Welcome Birthday Guest Charlie Richards!

A huge Thank You to Amber for her invitation to join in her annual November Birthday Bash! Best wishes to her for a fantastic birthday.

This year Amber has asked us to share what kind of birthday party we would throw for ourselves if we could invite fictional characters…as well as why.

I actually found that to be a very thought-provoking request for several reasons. First, I haven’t celebrated my birthday with a party in eight years. My personal preference is…it’s my birthday. It’s my day. Allow me the privilege of doing whatever I want that day. And to be honest, that’s normally nothing. A hot bubble bath with a glass of wine while reading a book usually sounds just about perfect…and pizza and wings.

Mmmm…pizza and wings.

Ha ha.

Secondly, I prefer small gatherings. Anything bigger than eight to ten people is out of the question. That meant I had to decide how many of my limited guest spaces would be real people and how many of them would be fictional characters.

Finally, there is the issue of who I would want my fictional characters to be. Okay, that one is actually easy—a few of my own guys. There are several people in my crazy mind that I would love to interact with. A conversation over pizza, wings, and drinks would be very entertaining.

To that end, here’s what I came up with.

Other than my husband and myself, I would invite my good friend, Tara. For years she was the companion I bounced ideas off of while out horseback riding together, and I think she would find it just as fascinating to meet some of my mental creations as I would. I would also invite my neighbor, Deb, as she has turned into a wonderfully open-minded pal over the last couple of years.

As for the characters from my books…I think it would be absolutely entertaining to sit at a table and share a meal with the following guys—Jared and Carson (but you all knew that already, right?)—Raven and Liam—and finally Lyle and Todd. Yes, limiting it to three pairs was tough, but I didn’t want to have two much testosterone and ego in the room. I don’t want my house trashed with brawls or guys shifting to their animals in my dining room. Fortunately, I do think having the calming influences of Liam and Todd to their counterparts, not to mention Carson’s chiding and self-control to balance out Jared’s persona, would keep my home intact.

I mean, who doesn’t like a little gun talk at the dinner table…and explosives. The zombie apocalypse is coming, after all, and I plan to be ready – lol. I would learn a lot. Not to mention the guys’ talk of morality would be fascinating. On top of that, the good-natured ribbing about computer skills between them all would be fun to listen to. I would also truly love to actually see one of the guys shift. That has to be cool, right?

It would be an educational and side-splitting experience for me all the way around. Of course the food would be excellent, too.

Well, that’s it for me. Thank you so much for joining me today, and again, many thanks and best wishes to Amber. Please be on the look-out for my upcoming release in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series – Book #46 – Singing in the Wolf’s Shower – which will be out on November 16th. However, if you need a little shifter fun right away, check out my latest release – the 25th tale in the Kontra’s Menagerie series – Fae on a Roll. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt, plus where you can find it at eXtasy Books or Amazon.


Extasy Books | Amazon


Prudhoe Rison is a specially trained fae enforcer and had been sent to the human realm to search for a missing prince. After completing that task, he should have returned home, but feeling a pull to stay, he’s remained for several weeks. Wandering the town to discover the source of the sensation has proven fruitless…until he drives past the library. The pull he’s been feeling intensifies, and he follows it into the building. There he meets Korvyn Peruke—his paramour—the other half of his soul. Prudhoe is drawn to Korvyn’s friendly disposition and outgoing personality. Even though the human is wheelchair-bound, it doesn’t stop Korvyn from enjoying life.

At first, Korvyn doesn’t understand why the serious and handsome Prudhoe is taking an interest in him—until he puts two and two together. A visit from a fae enforcer alerts Prudhoe that people in his own realm are talking about him. It also tells Korvyn—who already knows about paranormals—that Prudhoe is something other. Can Prudhoe keep Korvyn safe when trouble from the fae realm comes calling, or will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep Korvyn safe?


Sweeping his gaze around the place, Prudhoe scoped it out. He saw rows upon rows of bookshelves filled with all manner of books to his left. To the right was a number of wooden tables with chairs, and along the wall were some computer bays with large dividers offering the illusion of privacy.

Straight ahead of Prudhoe was a huge desk. Signs indicated where one could return books as well as where one would check them out. There was even a sign that said Information, as if the average Joe walking in couldn’t figure that out on his own.

Prudhoe held in his snort of amusement, but just barely…and only because there was an older woman sporting a gray bobbed hairdo who was eyeing him warily.

No sense scaring the local wildlife.

After giving the lady a small smile and a dip of his chin in acknowledgement, Prudhoe headed toward the left. The right area, after all, was empty. He strolled down one aisle after another, forcing himself to keep a slow pace. Even though he would have preferred to stride swiftly, checking out each person as he passed, Prudhoe didn’t, seeing as he didn’t want to look like he was hunting.

Even though I am.

