting him five years ago, Tucker knew there was no reason to continue dating other men, or even women. When you found your soul mate, other people were just a way of passing time. Norm Wells, with his chocolate-brown hair and ever-changing green eyes, made Tucker’s heart race faster just by saying hello than most other people did while having sex. No one else measured up to his soulful-eyed friend, and if he couldn’t have Norm, he didn’t want anyone else. Norm deserved better than a battered ex-mercenary with a bloody past. The worst part was his friend’s horrible taste in men.

After his initial dislike of anyone touching Norm, Tucker had decided a psychiatrist might be a good match for his complicated friend, but over the past few months, he realized Len didn’t understand Norm. Luckily, the fool moved too quickly. Len hadn’t understood Norm’s relationship issues. Some head doctor he was.

He held Norm securely to his side and led him toward the door. Before they’d made it halfway through the bar, Len entered.


“Something wrong?” Norm asked in a liquor-slurred voice.

“Nothing I can’t handle, sweetheart.”

Catching sight of them, the psychiatrist marched right over. “I see Tucker is here to pick up the pieces again.” Len gave Tucker an unfriendly smile. “It must be nice to have someone always at hand to take care of you. I thought I was getting that job, but apparently, it was already filled when we got together.”

“What are you talking about?” Norm’s eyes turned a muddy dull green, a sure sign of unhappiness. They worked as a mood ring for the complex man—happy showed as the purest emerald Tucker had ever seen.

“Leave him alone, Len. He’s had too much to drink. I’m taking him home.”

“Maybe I should come along to make sure you don’t take advantage of him.”

“Are you freakin’ kidding me?” Rage filled Tucker at the thought of anyone touching Norm when he wasn’t in his right senses. He didn’t even want to think about how many men in the bar would be more than happy to take Norm off his hands.

“It’s okay, Len. Tucker would never touch me. He doesn’t want me that way.” Norm leaned over and patted his ex-boyfriend on the shoulder. Tucker tightened his grip. Norm would never forgive him if Tucker let him take a header on the floor, drunk or not.

“Like hell he doesn’t.” Len gave Norm a pleading look. “I’m sorry I rushed you, baby. I came to apologize and see if we can make it work. We don’t have to live together right away. We can take our time.”

Norm swayed while shaking his head. “It wasn’t working out. I’m a disappointment to you. I’m not what you need.”

“See, problem solved. Go away, Len.” Tucker held Norm and glared at Len, letting his urge to kill him show in his eyes.

Len paled. “I-I’ll call you later, Norm.”

“Don’t bother,” Tucker growled.

The psychiatrist scurried away through the crowd, almost slamming into a pair of dancers in his haste.

Norm’s body shook. With his head tilted down, Tucker couldn’t see his expression. Remorse bit him deep.

“Oh, honey. I didn’t know you wanted to keep him. I’ll call and make it up to him tomorrow.” What if he’d just ruined Norm’s last chance of a good relationship?

Norm looked up, his bright green eyes filled with laughter. “That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Relief rushed through Tucker. He hadn’t ruined anything after all. “Come on, buddy. I’ll take you home, but from now on, I get to pick your dates. You suck at finding a guy.”


He drove to Norm’s condo in silence. Looking over from time to time, Tucker couldn’t tell if Norm was sleeping or just resting his eyes.

“You still with me?”

“Mmmhmm Norm’s voice, rough and sleepy-soft, made Tucker harder than granite.

“I’ll have you home in just a minute.”


Tucker shook his head in amusement. Minutes later, he pulled into the parking garage. Habit had him scanning his surroundings as he helped Norm out of the car, easily accepting the weight of the smaller man. Sighing, he wrapped his arm around Norm and headed for the elevator. He needed to get his act together, stop obsessing over Norm, and find someone to take care of the adorable genius. Norm needed a man with the patience to deal with his absentmindedness and the sweetness to counter the coolness of his scientific mind.

In the elevator, as Norm leaned against him, a soft sniffle reached his ears. “Tuck, you always take good care of me.”

“Oh, babe. We’ll find you someone.” It would hurt to see Norm with someone else, but he’d do anything to make him happy, absolutely anything.

He would find Norm the perfect man or die trying.

“What if I don’t want someone?” Norm looked up, an adorable pout crossing his lips.

Tucker laughed—a short, bitter sound. “Honey, you need someone to take care of you more than anyone I’ve ever met.”

They exited the elevator before his friend could comment and walked to the condo with a stumbling out-of-sync gait.

Tucker propped Norm against the wall as they stood in front of his door and Norm searched for his keys.

“Let me find them.”

Norm sighed. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I do need a keeper.”

“Not a keeper,” Tucker said, taking his time, carefully patting Norm down. If he patted Norm’s ass a few more times than key-finding required, no one was going to know, certainly not his drunk friend. “You just need someone to organize your day-to-day stuff.”

“I have an assistant,” Norm protested.

“For work, but who organizes your personal life? As your best friend, I’m going to take charge of that by finding you the perfect guy.”

Now he knew what it meant when a person’s eyes got as wide as saucers.

“But you don’t have a boyfriend or even a girlfriend for that matter. What makes you such an expert?”

Tucker never hid his bisexual nature, but since the day he’d met Norm, he’d never looked at another person with more than casual interest. In the past five years, Norm had gone through several relationships. Tucker suspected that Norm feared losing someone else. He had lost both of his parents and his little sister in a plane accident, when they’d been flying to visit him at MIT.

“My lack of a significant other doesn’t reflect my ability to find someone. Do you think I can’t get a date?” He tried to play it off as if Norm’s opinion didn’t mean everything to him.

Norm gave him a slow and steady look over. He’d stripped stark naked before other men and felt less vulnerable. “I’m sure you could find someone if you didn’t scare them off.” He gave a low chuckle. “I thought Len was going to cry.”

Norm was set off with a case of the giggles until he collapsed onto the floor, still laughing.

Damn, even drunk, he tipped the adorable scale.

Tucker leaned down and lifted Norm back to his feet. “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get you into bed.” His cock twitched at the thought, but Norm didn’t need a killer in his bed—he needed someone gentle. Someone who could lure him into a relationship, take care of him, and make sure he could find his car keys in the morning.

“’Kay. Is my head gonna hurt tomorrow?” he asked, imploring Tucker to have all the answers.

“Yes, but I’ll leave you some vitamin C and aspirin.”

“Thanks, Tucker.”

Tucker got Norm to his bedroom and stripped him down to his underwear, resolutely not looking at the man’s fit body or drool-worthy abs. Okay, maybe a little.

Once his charge lay safely beneath the covers, Tucker went through Norm’s medicine cabinet. He returned to the bedroom and set aspirin and vitamin C bottles, along with a glass of water on the nightstand by the alarm clock.

His heart ached at the sound of Norm’s soft snores. Fighting the impulse to slide beneath the covers and join the sleeping man, Tucker leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Norm’s forehead before heading for the door.

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