Turning onto an aisle in the romance section, Prudhoe felt his feet stall. He almost turned around and skipped that row. His heart hammering in his chest, discomfort filled him.

Prudhoe felt his skin crawl, uneasiness flooding him. Katie stood beside a young man in a wheelchair. She nodded her head every few seconds, perhaps agreeing with the guy. With the way Katie caught her lower lip between her teeth, it appeared more likely that she was accepting his counsel.

Why the hell is Katie here? Did she follow me?

He’d just taken a step backward when the pair looked his way. Opening his mouth, he prepared to say…something. Meeting the young, wheelchair-bound man’s pale-brown eyes, however, caused all thoughts to flee from Prudhoe’s mind—all except one.

My paramour! At long last, I have found him.

“Hey, Prudhoe,” Katie greeted warmly, heading toward him. A smile lit her features, and a blush darkened her cheeks. “I had no idea you enjoyed reading. What kind of books do you like?”

Prudhoe clenched his jaw for an instant, then decided it was high time she got the message. “I enjoy gay romance.” He decided to go for blunt. “Makes me feel like I got a shot at finding my own guy someday. Know if this library has a section?”

Katie’s eyes widened, and her jaw sagged open. Her cheeks took on a deep pinkish hue, and Prudhoe just bet it was for a different reason than before. Sliding her gaze to the left, she stared at the books as she blinked quickly.

For a few seconds, Prudhoe thought he’d been too blunt and had offended her. To his relief, however, she soon returned her focus to him. Her blush still darkened her cheeks, and while her lips remained in a smile, there was a slyness to the look and an odd gleam in her eyes.

Uh oh.

Turning, Katie waved toward the young man in the wheelchair. “I’d like to introduce you to Korvyn. He works here at the library.” With a wink, she added, “And I bet he’d be able to make some fantastic recommendations, since I know he enjoys that genre, too.” Katie stepped past Prudhoe as she called, “See you later, Kor! Let me know when my book comes in.”

Then Katie was gone.

Prudhoe didn’t watch her go. His gaze was riveted to Korvyn, instead. Upon hearing that his paramour enjoyed gay romance, anticipation filled him.

That’s a good sign. Right?

Deciding blunt was working for him, Prudhoe strode toward the young man he wanted to soon make his own. He held out his hand, suddenly loving the human habit of shaking hands when meeting someone new. It gave him an excuse to touch.

“Hi, Korvyn.” He smiled, doing his best to keep his hunger from tinging his expression. “I’m Prudhoe. Prudhoe Rison. It’s nice to meet you.”

Korvyn reached out and took his hand.

Instantly, a zing of heated arousal surged through Prudhoe, causing his blood to fire in his veins. His mouth watered, and his heart thudded wildly.

I will soon make this human all mine.


26 thoughts on “Welcome Birthday Guest Charlie Richards!

  1. Those are great choices, and Jared would be on my guest list no matter what because he’s one of my favorite characters from that whole (intertwined) universe. 🙂

  2. I love the Wolves of Stone Ridge and Jared and Carson are definitely a pair that would be great to have a conversation with at dinner.

  3. I love can not wait to read your new book in the mean time i think i may just reread Jared and Carson book again

  4. I have literally just finished a re-read of the entire entwined universe, I love these stories, Jared is deffo one of my favourite characters 😀

  5. What a fun party. I think what you actually do on your birthday is on the money. It’s your birthday and you get to do whatever you want.

  6. I deal with people all day every day because I drive a truck. I would celebrate my birthday in a quiet way also if I didn’t work most of my birthdays. Lol.
    Charlie I would crash your party with the guys because Jared and Carson are two of my favorites. Along with Borscht and Sekani. Lol.

  7. Great list of guests I would only add Kontra and Tim just because Kontra is able to manage all the different species and do it so well and I love the guys a lot. Have Fae on a Roll and it just add to the all ready great bunch of guys.

  8. I haven’t checked this series out and I am kicking myself over that. Love all the choices you had and sounds like a great party.

  9. Sounds like you’ve planned the perfect party! Thanks for the blurb and excerpt of Fae on a Roll–it’s going on my wishlist.

  10. I am the same. I only like a few people if I have to have a party and it would be cool to see someone shift.

  11. For me it would be Jared and Carson, of course. Plus Gus and Tible, along with Declan and Lark. I think they would make awesome birthday guests. I was going to add Maelgwn and Bobby too. I thnk it would be quite amusing to see Jared interact with Maelgwn, lol.

  12. Thanks so much again for having me, Amber! And, yes, there were so many other guys that would have been fantastic to hang with, too. It was a tough choice! Maybe I’ll have to have un-birthday parties, too. Whahahaha! Thanks again! ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. I read this book and couldn’t put it down. I think I would like to sit down over dinner and drinks with Jared and Carson also, love Jared’s additude.

  14. sounds like some good choices and the book sounds interesting gonna have to look it up

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